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Sixteen Variations on a Single Theme By Kerry Mitchell
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book presents 16 images that are variations on a single theme of the Hilbert curve fractal. Also included are brief discussions of the curve and the methods by which the variations were... More > generated.< Less
EDEN # 2 ing By Gula Visual
eBook (PDF): $5.01
WARNING. The content of this comic is not for children, this comic contains nudity, sexual themes and violence, if buying this comic broke the laws of your community don't buy this comic. Yeina and... More > Kal are in Torturador's chamber, he will have some funny with the ladies and he will have no mercy. In this number Kal is the first on play some sexual game, so she have to do all the things Torturador ask.< Less
Twisted Minds By Gula Visual
eBook (PDF): $7.61
WARNING: This comic is absolutely not for children, it contain strong erotic art in sexual situations, extreme violence and mutilation. Thanks for supporting my art! This is my new comic, and let me... More > tell you, it’s the darkest one I’ve ever made. The story is about the most twisted pleasure Torturador can give someone, namely Krify. This masked demon engages in anthropophagite behavior and he focuses on the breasts. This erotic theme takes place in a fantastic universe, an unreal world. In erotic art, the viewer wants more than what’s possible in the real world. He wants to see further, Eros feeding his imagination. That’s why I’ve made this comic. It’s based on a commissioned work, though I’ve added some of my own ideas. The original script upon which it’s based by “Omega”. I hope you enjoy it!< Less
Joyful Visual Prayer Journal By K. Stokes
Paperback: $17.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Want more? Use this visual prayer journal to write out what you want, then pray it into your life! Full color glossy pages centered on nine powerful themes enable you to focus on what's most... More > important, then make it happen. Go to to see which pens and markers work best on these luscious, glossy full color pages!< Less
Trivial Pursuits By Visual Communication 2009
Paperback: $10.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a one-day project undertaken by second year Visual Communication students at the Glasgow School of Art, based loosely on the theme 'Trivial Pursuits'
Trivial Pursuits By Visual Communication 2009
eBook (PDF): $3.92
This book is a one-day project undertaken by second year Visual Communication students at the Glasgow School of Art, based loosely on the theme 'Trivial Pursuits'
GLIMPSE | autumn 2008 Is the visual political? By Glimpse Journal
Paperback: $35.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Glimpse is an interdisciplinary journal that examines the functions, processes, and effects of vision and its implications for being, knowing, and constructing our world(s). Each theme-focused issue... More > features articles, visual essays, interviews, and reviews spanning the physical sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. ISSN 1945-3906< Less
Recapitulations: A Visually Poetic Spiritual Journey By Tania Guerrera
Paperback: $32.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is narrative of the author's spiritual development, told in poetry and visual art. It is a collection of visions, inner knowings, personal revelations, dream journeys and healing lessons... More > for the mind, spirit and soul. The author explores themes like the Rastafari faith, her Taino Indigenous heritage, Buddhism, Shamanism, Voudun, Sufism, Motherhood and how they all can lead to the Warrior Path, with over 25 vividly colorful images, soul stirring poems and brief scholarly essays.< Less
Visual Propaganda And Extremism In The Online Environment By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
Paperback: $23.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
Most of the papers included in this volume, except for the editor’s introduction, come from the conference on Visual Propaganda and Online Radicalization hosted in 2012 by Georgia State... More > University in conjunction with the U.S. Army War College. They all speak to the power of visual images, particularly in the online environment, and the sophistication with which a variety of extremist and terrorist groups have adapted to the online environment, particularly through the use of powerful visual images. The strategic point made in these essays, and which serves as a unifying theme throughout the collection, is that weaker forces use these materials to great effect, and to even greater effect when we either underestimate the power of visual images or fail to develop effective counters. The unique value offered by these essays is to lay out clearly the ways in which images work for extremist groups, and to begin the process of developing effective strategies for responding.< Less
Volume 6631, The Amazing Race 13 contestants --- The American Adventure Theme Park By Print Wikipedia
Hardcover: $80.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Volume 6631, The Amazing Race 13 contestants---The American Adventure Theme Park Print Wikipedia is a both a utilitarian visualization of the largest accumulation of human knowledge and a poetic... More > gesture towards the inhuman scale of big data. Michael Mandberg wrote software that parses the entirety of the English-language Wikipedia database and programmatically lays out nearly 7500 volumes, complete with covers, and then uploads them to for print-on-demand. Print Wikipedia draws attention to the sheer size of the encyclopedia's content and the impossibility of rendering Wikipedia as a material object in fixed form: Once a volume is printed it is already out of date. It is also a work of found poetry built on what is likely the largest appropriation ever made. As we become increasingly more dependent on information and source material on the Internet today, Mandiberg explores the accessibility of its vastness.< Less

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Water into Wine Water into Wine By David Rowe
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