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Eternal Virgin By Michelle Forbes
eBook (ePub): $1.51
Jane is a married woman who feels like she "settled too early" and when he moves on to a younger model, she thinks "Who’d fancy me now? If I made the first move and left Paul,... More > who’d take me on with my baggage – two kids, a portable hamster population explosion, and a four-foot tropical fish tank" She launch's herself onto the employment and dating world with eternal optimism and a personality as down to earth as Diarmud Gavin's wellies. But she is unprepared for the circling sharks and other dangers lurking in the dating deep. So join her as she fumbles her way through newly single life with stumbling stiletto's and occasional chuckles trying not be an Eternal Virgin.< Less
Virgin Soil By Ivan Turgenev
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Turgenev was the most liberal-spirited and unqualifiedly humane of all the great nineteenth-century Russian novelists, and in Virgin Soil, his biggest and most ambitious work, he sought to balance... More > his deep affection for his country and his people with his growing apprehensions about what their future held in store. At the heart of the book is the story of a young man and a young woman, torn between love and politics, who struggle to make headway against the complacency of the powerful, the inarticulate misery of the powerless, and the stifling conventions of provincial life. This rich and complex book, at once a love story, a devastating, and bitterly funny social satire, and, perhaps most movingly of all, a heartfelt celebration of the immense beauty of the Russian countryside, is a tragic masterpiece in which one of the world's finest novelists confronts the enduring question of the place of happiness in a political world.< Less
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Virgins No More By Orrie Hitt
eBook (ePub): $1.99
It's 1961. Sam Card lives with Rose. He’s a factory worker who gets lucky in the lottery, to the tune of $10,000. What will he do with his new found fortune? Rose wants to find a home to... More > settle; Sam wants to buy a business and be his own boss. Sam goes into business with Jackie who, with her feeble husband, owns a shuttered resort hotel and wants to sell. Sam puts $5K down and enters into a profit-sharing agreement to pay Jackie off. There are other ways to pay: he starts an affair with her. Rose has a secret past. Her ex-boyfriend George shows up, needing money to pay his child support and keep the law off his back. He threatens to tell Sam about her past as a crook and a hooker, so she borrows money from Sam and gives it to George. He borrows her body, as well. Jackie has a secret, too. She wants her husband out-of-the-picture. Will her luscious body be enough to convince Sam to commit the biggest sin of all so that she will get her wish?< Less
The Virgin and the Gipsy By David Herbert Lawrence
eBook (ePub): $1.40
When the vicar's wife went off with a young and penniless man the scandal knew no bounds. Her two little girls were only seven and nine years old respectively. And the vicar was such a good husband.... More > True, his hair was grey. But his moustache was dark, he was handsome, and still full of furtive passion for his unrestrained and beautiful wife. Why did she go? Why did she burst away with such an éclat of revulsion, like a touch of madness? Nobody gave any answer. Only the pious said she was a bad woman. While some of the good women kept silent. They knew. The two little girls never knew. Wounded, they decided that it was because their mother found them negligible. The ill wind that blows nobody any good swept away the vicarage family on its blast. Then lo and behold! the vicar, who was somewhat distinguished as an essayist and a controversialist, and whose case had aroused sympathy among the bookish men, received the living of Papplewick. The Lord had tempered the wind of misfortu< Less
VIRGIN PRUNES By mick mercer
Paperback: $28.29
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511 photos from Brixton Ace 6.4.83, Electric Ballroom 11.8.83, Lyceum 27.11.83, Electric Ballroom 10.12.85, Croydon Underground (including a Gavin Friday posed session) 12.12.85.
Virgin Islands By Zhingoora Books
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The General Knowledge book series, are designed for specific country, are one of the most admired book for the improvement and learning purpose.This book contains information about... More > Background,Geography,Natural resources,Land use,Environment. Population,Sex ratio,flag of the county,Area,Border countries,Maritime claims,Elevation extremes,Land use,Natural hazards,Volcanism,Age structure,Median age,Net migration rate,Country comparison to the world,Religions,Languages,Literacy,School life expectancy ,Government,Time difference,Administrative divisions,Executive branch,Cabinet and almost everthing related with general knowledge.< Less
Virgin Slave By Peter King
eBook (PDF): $5.95
A spoiled rich girl marries her father’s business competitor. He takes it upon himself to divest her of her brattish nature by enslaving her completely. Thus begins the training that will... More > eventually make her his perfect sex-slave. Contains: BDSM, M/f, F/f< Less
VIRGIN VOWS By Sandy Thomas
eBook (PDF): $6.99
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CONTEMPORARY TV FICTION #8. Randy and his twin sister have a yearly picture taken when they're dressed alike. This year it's in prom gowns. Illustrated. 64 pages.

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