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Influenza: Molecular Virology By Qinghua Wang & Yizhi Jane Tao
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-57-8 EAN 9781904455578 In this timely book, internationally renowned scientists critically review the current research and the most important discoveries in this highly... More > topical field. Subjects covered include the NS1 protein of influenza A virus, the structure of influenza NS1, influenza B hemagglutinin, influenza A nucleoprotein, influenza A hemagglutinin glycoproteins, the M2 channel, virulence genes of the 1918 pandemic influenza, influenza virus polymerase, gene diagnostic microarrays, and computer-assisted vaccine design. Highly informative and well referenced, this book is essential reading for all influenza specialists and is recommended reading for all virologists, immunologists, molecular biologists, public health scientists and research scientists in pharmaceutical companies.< Less
Molecular Virology and Control of Flaviviruses By Pei-Yong Shi
Hardcover: $279.92
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-92-9 EAN 9781904455929 The editor of Molecular Virology and Control of Flaviviruses has assembled an up-to-date and cutting-edge anthology from the leading experts in the... More > flavivirus field. Chapters are balanced by contributions from established investigators, who have dedicated their careers to flavivirus research, with those from newcomers who have recently made significant contributions to the flavivirus field. The book represents an important update of flavivirus research and will serve as a reference to flavivirus researchers at the graduate level and beyond. A recommended text for all virology libraries.< Less
Insect Molecular Virology: Advances and Emerging Trends By Bryony Bonning
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-912530-08-3 EAN 9781912530083 The volume opens with a description of the insect virome and the explosion in discovery of new viral taxa. The following four chapters focus on... More > anti-viral immunity including endogenous viral elements some of which may provide the molecular basis for long-term anti-viral immunity, the discovery of new viral suppressors of RNA interference, the role of new classes of small RNA molecules in dictating infection outcomes, and the Drosophila-dicistrovirus model as a powerful resource for insect molecular virology. The application of omics tools to insect-vectored plant viral disease, recent advances in tetravirus, polydnavirus, and baculovirus research are then described. The final chapters review progress in baculovirus expression vector and surface display technologies for use in laboratory and therapeutic applications. Written by leading experts, this work is essential reading for students and scholars of insect virology and immunology.< Less
DNA Tumour Viruses: Virology, Pathogenesis and Vaccines By Sally Roberts
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910190-79-1 EAN 9781910190791 In this timely book, expert authors review the most important current research in this rapidly growing field. Topics covered range from an... More > overview of the contribution of DNA tumour viruses to the cancer burden worldwide, and the molecular pathogenesis of virus driven cancers to vaccine development. This volume will serve as a valuable reference source for everyone working in the field, both experts and students, in academia, government, and biotechnology companies. It is also a must-read for anyone with an interest in viral tumourigenesis and an important acquisition for all microbiology libraries.< Less
Avian Virology: Current Research and Future Trends By Siba Samal
Paperback: $243.04
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-912530-10-6 EAN 9781912530106 This comprehensive book provides a timely update on all of the most important avian viruses, ranging from avian influenza virus, and infectious... More > bronchitis virus to Marek's disease virus, and avian paramyxoviruses. The chapters are written by internationally recognized experts from all over the world who have made seminal contributions to their respective field of avian virus research. Each chapter covers the current knowledge on the history, genome organization, viral proteins, genetics, epizootiology, pathogenesis, immunity, diagnosis, prevention and control, and future challenges of these viruses. The book closes with a fascinating chapter that reviews the recent advances on avian immune responses to virus infection. This book is an invaluable reference source of timely information for students, virologists, immunologists, veterinarians, and scientists working on avian diseases.< Less
Viral Proteases and Antiviral Protease Inhibitor Therapy By Uwe Lendeckel & Nigel M. Hooper
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This, the eighth volume in the Proteases in Biology and Disease series, focuses on the role of proteases in virus function and their potential as anti-viral targets. The respiratory illness... More > ‘severe acute respiratory syndrome’ (SARS) was first reported in Asia in November 2002, and rapidly spread to several other countries across the world. The SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) causes SARS and a key step in the replication of the virus is the cleavage of the viral polyproteins by the SARS-CoV main protease. In the first chapter of this volume, Wei-Zhu Zhong and colleagues describe the functional importance of this protease in the viral life cycle, which is an attractive target for developing drugs against SARS, and outline a rational, structure-based approach to inhibitor design.< Less
Considerations for viral disease eradication By Stacey Knobler & Joshua Lederberg
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The Forum on Emerging Infections was created in 1996 in response to a request from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health. The goal of the Forum is to... More > provide structured opportunities for representatives from academia, industry, professional and interest groups, and government1 to examine and discuss scientific and policy issues that are of shared interest and that are specifically related to research and prevention, detection, and management of emerging infectious diseases. In accomplishing this task, the Forum provides the opportunity to foster the exchange of information and ideas, identify areas in need of greater attention, clarify policy issues by enhancing knowledge and identifying points of agreement, and inform decision makers about science and policy issues.< Less
Viral Genome Replication By Craig E. Cameron et al.
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Currently, there is no single source that permits comparison of the factors, elements, enzymes and/or mechanisms employed by different classes of viruses for genome replication. As a result, we (and... More > our students) often restrict our focus to our particular system, missing out on the opportunity to define unifying themes in viral genome replication or benefit from the advances in other systems. For example, extraordinary biological and experimental paradigms that have been established over the past 5 years for the DNA replication systems of bacteriophage T4 will likely be of great value to anyone interested in studying a replisome from any virus. These studies could easily go unnoticed by animal RNA and DNA virologists. It is our hope that this monograph will cross-fertilize and invigorate the field, as well as encourage students into this area of research.< Less
Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus: Current Research and Emerging Trends By Francisco Sobrino
Paperback: $273.83
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910190-51-7 EAN 9781910190517 Essential scientific background on FMD and its etiological agent, FMD virus, as well as comprehensive, interdisciplinary and up-to-date... More > information on basic research findings and applied developments contributing to FMD control. The eighteen chapters have been written by leading FMD researchers. The book is required reading for everyone involved in FMD and is an important acquisition for all microbiology libraries.< Less
Epstein-Barr Virus: Latency and Transformation By Erle S. Robertson
Hardcover: $255.95
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-904455-62-2 EAN 9781904455622 In this book, expert EBV virologists comprehensively review this important subject from a genetic, biochemical, immunological, and cell biological... More > perspective. Topics include: latent infections, EBV leader protein, EBNA-1 in viral DNA replication and persistence, EBNA-2 in transcription activation of viral and cellular genes, the nuclear antigen family 3 in regulation of cellular processes, molecular profiles of EBV latently infected cells, latent membrane protein 1 oncoprotein, regulation of latency by LMP2A, role of noncoding RNAs in EBV-induced cell growth and transformation and the regulation of EBV latency by viral lytic proteins. This book is essential reading for all EBV virologists as well as clinical and basic scientists working on oncogenic viruses.< Less

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