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Enoch and the Book of Coincidences By Howard Riell
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Veteran reporter Howard Riell's tentative investigation into the world of the supernatural brought him more than he'd bargained for as he encountered séances, Ouija board messages,... More > clairvoyance, angels, trance channeling, tales of reincarnation and -- first and foremost -- a flood of amazing coincidences linking it all to ancient Jewish prophecies and both the Old and New Testaments. Before long, the skeptical Riell and a newfound group of friends found themselves embroiled in a millennia-old drama pitting good against evil -- one that stretches from the Garden of Eden to the approaching apocalyptic end of history...and for the author himself, from agnosticism to faith. What reads like occult fiction actually happened. Enoch and the Book of Coincidences is the first in a series of stunning first-person chronicles of an incredible two-decade-long, real-life adventure that may well prove the existence of God Himself and reunite two great faiths...and which continues to unfold to this very day!< Less
5 Star Student Ministry - The One-Minute Youth Ministry Manual By Wayne Hanson
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Is your church Youth Group struggling? Maybe it is and you don’t even realize it. In 5 Star Youth Ministry (5SSM) Pastor Wayne Hanson shares the Five major areas that define ministry... More > excellence as seen in the Acts 2 Church; Ministry, Fellowship, Worship, Evangelism and Discipleship. What Grade would you give your Youth Ministry? Take a 100-Question Assessment at the end of 5SSM and find out where your ministry stands according to these five major areas of excellence. As a 15-year veteran of full-time Student Ministry Wayne brings principles to the table that most Pastors, Parents and Students don’t even realize. If you take the principles of 5 Star Student Ministry and apply them to your ministry; your youth group will be transformed from an entertainment-driven program into a world-changing force in your city and region; driven by the passion of young people. This makes a great resource for anyone that works with young people.< Less
BackRowBaptist's Guide to Church Potlucks & Other Food for Thought By Back Row Baptist
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So, your church is throwing a potluck and you volunteered to head it up (or you were “volunteered” because, well, we all know how these things work). What a stressful situation you now... More > find yourself in! And I can imagine that before you found this book, you were huddled in the corner of the church kitchen, weeping openly into the shattered mess of your broken dreams. Well, fear no more, my friend. Having been raised in a Baptist church, I’m a veteran of Church Potlucks and all variations thereof! Let me be your guide through the trials and tribulations of hosting a potluck, cooking for a potluck, and behaving yourself at a potluck! In addition to potluck advice, I'll also share with you the best places in your church to find food when you're hungry, my list of Lunch-themed Hymns, and songs about Candy! Finally, you'll get some "Bird Food," a complete listing of all of my tweets and one-liners about food! This is a hilarious look at the complicated relationship between Christians and Food!< Less
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If you don’t want to miss the most proven strategy of losing weight without exercise while still enjoying your favorite foods…then keep reading! Whether you’re a veteran of the... More > Keto lifestyle or you’ve recently decided to embrace the healthy benefits of this amazing nutrition program, you’ll always need the proper guidance when it comes to recipes, allowed food lists, tips and tricks for maximizing results.lead to losing up to 15 pounds in 30 days. A truly professional starter guide to lose weight fats with low card and high fat recipes.100+ delicious keto meal recipes, easy and affordable. Say goodbye to those extra pounds in a natural, non-invasive manner and discover the incredible advantages this Keto Diet Guide has to offer! You’ll receive the full recipe list and a BONUS dessert and smoothie recipe collection to satisfy your cravings in a healthy manner!Even if you are lazy to do exercises this guide will be enough for your weight loss….< Less
War Is A Racket (Facsimile Edition) By Smedley Butler et al.
