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The Vietnam War By Gary L. Koniz
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A pictorial Account of the Activities of The 169th Engineer Battalion while we were stationed at Long Bihn, South Vietnam, near the City of Ben Hoa, and in caring memory of those who we lost.
Vietnam War Medal of Honor By David Rose
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A poetic description of the actions of the Medal of Honor recipients of the Vietnam War.
Women against the Vietnam War By Fazila Derya Agis
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In this paper, I claim that the anti-Vietnam war activities were conducted by women individually for their own political beliefs and purposes, but by women in groups for assisting the needy, the... More > children or the victim women as a result of the motherhood instinct of women. Besides, I present Jane Fonda as an example to the individual anti-war women, whereas the Women Strike for Peace, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, and the Voice of Women / La Voix des Femmes to the groups of women whose motherhood instincts affected their anti-Vietnam war activism. Besides, I discuss that these women had to consider the corruption and transparency issues in Vietnam for helping the Vietnamese and the progress of the world rather than defending motherly purposes and just peace as a political motive. Thus, my resarch is based on the female gendered anti-war response. The activism of women is analyzed within the framework of Symbolic Interactionism of Blumer (1969).< Less
Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel By John Podlaski
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When a soldier leaves for a military deployment to a war zone, those left behind often wonder what their loved ones are going through. Letters home are always cheerful and vague – no sense in... More > worrying the family. Then upon returning home, these young soldiers do not want to talk about their experiences. Family and friends now say they are distant, changed, and not the same person they remember from just a few months ago. What caused this? Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel might be able to provide those answers. Although the backdrop for this novel is the Vietnam War, there are “Cherries” in every war. Come and follow these young newbie soldiers as they try to survive their deployment. Read about those many experiences that can negatively impact an individual – mentally, physically or emotionally in a war zone. This tome may not provide direct answers to your questions, but after finishing “Cherries” you will better understand them.< Less
Bravo Company A novel of the Vietnam War By John S. Hardin
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Roger Martin returns to Vietnam after his friend Pete is killed there. He misses leading men in combat and is determined to get them through the war. Anna Grayson is Pete's widow. She's devoted to... More > him, and her world is turned upside down when Pete is killed in action. Emotionally vulnerable, she turns to Roger for strength as she grieves. When Roger and Anna reunite during his R-n-R in Hawaii, things between them develop into something neither expected. Anna has now seen two men in her life go off to war, and she hopes she never goes through losing a second one. Bravo Company is a novel about men at war and the people at home who await their return.< Less
Tiger Mountain: Hispanics in the Vietnam War By Z.E. Sanchez
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Tiger Mountain: Hispanics in the Vietnam War is an oral history by eight Hispanics and one Anglo veteran. The narrative follows the veterans as they go through Basic Training, as they arrive in... More > Vietnam, as they enter into combat or go to their assigned stations. It describes their reactions to white and Black soldiers, and how they are treated by their contemporaries. It shows how the humanity of the various ethnic groups eventually triumphs in building respect among the men. A number of them empathize strongly with the Vietnamese people, seeing themselves, their conditions as minorities reflected in the people around them.< Less
The Vietnam War through the eyes of the media By Matthew Banner
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The Vietnam War is surrounded by controversy, especially regarding the reason for the United States of America’s defeat. This book aims to provide a detailed account as to how the war started,... More > and ultimately investigate to what extent the media in the USA contributed to the outcome of the conflict. The nature of war has changed throughout the ages, so much so, that nowadays the governments or leaders who wage such an act, are now accountable. The media is often described as being free and offering a liberal attitude to the world that is delivering information shrouded by a veil. What if that perception could be manipulated? What if the media decided to change the outcome of a situation? In the end, what if it could control a government’s actions? This book will investigate all these questions. Explore inside!< Less
The Last Ghostrider: A novel of the Vietnam War By Frank Mosco
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A hilarious yet tragic book of war. THE LAST GHOSTRIDER follows the haphazard life and times of Army enlisted man Vincent Fusco during the years 1968 to '71 as he somehow manages to wade through the... More > often incoherent reasoning and random events of military life and war. Fusco's journey takes you from his ridiculous stateside antics to the strange reality and unforgettable heroic characters of the chopper war in the central highlands of Vietnam and Cambodia. An American G.I.'s saga that is of interest not only because of its revealing story but in the frank, humorous, and candid style in which it's told. A style that readers have already placed on par with MASH and CATCH-22. A novel of "faction" inspired by the experiences, events, and real characters known to the author during his service with the famous 189th Assault Helicopter Co. Ghostriders that can only be described as insightful, revealing, surprising, and politically incorrect.< Less
Interservice Rivalry and Airpower in the Vietnam War By Dr. Ian Horwood
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The objectives of this study are to establish the nature and levels of rivalry and dispute between the United States armed services over matters relating to the military application of airpower... More > during the Vietnam period, and to assess the extent to which such rivalry may have distorted US operational policy in Southeast Asia. It is probably a truism to suggest that interservice rivalry has always been endemic among military establishments in the modern age, yet there are few monographs that deal specifically with the subject. Presumably, interservice rivalry is so commonplace that it excites little comment among military historians and analysts, except in passing. However, if interservice rivalry is so typical of military organisms then it constitutes one of their defining characteristics and is worthy of study for this reason alone.< Less
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The Vietnam War was, on many fronts, a war of inefficiencies. One of those inefficiencies was drug use among the soldiers, from bottom to top. This book explores the use of drugs by soldiers and the... More > ramifications it had on American efficiency on the battlefield.< Less