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Vegetable Gardening 101 By $2 Publishing House
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Get a copy of "Vegetable Gardening 101 - Save Money Growing Your Own Vegetables" right away and start learning the secrets that you need to know to save money on your food bill and eat... More > healthier with fruits and vegetables. This book gives you step by step details on everything that you need to know about starting a vegetable garden in your back yard. It even discusses indoor gardening of herbs and seeds as well as how to plant from plants. It is your one stop shop for all things gardening. If you follow the instructions in this book, you are guaranteed to save money!< Less
Home Vegetable Gardening By $2 Publishing House
eBook (PDF): $1.99
If you have always wanted to grow your own delicious, mouthwatering vegetables, fruits and berries now you can do it with a little planning and care and the excellent advice you will find inside this... More > book!. After you have tasted how delicious homegrown vegetables are, you will never settle for that ordinary store-bought produce again! Home Vegetable Gardening will guide you every step of the way with detailed instructions for everything from garden planning and preparing to planting, protecting, and harvesting. If you want to learn how to garden, then this book is a must have for your library. Don't let another growing season go by without discovering the joy of growing your own vegetables and fruit.< Less
Organic Vegetable Gardening for Sustainable Agriculture: From Growing Tomatoes to Growing Herbs – A Quick Start Guide to Organic Gardening By Rachel Owens, Malibu Publishing
eBook (ePub): $9.99
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Organic vegetable gardening is making a comeback. This is because people are more health conscious about the food they eat and in some places, there is already a food shortage so some have decided to... More > plant and grow these on their own. To help you get started, here is some organic vegetable gardening information. Organic vegetable gardening does not use fertilizers and chemicals which can be harmful to humans. It also does not use genetic engineering or irradiation. Instead, it uses simple farming techniques like tilling the land, giving it enough water and sufficient exposure from the sun. When harvesting is finished, something new is planted which is better known as crop rotation that helps keep the soil fertile. Growing organic vegetables is not something that only farmers can do. This can be done by homeowners since they can plan some of these in their own backyard.< Less
The Gardening Basics By Jimmy Cai
eBook (ePub): $2.99
In each issue of Gardening Basics you will learn valuable information on how you can grow a great garden full of beautiful plants, flowers and vegetables. An essential part of growing a great garden... More > is having the right gardening tools. That's why in this first issue of Gardening Basics we're going to talk about picking the right tools to use in your garden. If you’re planning on taking your gardening seriously and working on it every day, then you will want to get the right tools for the job. You might be tempted to go out to the store and just buy the first tools you see, but I guarantee you'll be much happier if you put some thought into the styles and types of tools you’re buying.< Less
Organic Gardening for Beginners By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Discover The Amazing World of Organic Gardening For Beginners! Inside this ebook, you will immediately access some of the following information: + Why Garden Organically + The Risk of Chemicals +... More > What Is Organic Gardening + Planning Your Garden + Getting the Soil Ready + Planting Your Garden + Starting Seeds Indoors + Controlling Those Weeds + Controlling Pests + Common Garden Pests + And so much more...< Less
Winter Gardening for Beginners By Lindsey Pylarinos
Hardcover: $32.49
Prints in 3-5 business days
Regardless of whether your region’s winters are a perpetual chill or pleasantly moderate, gardening can have a lot of difficulties, but it also provides opportunities. Whether you are planning... More > for your summer or spring planting, looking to grow fresh herbs and vegetables, or simply want to keep your favorite plants alive during the colder months, winter gardening provides a lot more options that you probably ever realized. There really is no reason for you not to keep your thumb green throughout the entire year. A lot of gardeners just hang up their gardening tools for the winter and wait until the weather becomes warmer, but this should not be the case. Depending on your local weather, gardening during the winter may simply be less than the ideal, or you may be working with frozen soil which can remain rock solid for several months. Winter is also the best time to stock up on gardening supplies as most gardening centers usually offer great discounts to boost their winter sales.< Less
eBook (PDF): $16.49
Have you ever considered organic gardening but been put off by the assumption that it's too much work, it's expensive and it all sounds a bit too complicated? Well the truth is it's not like that at... More > all. A quick read through 'Organic Gardening Made Easy' should be enough to give you the confidence that you can either easily make the transition from traditional gardening methods to organic ones, or even start your vegetable plot using organic techniques. An in-depth read through will then guide you through the necessary processes required to plan, set up and maintain your garden from deciding where best to locate it to harvesting your crop. In 'Organic Gardening Made Easy' H.P York has created a simple to read, yet tip-packed book that will show even the most novice of gardeners how to get the most out of their vegetable garden, and best of all, it will be done in an organic way so that you'll be 100% sure that your harvest will be as natural and healthy as it should be.< Less
Essential Guide to Organic Gardening By Cheryl Pink
eBook (ePub): $2.30
A comprehensive and easy-to-use guide that focuses on how to create a healthy and sustainable organic garden with expertise and everything you need to know on how to master the organic gardening... More > basics to plan, grow, and care for your beautiful organic garden.< Less
The Essential Guide to Organic Gardening By Barry Richardson
eBook (PDF): $7.99
This e-book will teach you how to create and maintain a healthy organic garden. You'll improve your knowledge of fertilizing, composting, irrigation and hydroponics. Unlike regular gardening,... More > organic gardening will help to prevent harmful toxins from entering fruits and vegetables and, ultimately, your body. Also, it is much more environmentally friendly. These man-made chemicals are the biggest problem with using modern gardening products.< Less
Organic Gardening For Beginners By Niche Products Group
eBook (PDF): $2.95
Organic foods are not only better for the body, but they taste better and provide more nutrients to nourish us. Organic foods can be very expensive to buy in the store, however. The solution? Just... More > grow them yourself! “Organic Gardening For Beginners” is a practical guide you can download that will teach you nearly everything you need to know to start a garden without the use of chemicals or other harmful substances. Inside this 50+ page e-book you’ll learn what organic gardening is, how to prepare the soil for planting, planning your garden, making your own all-natural pesticides and fertilizers, how to make your own compost, growing plants from seeds, taking care of your garden, what the most common garden pests are and how to get them out of your garden without using chemicals, and so much more! Download “Organic Gardening For Beginners” today, discover how to grow healthy food without using harmful chemicals and start living a healthier lifestyle.< Less

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