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Vikings By Simon Hawthorne
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Mythology is interesting as well as complicated. It becomes even more intricate when the narrators and their opinions are many and do not seem to converge at some point. This is however, one side... More > of the picture. Mythology can be worth considering if one follows it with concentration and an evaluative approach. This book unveils all those significant features of Viking mythology, which can be interesting as well as elaborative for your knowledge about the Vikings and their ancient tales. The major theme of the book is to break all those incorrect views, which have traveled across the various areas of Viking mythology.< Less
Viking Tales By Jennie Hall
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The Library of Alexandria is an independent small business publisher. We specialize in bringing back to live rare, historical and ancient books. This includes manuscripts such as: classical fiction,... More > philosophy, science, religion, folklore, mythology, history, literature, politics and sacred texts, in addition to secret and esoteric subjects, such as: occult, freemasonry, alchemy, hermetic, shamanism and ancient knowledge. Our books are available in both print and as digital books. All of our books have been revived by being scanned by people who have passion for knowledge. By purchasing this book you are helping restoring a piece of history for many generations to come to enjoy the fine ancient knowledge that is made available through our modern technology. We sincerely hope you enjoy these treasures in the form of digital books.< Less
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The story of Mavis the Viking and her adventures as the tea lady on the good ship 'Shmerk'. As they sail the seas Its Mavis and her special cake recipes that always seem to come to the rescue.
The Vikings of Helgeland By Henrik Ibsen
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The Vikings at Helgeland was written during 1857 and first performed at Christiania Norske Theater in Oslo on 24 November 1858. The scenes take place during the time of Erik Blood-axe in the north of... More > Norway in historic Helgeland. The play takes place at a time in which Norwegian society was adjusting from the tradition of Old Norse Sagas to the new era of Christianity. The play concerns the arrival of Ornulf, who with his 7 sons is seeking his daughter, Dagny, and foster-daughter, Hjordis, who were abducted and married by Sigurd and Gunnar, respectively. Tragedy compounded by conceptions of honour and duty lead to the deaths of all of Ornulf's sons, Sigurd and Hjordis. The plot is reminiscient of the Germanic myth of Sigmund and Brynhilde.< Less
Myths Of The Norsemen By Robert Bujdoso
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Undoubtedly Northern mythology has exercised a deep influence upon our customs, laws, and language, and there has been, therefore, a great unconscious inspiration flowing from these into English... More > literature. The most distinctive traits of this mythology are a peculiar grim humor, to be found in the religion of no other race, and a dark thread of tragedy which runs throughout the whole woof, and these characteristics, touching both extremes, are writ large over English literature.< Less
Dark Myth Omnibus By Michael Rechlin
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This book contains 20 of the best images from my 2014 book Krieger, 20 images from 2015's Warfare and 46 all new pieces. Vikings, Trolls, Goblins and many other Fantasy Archetypes.
Gothic Myths and Legends By Aelfric Avery
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Gothic Myths and Legends is a modern creative retelling of the surviving ancient Gothic stories and histories as preserved in the writings of ancient Roman historians and Norse sagas. These are... More > combined with some of the author's own narrative and poetry. The stories have been thoughtfully woven together into one long tale of the Gothic gods, kings and heroes. The story of the Goths is told in two parts: the "Gude Spill" or Story of the Gods begins with the creation of the world and the divine origins of the Goths, and the "Amale Spill" or Story of the Amali line of Gothic kings, as well as their Balthic, Longobardic and Anglo-Saxon descendants. Also included is a commentary on the Gude Spill which explains how the primary sources have been woven together, and an English translation of "The Battle of the Goths and Huns" from the Hervarar Saga.< Less
Viking Tales: A Book of Norse Mythology and Legends – Norwegian, Icelandic and Scandinavian Folklore By Jennie Hall
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This spectacular collection of ancient Viking myths and legends was compiled by Jennie Hall - a leading enthusiast in Nordic mythology. The tales draw upon well-known legends involving the Nordic... More > pantheon of the Gods, as well as the folk stories which follow a young hero named Harald. The two countries focused upon are Norway and Iceland, with the seafaring culture for which the Nordic peoples were renowned in the early Middle Ages receiving much prominence. Rich with swashbuckling heroism, the stories within this volume are recounted compellingly, starting with an account of King Harald's infancy. The stories are imbued by Hall's deep research into the Nordic culture - the hierarchy of their society, the means by which they set laws and settled disputes, how they married and partook in family life, and how they fought and died in war. Together with this book's thrilling stories, Jennie Hall imbues her own researches into the language pronunciations and cultural traits of the Nordic peoples.< Less
The Garden of Hope and Despair: A Clash of Myths By John A. Mills
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This poetic epic tells of the Magic Garden and its Celtic people as they face the onslaught of Greeks and Vikings. It follows the story of Elpis, the Granddaughter of Ceres, goddess of planting and... More > harvesting, and Parlan, the Farmer, son of Danú and the Green Man, as their romance unfolds during the storms of the greedy gods of Greeks and Vikings, and their encounter with centaurs, wizards, druids, trolls, elves, and fairies. No Percy Jackson am I or Olympian God. But that epic of demigods has aroused my muse, Inspiring me to recall the old myths of Greeks and Norsemen And weave a saga of hope overcoming despair. O Calliope, muse of epics, mother of sagas, I call upon you to awaken the gods and demigods And I will awaken the Garden Wizard To tell a tale of Celts, Norsemen and Greeks.< Less
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Master storyteller Padraic Colum's rich, musical voice captures all the magic and majesty of the Norse sagas in his retellings of the adventures of the gods and goddesses who lived in the Northern... More > paradise of Asgard before the dawn of history. Here are the matchless tales of All-Father Odin, who crosses the Rainbow Bridge to walk among men in Midgard and sacrifices his right eye to drink from the Well of Wisdom; of Thor, whose mighty hammer defends Asgard; of Loki, whose mischievous cunning leads him to treachery against the gods; of giants, dragons, dwarfs and Valkyries; and of the terrible last battle that destroyed their world. These ancient stories from Northern Europe, which make up one of the great myth cycles of Western civilization, spring to life in The Children of Odin.< Less

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