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hand- painted signs: cherries and watermelons By fruit truck vendors of oakland, california
Paperback: $15.00
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this is a booklet compiled of random video frames from home movie recordings of the fruit vendors of oakland, california who make their own signs to sell their fruit along the roadsides.
Vendor Management By Agostino Carrideo
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If you’ve said any of the following, then this book is for you “We have hundreds of vendors — this will take forever!” “I have no idea who our vendors are or what... More > they’re providing” “My current process is too manual & time-consuming” “Excel can no longer handle our needs" “We need executive summaries to share with management & auditors” “We need documentation on all our vendors and contracts” “We lack a systematic way of assessing vendor risk” “We don’t have a formal vendor review process” "It's a nightmare!" If you've been saying any of these, then you are yet to find the missing link... It's Culture. Great cultures power great vendor management.  Read this book to find out how.< Less
RFPs and Vendor Selection By Samantha Chmelik
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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A concise overview of the RFP and vendor evaluation process for anyone who needs to hire any kind of vendor.
Vietnam Street vendors By Vietnam Women's Museum
Paperback: $29.60
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'Street vendors' is devoted to the women who make their living by selling goods in the street. It portrays their daily lives, the diffi culties and hardships they suffer to make a living, and... More > their dreams for a better future. It acknowledges the understanding and support they receive from their families as well as the community, and the contribution they make to the society and the economy of Vietnam.< Less
Wholesale Vendors List By Wayne Arrowood
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Our company researches and finds legitimate wholesale manufacturers and wholesale vendors for retail businesses "New and Old". We supply the names, phones numbers and websites (if... More > supplied). We attend trade shows and events to supply a sound list for small businesses. This also benefits the vendors by giving more exposure to their companies.< Less
NYC_Vendors By Sophie Butcher
Paperback: $14.70
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A book on street vendors in new york city
Selection of a Suitable Vendor By Homework Help Classof1
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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The manager of engineering at the 900-megawatt Hamilton Nuclear Power Plant has two options to supply personal safety equipment to employees. Determine which vendor should be selected using Annual... More > Worth Analysis and a MARR of 11% per year.< Less
Seducing Street Vendor By Shiraz Saini
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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After her marriage, on the very first night, she pretended as if she were a virgin. In the morning her husband smiled and said, “You are as pure as fresh flower from the garden,... More > Monica.” “You are also my fresh carrot, my dear husband,” she smiled. He did not understand the euphemism but he was happy to see his wife happy. Monica had made her mind that she was going to find, somehow, more carrots in that new town because she did not want to eat the same vegetable every day. She had decided to seduce any young man who came to sell anything to her door. She did succeed in the following years. Now she is the mother of two sons but she often succeeds in trapping either a delivery boy, or a plumber, or an electrician to give her their fresh carrots.< Less
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How to Select a Vendor for Web Development By Salim Lakhani
eBook (PDF): $39.95
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Like most how-to books, 'How to Select a Vendor for Web Development' is the product of many years of hard-earned personal experience shaped by honest observation. The lack of useful, systematic... More > information about selecting a website developer spurred me into writing the book I could never find but always wanted to read. Here it is: everything you ever wanted to know about selecting a website developer. Using concise language and an easy-to-read format, I present a simple, step-by-step guide that I hope will be beneficial to businesses and non-profits seeking a vendor they can trust. Since 1995, I have headed my own consulting and web development business. INITSOFT Web Solutions has worked with more than 100 clients, including large corporations as well as numerous small companies and non-profit organizations. Salim Lakhani< Less