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Visionary Landscapes By Imaginative Pencil
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This exclusive coffee table style book features the pencil work of renowned artist Justin Michael Jenkins. Over 30 artist favorites are included in this Volume 1 edition including his well known... More > chess collection that has been published worldwide by Frederic Friedel. We collected numerous sources from around the world with regard to the style and approach of Justin Michael Jenkins and organized the book in such a way as to portray each drawing from various perspectives and also do a complete analytical review of the entire range of thought behind all the works. The goal of this exclusive edition is to give hidden insights that would otherwise go unnoticed by many viewers and create a collection of reviews and critiques by selected artists and scholars with a large portion of the deeper understanding coming from the artist himself. Published by Imaginative Pencil Publishing. 160 pages and full color.< Less
The Visionary: Pictures From Nordland By Jonas Lie
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Jonas Lauritz Idemil Lie (Norwegian: [liː]; 6 November... More > 1833 – 5 July 1908) was a Norwegian novelist, poet, and playwright who is considered to have been one of the Four Greats of 19th century Norwegian literature, together with Henrik Ibsen, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and Alexander Kielland.Jonas Lie was born at Hokksund in Øvre Eiker, in the county of Buskerud, Norway. Five years after his son's birth, Lie's father was appointed sheriff of Tromsø, which lies within the Arctic Circle, and young Jonas Lie spent six of the most impressionable years of his life at that remote port.He was sent to the naval school at Fredriksværn; but his defective eyesight caused him to give up a life at sea. Excerpt from:< Less
The Dawn of All: A Visionary Novel of the Catholic Church Victorious By Robert Hugh Benson
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An angry and disgruntled ex-priest, lying on the verge of death, slips into a coma only to awaken in a parallel reality, a future world in which the Catholic Church has been raised to the sole... More > religious, moral and political authority on Earth, in which he is a Monsignor with an integral role in the Church's global governance, and in which he has no memory of the world he has left behind, or even of his own identity. Travel with Monsignor Masterman as he discovers with new eyes both the awe-inspiring beauty and the starkly cold authority undergirding a Catholic world truly won for Christ. How will this global Christian culture deal with a worldwide atheistic, Socialist underground vying to challenge her power? A science fiction bestseller when first published in 1911, "Dawn of All" offers a profound and moving vision of how today's "Church Persecuted" might be transformed into a near-future "Church Victorious" against which the Gates of Hell will truly not prevail.< Less
Woke...? - A Metaphysical, Science Fiction Novel of the Current 4th & Coming 5th World Ages By David Alexander English
eBook (PDF): $9.99
What can an eyewitness account, passed down by oral tradition from the ancestors of the Hopi, about a real life global catastrophe, recent science confirms happened 41,000 years ago, tell us about... More > the end of our current 4th world age, and the coming of the 5th world age...? Today: A massive spherical starship, 1/3 the size of the Moon, instantly appears in orbit over the lunar north pole; returning to Earth from a journey to a star in Sagittarius, 20,000 lightyears away, that began 41,000 years ago, at the time of the destruction of the 2nd world age of the Hopi. The ship called an Ark is a world unto itself, with a crew of over a million people; numerous micro-habitats, and the cryogenically preserved embryos of billions, seeds of all the flora & fauna of their day. They are the genetic ancestors of all humans on Earth today...< Less
PISS By Von Stigma
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This is the first book ever that will make you PISS. One of the most rarest finds in the world. You might even go crazy reading this book. Sure, you can call this an attempt at art. But it's an... More > attempt that works. Trust me. You will urinate after reading this. It's insane.< Less
A Bad Feeling By Frank Hurst
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Just a typical family enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving weekend. Relatives visiting from out-of-town, lots of fun, turkey and all the trimmings, football...wait a minute, did I mention the... More > monsters? Yep, just a typical family get-together, well, except for the "monster" part. Join the Hooks family's desperate attempt to survive despite events which, once set in motion, can't be stopped. Twist and turn through the long weekend's non-stop thrills and chills as a dark plot unfolds to use the Texas town of Horton as a testing ground. "A Bad Feeling" is a thriller that will keep you turning pages long through the night, and double-checking your locks before you go to bed.< Less
A Dinner of Leeks By Lance D'Escimo
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The moving tale of one family's triumph over adversity... or something. The only book ever known to be rejected by Publish America!
A Journey to the Source By Roberto Rodriguez Braña
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This is a story of personal redemption in a complex society devoid of personal freedoms where the realities of life would seem to preclude any spiritual dimension. The story, which is divided into... More > four chapters - Darkness; Death; Awareness & Resurrection - is set in an imaginary country called Addeera situated in the Middle East. In a sense, the protagonist embodies the society, and his search for and journey towards personal freedom show that the conquest of freedom comes from within and may be attained notwithstanding the negative forces surrounding him. The book divides naturally into two distinct sections. In the first part the depiction of the harsh realities of life in a society which dictates almost every aspect of existence is uppermost, whereas the second part of the story passes to what might be called the mythical dimension as the protagonist struggles to transcend the petty and materialistic focus of life and find a way forward. Redemption finally comes by the hand of love.< Less
Grains Of Sand By Allen L. Scarbrough
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This is a book of two line sayings on a variety of subjects.
The Book of Jesse, Volume One: Deliver U.S. By Thomas Foster and Ronald Morgan
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It is April 2004. The administration of Gerald B. Whitethorne is finishing a tumultuous first term. The United States is at war. Gerald's daughter, Jesse Whitethorne, is visiting Tokyo when ... More > unexpected fulminant hepatic failure puts her life in jeopardy. Caught between his love as a father and his duty as the President, Gerald makes a choice that will alter the course of his presidency and, perhaps, of his country, irrevocably. It will reveal an underbelly of American politics danker than the world may have ever imagined, an international intrigue a planet perhaps is too timid to hope for, and the fateful encounter, with lives in the balance, of a girl and her new liver.< Less

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