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Vibration Analysis By Shrikant Nagane
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Failure of rolling element bearing occurs due to manufacturing errors, improper assembly, overloading operation, bearing faults, misalignment, coupling wear, unbalance, ring wear and because of too... More > harsh an environment. However, even if a bearing is perfectly made, assembled, it will eventually fail due to fatigue of the bearing material. Unbalance is a common feature of all rotational elements. Generally, each unbalance of mass in rotary motion is the source of rotational forces and moments of inertial forces which, being transferred through the bearings to the body of the machine, results vibrations in the whole system. The study investigated the variation response characteristics of ball bearing for balanced and unbalanced rotor-bearing system. The study also investigated the dynamic characteristics of ball bearing for change in parameters such as eccentricity, unbalancing mass, size of defect, position of the defect on outer race of bearing and shaft speed experimentally.< Less
Modal Vibration Analysis By Yogesh Shinde
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Cracks in vibrating component can initiate catastrophic failures. The presence of crack results in change in the physical characteristics of a structure which in turn alter its dynamic response... More > characteristics. Therefore, it is necessary to understand dynamics of structures when it is subjected to defect like a crack. Crack depth and location are the main parameters for the vibration analysis. So, it is necessary to develop analytical and experimental method to obtain dynamic response characteristics for different parameters like crack depth and crack location which can be used to find the effect of these parameters on the dynamic response characteristics. Results of analytical and experimental method can be used to access the structural integrity, performance and safety of structure. In the present study, vibration analysis of cantilever beam with single open transverse crack with different crack depth and different crack locations, under no load and transverse load condition is carried out< Less
Vibration Reduction for Flexible Structures by Smoothing Commands By Jie Huang
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This book described vibration reduction for flexible structures by the command smoothing techniques. The Command smoothing technique is a kind of open-loop controller. The operator’s commands... More > filter through a piecewise continuous function, called smoother, to produce smoothed commands. Smoothed commands move flexible dynamic systems toward desired positions with minimal oscillations. Five types of command smoother were reported including one-piece, two-pieces, three-pieces, and four-pieces smoothers, and the smoother for multi-mode Duffing oscillators. All smoothers are robust to changes in the system parameters and working conditions. The command smoothing technique has been successfully applied to industrial cranes, sloshing suppression, flexible manipulators, high-speed cam and follower systems, and helicopter slung loads.< Less
Training Organs' Frequencies By Train Your Vibration
eBook (ePub): $14.99
Training Organs’ Frequencies is en eBook designed as support to trainings or to be read individually. Full of almost unbelievable information about internal organs that changes the way you see... More > your body and life. What is in the eBook? The eBook contains crucial information about the connection between our internal organs, obstacles and hidden potentials that will leave you speechless at least for a moment. Who knew that our income depends on the state of one exact internal organ? Who thought that all the arguing in a relationship might be connected with another? And who dreams about overcoming all the obvious or not-so-obvious obstacles that are somehow stopping him or her to be really happy? Don’t we all? Explanations, tips and tricks available now!< Less
The Secret of the Law of Attraction & Vibration: Discover the Secret to Living an Inspired Life By Judy Luca
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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The Secret of the Law of Attraction & Vibration will define and teach you the secret of how to use the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration to benefit your life. Many people talk about the... More > Law of Attraction but few actually have success using it to change their life. Use the exercises in the book to help you make the necessary changes to create the life you desire.< Less
Stock Market Vibrations Report Market Timing Made Easy with Fibonacci By Forkoholic
eBook (PDF): $23.99
April Edition Market Timing is a very important tool in every trader's and investor's arsenal. That's why Elliott Wave Forkology introduces Market Vibrations Report (MVR). MVR is Change In Trend,... More > Monthly Mega Report containing 3 unique reports, state of the art Timing Techniques for US Markets S&P500, NASDAQ, Dow based on Fibonacci, Lucas, Gann trading & calendar Days, Spiral Dates and Golden Ratio. This 16 page report is Light Edition of 89 pages mega report provides traders & investors exceptionally valuable information about high probability change in trend days on daily time scale. You probably heard or read phrases like “It was 55 trading days from March low”. Now no more guessing & counting candles, one simple report tells you everything you need to anticipate the next change in trend! Reports include See track record< Less
Change Your Man By Kenya Stevens
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Change a Man? Of course you can! The trick? Make minor tweaks to your own thoughts, habits and actions. It is really that simple. The Law of Attraction states that we attract men who match our... More > "vibration". So to change him, you must change you! Change Your Man provides nine simple and unique steps to making this change feel blissful and fun! Follow the steps and enjoy the hilarious personal stories! Enjoy a new sense of peace, freedom and happiness! Watch lovingly as your man responds in kind to your new positive, feminine, attitude! Magical! You'll be delighted to discover that you have always had the power to Change Your Man!< Less
The Magnet 28 Day Challenge: A Challenge a Day to Change Your Life! By Brenda El-Leithy
Paperback: $13.90
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What we experience in life – both good and bad - is the result of our ability to attract to ourselves events, people and situations that are on the same energetic wavelength. We are beings of... More > energy, and as such we are all perfect magnets – attracting according to our personal energy vibration. A high, positive vibration attracts positive events, people and situations; a low, negative vibration attracts more negativity. So if you’re not experiencing the life that you want, it could be that you are not energetically attuned for positive results! Or, equally, if you’re not working on your own personal magnetism, allowing yourself to be influenced by other people’s energy levels – good or bad - your experience of life will reflect your environment! So, who’s creating your reality? By following this Challenge, you can become aware of your own energy levels and those around you, and then use the techniques to tune yourself into a more positive vibration that attracts positive results.< Less
TRUST ME, I'M THE PATIENT Clean Language, Metaphor, and the New Psychology of Change By Philip Harland
Paperback: $30.72
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Popular Psychology. "Superb. Substantial. Entertaining. Informative." An essential read for anyone who finds themself counseling, coaching, or working with others. Takes you step by step... More > through a process that lends itself to the most profound therapeutic transformation and yet can be used informally at home, at work, or in the queue for the bus. Science, psychology, philosophy, and a vibrating peach are all part of the story in this far-reaching but readily accessible guide to the practice of Clean questioning, a knowledge of which will enable you to enter another person's world almost unnoticed and once there to tread very, very lightly. And what happens is that the person you facilitate will get to know - and change, and heal, if that is their aim - themself.< Less
Difference In Feelings: Learn How the Feelings Can Change Your Life Towards Enlightenment By Camilet Cooray
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Words are the most powerful non-elemental noun in entire universe. And words can do many things than making just sentences. Words have power much more than you think they are. Words are not just what... More > the meaning that you already know. It is the most important and useful weapon even when you are in front of the most powerful enemy of yours. Words can be weaved together as an artistic creation, creating a vibration to activate your power points or chakras or sensation points. And the sensations you will feel with words are coming truly from your inside, and those inner sensations will last for a life time. And they will keep you up by reminding the sensational moment, You will happy to share those moments with your family, friends and even those who you will meet in a travel or a meeting or while shopping. Because you surely wish that the other person too should entertain the inner feeling.< Less

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