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Vicarious By Nathaniel St. Amour
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Works from newly started Vicarious series, and additional works from late 2011 and early 2012
The Vicarious Roe By David L. Birdsall
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Plays about the dispositions of functional inheritances
The Vicarious Roe (first half) By David L. Birdsall
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first two plays for "The Vicarious Roe"
The Vicarious Roe (second half) By David L. Birdsall
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last two plays of "The Vicarious Roe"
Vicarious Sacrifice, Grounded in Principles of Universal Obligation By Horace Bushnell
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As a preacher, Dr Bushnell was very effective. Though not a dramatic orator, he was original, thoughtful and impressive in the pulpit. His theological position may be said to have been one of... More > qualified revolt against the Calvinistic orthodoxy of his day. He criticized prevailing conceptions of the Trinity, the atonement, conversion, and the relations of the natural and the supernatural. Above all, he broke with the prevalent view which regarded theology as essentially intellectual in its appeal and demonstrable by processes of exact logical deduction. To his thinking its proper basis is to be found in the feelings and intuitions of humankind's spiritual nature. He had a marked influence upon theology in America, an influence not so much, possibly, in the direction of the modification of specific doctrines as in the impulse and tendency and general spirit which he imparted to theological thought.< Less
From Guano to Gold: The Diary and Letters of Vicary Gibbs from 1883-5 By Shirley Hinkly
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The diary of 19th Century banker Vicary Gibbs (1853-1932), written whilst on a business trip to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Ceylon from 1883-5. Here, Shirley Hinkly presents the entire... More > diary, together with some of Vicary Gibbs' business letters of the time, with commentaries and footnotes to provide background information.< Less
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The research studied the effects of trauma on therapists who treated the victims of 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks on the WTC, NY. The Pentagon, DC and United flt 93, PA. Its purpose: to explore past... More > history of personal traumatic events may contribute to increased reported incidence of Vicarious Traumatization (VT). Participants were nominal and included a wide range of demographic and professional characteristics. The sample was high in symptomatology, closer to psych. outpatients than to the normal population. Hypothesis 1: therapists with a history of trauma would show elevated VT symptoms was supported by IES scores, but the reverse was found for the TABS. Hypothesis 2: VT would be negatively related to symptomatology was also contradicted by the findings. In conclusion, the IES and TABS measured different aspects of the effects of trauma, VT differs qualitatively from PTSD, and although several hypotheses were not supported, these unexpected results were interesting and informative in their own right.< Less
Maddie and the Goats By Kristen Harrison
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This book will allow a child to experience life on the farm with the use of a vicarious experience through the eyes of a child who plays with her goats.
Gaining Life Experiences By Draja Mickaharic
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This small book has information about adding to your life experiences through a meditative process known as vicarious visualization. As far as I know, and I may be wrong, this is the only... More > information available on this subject. It is NOT path working. Draja Mickaharic< Less
Macie and Her Beautiful Horses By Kristen Harrison
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This is a non-fiction story about a young girl who loves working with horses on her farm. Students can develop and understanding of life on a farm by reading this book.