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Documents of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) By Vatican II
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This is a print edition of the Dogmatic Constitutions, Declarations, and Decrees of the Second Vatican Council as found on It has the Latin on the left and English on the right page.... More > There are no royalties, just straight printing costs.< Less
Documents of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) By Vatican II
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This is a pdf edition of the print book under the same name here on lulu. These are the Dogmatic Constitutions, Declarations, and Decrees of the Second Vatican Council as found on It... More > has the Latin on the left and English on the right page. There are no royalties.< Less
Threat To The Vatican By Peter Thompson
Paperback: $10.62
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The Ebola virus is rife in some African countries, but is this connected in any way to a threat to the Vatican? Tom Ranswick and a Chinese agent are deliberately infected with a new strain of Ebola... More > and their lives are in great danger. Jake Brown, whilst recuperating in Rome, finds that a terrorist mastermind is also there, but why? He is not a man known to take holidays. Can the world’s security agencies come together to stop a devastating ISIS-led threat, originating in West Africa?< Less
The Vatican Conspiracies By James McCarty
Hardcover: $28.99
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For years, high-level prelates in the Vatican have pursued a dangerous conspiracy that risks their careers. Then, in the not-too-distant future, the Catholic Church and the Vatican find themselves... More > in crisis. They need money desperately. The Church faces a drastic shortage of priests. Waves of child molestation lawsuits endanger the Church's solvency. Key Vatican assets are discovered missing. A massive planned lawsuit looms over the Vatican and the papacy. Meanwhile, a new Pope considers sweeping reforms in Church teachings and policies that are certain to divide the Church. Suddenly, a new crisis erupts that threatens the very survival of the 2,000-year-old Church. The Church's own laws and procedures are preventing the Vatican from resolving the crisis. "The Vatican Conspiracies" takes you behind the Vatican's medieval walls and bronze doors, and tells the story of the passions, pressures and politics of the leaders trying to save the Church they love, despite the daunting obstacles they face.< Less
Paperback: $149.00
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What does the Vatican know that you don't? Why does the Vatican have a secret library? Indeed, the Vatican of Rome. Are you beginning to understand the meaning behind "All roads lead to... More > Rome"? So, all roads do lead to Rome, but only on Earth. The roads keep going beyond Earth, if you can connect the dots that is.< Less
Vatican Ambassador By Mike Luoma
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The Vatican Assassin - BERNARD CAMPION aka "BC" - used to kill for the Pope. But the old pope is dead. Seemingly unaware of BC's role, the new one names BC acting Vatican Ambassador to... More > Lunar Prime! Can BC build peace between The Universal Islamic Nation (UIN), The Universal Trade Zone (UTZ) and the New catholic Church (NcC)? What is the mysterious "Project"? And do aliens really want us all dead? Book Two of The VATICAN ASSASSIN TRILOGY. The UIN's Christmas raid of 2109 - the latest battle in their long-running war with the UTZ - left great changes in its wake. BC's world is upside down, converted from assassin to potential peacemaker by the new Pope. BC tries to help Governor Marc Edwards rebuild Lunar Prime as he puts his own life back together, but soon discovers his world is far more limited than he could have guessed. Triple agents, scientific enclaves on interstellar outposts, alien neighbors and interlopers - BC will soon find himself forced to consider a much broader frame of reference!< Less
The Vatican Caper By Zach Neal
Paperback: $4.99
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Colleen has lost him once. She doesn't want to let it happen again. A professional American racing driver in Europe on a shoestring budget, Dan Thornton is gifted behind the wheel. But when the... More > former love of his life turns up, his feelings get complicated, and the Mille Miglia, a thousand mile race around Italy, demands full attention.< Less
Judaism and the Vatican By Leon De Poncins
Paperback: $16.95
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This is the story of the 1964 Declaration on the Jews, inspired by Jewish groups attempting to free themselves from the gospel charges of deicide; its passage, but the refusal by Pope Paul VI to... More > accept and promulgate it. The reworked Declaration was passed by the Council and promulgated as the "Schema on non-Christian Religions” in 1965. This is the enthralling account of the battles behind the scenes of the Council by various factions, for and against the Declaration, with the ultimate victory of traditional Christian doctrine, though it was a near run thing. “Judaism and the Vatican” has been retranslated and enlarged to bring it up to date including articles, and August 2018, statements by Pope Benedict XVI.< Less
The Vatican Billions By Avro Manhattan
Paperback: $9.99
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With devastating thoroughness, Avro Manhattan explains how the popes stole the wealth of the world through the centuries. He exposes the incredible tricks played on kings, and the papal involvement... More > with the Bolsheviks. You will read with amazement the list of corporations in Catholic hands, and see why the papacy claims ownership of the Americas. This incredible panorama from Caesar to the space age will change your view of history.< Less
Vatican Abdicator By Mike Luoma
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The Trilogy's Finale! Bernard Campion has been an Assassin, an Ambassador, a CEO, Head of the UTZ Council - now he's Pope of the New catholic Church! The mantle sits uneasily on BC. The UTZ and The... More > UIN are forced to work together in the face of dual alien threats from The Eldred and from Dolomay, recently revived survivor of the race known as the Ancient Enemy. Can humanity come together in time?< Less

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