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Van Fields Foundation By Dionne Fields
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The Van Fields Foundation is a new charity to benefit all children under the age of 18 years old. It’s our mission to remember these children, even though one of their parents is... More > Incarcerate. I didn’t want these wonderful, children paying for the mistakes of their parents. I want kids to know, they don’t have to make the same mistakes their parents made. And there are people, who really do care about them.< Less
libflame: The Complete Reference By Field Van Zee
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libflame: The Complete Reference provides computational programmers with a user's guide and API reference for libflame, a modern, object-based dense linear algebra library.
OCCS Tree Field Guide By Matt Van Schepen
Paperback: $17.00
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This is a field guide to the trees found on the grounds at Orange City Christian School in Orange City, IA. It was put together by our 6th grade science class.
Fighting in the open fields By Erwin Muilwijk
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General Perponcher had made a bold decision on the morning of 16 June to position his entire division at the crossroads of Quatre Bras. When the battle started it were the infantry battalions of... More > Major-General van Bijlandt who fought a brave fight in the fields east of the Bois de Bossu. Here we will follow their determination and resolve in defending the ground. While almost overrun by the overwhelming numbers of French soldiers, they were rescued by the arrival of the cavalry. This brigade commanded by Major-General van Merlen also bought enough time for the further British reinforcements to deploy in time and halt the French assault. This detailed history provides a marvellous insight in the 2 – 3 hours Bijlandt and van Merlen’s troops were engaged and is accompanied by many accounts from veterans, including the perspective as told by French grognards of the battle.< Less
UnPunish By Dionne Fields
Paperback: $29.96
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The Unpunished Story A self help novel, to protect your loves from unfair and unjust treatment. The City of Richmond Virginia knows about all the ongoing inmate deaths. And how they all occur over... More > the years, under the Authority of Sheriff C.T.Woody Jr, along with four other employees in involve. And yet to this very moment in time, The City of Richmond, has kept Sheriff C.T.Woody Jr on payroll. No one would listen. No one cared No one did anything. My name is Dionne Fields the only sister of Van Terry Fields, I listen, I care and I’m doing something now.< Less
Essential Van Gogh By Ann Kannings
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This Art Book contains annotated reproductions of Van Gogh's paintings, drawings and watercolors. The book includes Table of Contents, Chronology of Van Gogh's life and some of his famous... More > Quotations. It is useful and entertaining reading for both people who like and know the artistic heritage of Van Gogh, as well as for absolute beginners in this field. The Impressionists and Post-impressionists of his time influenced Van Gogh to a great extent once he moved to Paris. The bright innovative palette dominated deeply over Gogh's earlier gloomy color palette. Van Gogh's utilization of this original impressionist and post impressionist style changed fundamentally not only his art work, but as well all of art history.< Less
Field of view By Liesbeth Vergaerde
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Architectuur is een poging de wereld te bemeesteren en activiteiten vast te leggen, een poging die vaak zelf beklemmend wordt. Het is de taak van de architect, van architectuur, om mensen te sturen,... More > te verbieden en ze onbewust te laten deelnemen aan de architectuur. Architectuur als insluitings- en uitsluitingsmechanisme, deze zijn een vertaling van een wet. Onderzoek naar limieten in architectuur< Less
Parricide and a Hardened Forrester: Wim van Binsbergen, Valentin Mudimbe, and African Knowledge Systems By Sanya Osha
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In this essay the prominent Nigerian scholar Sanya Osha examines the work of Africanist Wim van Binsbergen and its effects on African studies. His work is important for highlighting productive fields... More > of research. Any serious discussion is to lead to other conditions of possibility, parricidal ones included. Furthermore, van Binsbergen by his close reading of V.Y. Mudimbe reveals interesting potentialities for African studies. Our reading of Mudimbe demonstrates how flows, continuities and ruptures are employed as productive forces for the benefity of the deterritorialised and alienated African consciousness. The argument (1) restates the formidable dimensions of Mudimbe’s project and (2) demonstrates how van Binsbergen’s reading of it casts the latter’s project as a possible alternative and reveals the ultimate limits of the former’s oeuvre. Thus travellers through both metropolitan and peripheral cultures describe various destinies that connect with or cross out each other.< Less
We, homo apprentis By Mick van Schothorst
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The building material of our body is of a dual nature: matter and energy.Our evolution is distinguished by the acquisition of more skills and knowledge than any other being; however, as a species we... More > do not use them with wisdom. We have to learn to be less materialistic and to pay more attention to our energetic being, to become homo apprentis.< Less
A simple approach to creating a "we-world" By Mick van Schothorst
Paperback: $3.94
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All of us are seeking a state of happiness and wellbeing on this planet earth. Many of us are not happy with the “me-world” we created and wish to change and create a... More > “we-world” instead. We may also need to change as large numbers of people migrate due to political problems, war, and consequences of the climate change. This means that more and more people are forced to live close together. Consequently, instead of concentrating on the “me” and “mine” we may need to focus on “we” and help each other in finding happiness and wellbeing. This book suggests that this can be achieved when enough people change certain attitudes and combine their positive energies, because we are all co-creators of the world we live in.< Less

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