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Vegetarian Food and Cooking By Zahid Digi Books
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Are You Suffering From Weak Bones And Digestive Disorders? Did You Ever Wonder About Why You Feel Restless, Listless Or Anxious Without Any Plausible Reason? The Answer, Probably Lies In Your Dietary... More > Habits! Have you ever wondered why most people are fraught with medical problems? Isn't it strange that high blood pressure, constipation and general body aches have come to be accepted as routine or common nowadays? Do you know the reason behind your impulsive, passionate reactions, or even the feeling of anxiousness? You were not born with these health problems or character traits. You have acquired them as you grew up. Surprisingly, most people get these traits from eating non-vegetarian food! Save Your Health, Wealth and Environment by Becoming a Vegetarian!< Less
vegetarian cook By dolly shah
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hi here i am sharing with you my few dishes in what i normally get compliments. so i try to share with you. i hope you like my book and its my first book. so hope you enjoy...
Delicious Vegetarian By Kelly Rogers
eBook (PDF): $8.50
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Ahora, usted se va a conseguir la guía Delicious vegetarianos les puedo asegurar que está a punto de aprender los pasos para cocinar algunos de los mejores, y no menciona a los... More > alimentos saludables vegetarianos en el mundo< Less
Become a vegetarian. By Skoobe.
eBook (PDF): $2.65
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Becoming a vegetarian is a lifestyle choice that you have to make for yourself, but when you do decide to switch to a meatless diet, you need to go into it with as much information as you can. The... More > reasons for switching to a vegetarian lifestyle are many. There is no nutrient necessary for optimal human functioning which cannot be obtained from plant food. The Plants do not contain cholesterol. Being higher on the food chain, animal foods contain far higher concentrations of agricultural chemicals than plant foods, including pesticides, herbicides, etc. These drugs are consumed when animal foods are consumed. Being healthier on a vegetarian diet means spending less on health care. Vegetarian foods tend to cost less than meat based items.< Less
Vegetarian Kitchen By Aarthi Shri
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Vegetarian dishes are easy to cook and simply delicious. Make every night worthy with healthy starters and entrées. Fresh green and colorful veggies will fill your kitchen with warmth and love... More > when you serve your friends and family with nutritious meals. These recipes will help gather everyone to the dinner table fast and hungry.< Less
Meals for Vegetarian By V. T.
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Are you trying to eat healthy and fresh? Well, bring a vegetarian can help! You may not be able to convert to a full vegetarian easily, especially if you are a meat lover. You can start off with 1... More > day per week eating vegetarian meals first, and slowly work your way up. Many people are living healthy and eating fresh. No more meats is their ultimate goal, and this ebook is here to help. Inside contains tons of tips about how you can convert to a vegetarian successfully. It also contains vegetarian recipes, which allow you to make your own meals at home! Why not give yourself a try and start your first vegetarian meal right away! Get this ebook right now!< Less
Vegetarian Cookbook By Sandra M. Finlay
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Vegetables are an integral part of our food and we consume them in a number of ways. In this book Sandra Shares varieties of tasty and nutritious vegetarian recipes. Our Vegetable Recipes contains a... More > variety of healthy vegetable recipes. Vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants and protect us from many diseases. Green vegetables contain essential vitamins & minerals and are thus very beneficial for health. This book is a great treat for vegetables lovers. Try our easy vegetable recipes.< Less
Vegetarian Recipes By Rachel Redmond
eBook (PDF): $8.97
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If you have ever tried to go vegetarian for any reason -- be it to lose weight, become more healthy or just for fun, then you probably already know how hard it is to keep away from meat! And it... More > makes sense, because meat is all around us (restaurants, fast foods, commercials etc.) not to mention the fact that most of us grew up loving burgers and pepperoni pizza. To put it plain and simple, meat is hard to get away from! But what if you knew exactly how to make the tastiest vegetarian foods in the world that are just as good (if not better) than any dish with meat you’ve ever tried? Wouldn’t it then be a lot easier for you to stick with healthy vegetarian food if your mouth watered for it and you actually craved it? If you actually loved the vegetarian food you ate, and looked forward to your meals every single day, you wouldn’t have a problem staying healthy because it wouldn’t be a chore…you would simply be eating the food you love every single day!< Less
Vegetarian Recipes By Claris Kluivert
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A meat-free diet needn't be predictable with these colorful and nutritious recipes. Cookbook consist soups, salads, lasagna, appetizers, desserts, and more; divided into main dish, side dish and... More > appetizers. Simple tasty dishes, very easy to prepare and great to look and eat. These healthy vegan recipes can be added to your weekly dinner routine. Discover vegetarian recipes you can start making tonight! Exclusively vegetarian but inviting to all, this is a great way to get in shape with healthy fibers and maintain your general health. Why starve when you can eat, eat and then eat again without gaining weight.< Less
Vegetarian Dictionary By Kristin Tata
Paperback: $10.10
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A simple guide containing various cheap vegetarian food products in a dictionary format from A to Z.