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Two-Time Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler's famous essay on the horrors and futility of war - now in a facsimile edition. Peeling away the patriotic veneer used to win support... More > for war, Butler tells why we go to war, who is behind it and who profits. This book contains a FACSIMILE of the 1935 original. And more! In the 1930s, a cabal of Wall Street businessmen, alarmed by what President Franklin D. Roosevelt was doing to spur the economy, planned to remove FDR. The plan - known as The Business Plot - called for rallying disaffected WW1 Veterans under a military leader who could unite them. That man, these plotters, thought, was the retired Maj. Gen. Butler. They tried to win Butler to their cause with a promise of making him the a national dictator. They could not have been more mistaken! This book has a section showing Butler's role in revealing this treasonous plot. And for the first time, we present recently declassified documents from Smedley Butler's FBI file!< Less
A Cold Logic By Gerry Mackey
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After Katie returns from her harrowing Caribbean adventure, our enchanting South Beach police rookie is back on the beat in Miami. We follow her to a series of routine police calls which quickly... More > become anything but routine. Katie is assigned to work with a grumpy, ill-tempered veteran officer who has no use for rookies, or anyone else for that matter. The action culminates with a public dedication ceremony for the latest edition to the U.S. Navy's fleet of nuclear submarines, during which Katie is detached from her regular duties and appointed to work 24/7 with the Secret Service agents guarding the promiscuous husband of the President of the United States. In addition to dealing with the lecherous First Husband, Katie and her federal agent partners are soon confronted by a group of Native American militants intent on blowing up a nuclear reactor. With car chases, hand-to-hand combat, shoot-outs, and an imminent nuclear disaster, the thrilling action never stops.< Less
Phenomenal Stories Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 2, Summer 2019 By Shawn M. Tomlinson
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We press on with the third volume of Phenomenal Stories Quarterly, a collection of the April, May and June issues of Phenomenal Stories for 2019. Joining the Phenomenal Stories fray are new and... More > veteran writers working in new — for us — areas such as nostalgia and murder mysteries. Phenomenal Stories Quarterly is a companion magazine to Phenomenal Stories in the tradition of the science fiction/fantasy/horror pulps of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. It’s also a somewhat cheaper means to get all the issues together. This issue contains stories by Martin G. Collins, Richard H. Nilsen, Mary Brookman, Haldor R. Hallum, J.D. Hayes-Canell, Bridget Flynn-O’Leary, Delia McTavish and classic reprints by Henry Kuttner, H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. Phenomenal Stories Quarterly is a modern-day tribute to the science fiction/horror/fantasy/speculative pulp magazines of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.< Less
Designation of Matter To Be Included in Case No. NSCI201200385 By RAFAEL M NIDO
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In 1988 Rafael Francisco Nido Goenaga (Rafael M Nido father) was diagnosed with carcinoma on left parotid gland; underwent left radical neck dissection with excision of sternocleiddomastoid muscles... More > and lymph nodes on left parotid gland. In 1993 Rafael Francisco Nido Goenaga at age 68 was again facing cancer and a growing Real Estate Tax Bill, a law suit from his nieces, minimum income and two (2) unmanageable dilapidated properties. Real Estate tax debt bill in 2004 $198,342.25 and nieces owed $141,626.30 for a 1996 inheritance lawsuit. Under distressful circumstances, with limited derelict financial resources, all debts satisfied by December 12th, 2006. Rafael Francisco Nido Goenaga died July 19th, 2001; buried July 23rd, 2001 at the Veterans Cemetery in Bayamon Puerto Rico, Section C plot site 394. (*76) Some of the events between 1993 thru 2006 covered in the book titled 'Designation of Matter To Be Included in Case No. NSCI201200385'.< Less
Kids in Crisis -True Stories By A Pediatric ICU Nurse By Tabitha B. C. Abel
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KIDS IN CRISIS tells real stories about critically ill kids in a Pediatric ICU, their families, the nurses and the team who care for these children. Readers will ask themselves hard questions about... More > God, and life and death issues. They will be awed by miraculous outcomes; laugh at some of the weird goings-on in a Peds ICU and shed tears, because not all the kids survive. KIDS IN CRISIS draws back the veil to reveal an ICU no parents want to visit and that many nurses can only wonder about. Tabitha tells readers what it takes to be a PedsICU nurse and will grab their emotions as she tells it like it is, without any frills. "Experience the life of the PICU through the eyes of a veteran PICU nurse. Feel the joy, sadness, suffering, and pain that a day in the PICU brings. You will not need the made for television stories about a “Medical Center". If you pay close attention, you may even sense the presence of God." Ronald M Perkin, MD. Chair, Dept. of Pediatrics, Brody School of Medicine, Greenville, NC.< Less

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