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Savage Michael By John O'Loughlin
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This title, which is the reverse of 'Michael Savage', dating from 1976, also combines two chronologically-related books, viz. 'Reluctance' and 'Reservations in Orange and Green', but does so in the... More > reverse order of having a journal first and a kind of novel comprised of five notebooks second, so that it is, in every respect, the opposite of the earlier project, with a much more intensively philosophical integrity, as anyone familiar with its respective independently-published books would doubtless attest. The advantage of having the two titles published in this dual-book format, however, is not only sequential but also, in relation to the combined cost of each of the individually-published titles, financial.< Less
Khinjali Mandal under the Bhanjas: A Study in Economic. Social and Political History By amit jha
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This work, based on epigraphic evidences (37 inscriptions), is a very humble attempt to study the social history of Khinjali mandala region under the rule of Bhanja dynasty in early medieval Odisha.... More > All the inscriptions are donative in nature and they indicate land grants of virgin or forest area- leading to deforestation and subsequently extension of agricultural lands. This work depicts tribals’ holistic integration to the Brahmanical order ---- viz a. economically, tribals were peasantised in the agrarian system, b. socially, they were incorporated in the brahmanical 4 fold varna system, c. politically, tribal egalitarianism was substituted by hierarchical monarchy and d. lastly, the religious autochthonous deity (Stambheshswari) was also integrated to the Brahmanical pantheon (cult of Jagannath).< Less
Harriet: The Moses of Her People By Sarah H. Bradford
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THE title I have given my black heroine, in this second edition of her story, viz.: THE MOSES OF HER PEOPLE, may seem a little ambitious, considering that this Moses was a woman, and that she... More > succeeded in piloting only three or four hundred slaves from the land of bondage to the land of freedom. But I only give her here the name by which she was familiarly known, both at the North and the South, during the years of terror of the Fugitive Slave Law, and during our last Civil War, in both of which she took so prominent a part.< Less
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Gulbarga district is located in the northeastern part of Karnataka. On the northwest, for a short stretch, the district shares its border with Sholapur and Osmanabad districts of Maharshatra and on... More > the east it is surrounded by Medak and Mahaboobnagar districts of Andhra Pradesh. On the other three sides, the district is surrounded by the territories belonging to Karnataka State itself viz., Bidar district in the north, Raichur district on the south and Bijapur district on the west. It is only in the south that the district has a natural boundary in the form of the mighty Krishna River, which runs east by northeastern course. On the western sector, for a short distance the Bhima divides the lands belonging to the districts and Bijapur and forms the natural boundary between two districts.< Less
Stressing the Essential By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $4.69
John O'Loughlin's second collection of poetry, written nearly ten years after 'Dosshouse Blues', is less formal overall and more orientated towards free verse whilst being consistently... More > transcendentalist in relation to his by-then-fledgling theories of the post-human. For all their stylistic similarity, however, these poems still vary enormously in length and subject-matter, the longest and arguably best, viz. 'Dispelling a Futuristic Myth', being left till last, as a fitting conclusion to a new chapter in the author's approach to poetry.< Less
The Omega Quartet By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $16.10
'The Omega Quartet', so-called because the contents are largely of an omega-oriented order of transcendentalism with ideological overtones, is comprised of four books of poetry written during the... More > early 1980s, viz. 'Stressing the Essential', 'Spiritual Intimations', 'The Modern Death', and 'Trees', which provides an alternative approach to the ideological philosophy of Social Transcendentalism that has the virtue of bringing all of John O'Loughlin's poetic works of a philosophical nature together in one substantial volume. The cover shows a quartet-like abstract painting by the author.< Less
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Successful supply chain management requires a high degree of functional and organizational integration. A major problem is the uncertainty due to lack of coordination in the supply chain. The lack... More > of coordination causes manufacturing cost, inventory cost, replenishment lead time, transportation cost and labour cost to increase and the level of product availability and profitability to reduce. This research work has been aimed at understanding the gap between the expectations and performance on different attributes of Logistics and Supply Chain Management adopted at different the stages in the supply chain viz., by customers, retailers, suppliers and transporters in Kerala. The study is also aimed at understanding the level of implementation of latest concepts in supply chain management among the different entities.< Less
Selected Topics in Chemistry By Suresh Ranganathan
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Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with the preparation, properties, structures and composition of substances. The prominence of chemistry is well known. Knowledge of chemistry will help to... More > understand the natural processes, geochemical concepts, biochemical reactions, and environment. Developments in chemistry lead the discovery of immense number of chemical compounds with great applications. Broadly, chemistry can be classified into three braches viz., inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. Inorganic chemistry deals the preparation, properties and structure of all elements and their compounds except carbon and its compounds. Organic chemistry studies the synthesis, structure and properties of organic compounds. Physical chemistry concerned the physical property of chemical compounds.< Less
Valuations of a Social Transcendentalist By John O'Loughlin
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VALUATIONS OF A SOCIAL TRANSCENDENTALIST is the sequel to 'Alpha and Omega - Diabolic Beginning and Divine End' (2002) and, like that worthy eBook, it has been divided into several parts, viz.... More > 'Revaluations', 'Valuations', and 'Transvaluations', which further advance the ideological philosophy of Social Transcendentalism in relation to the respective parts and their numerical spiralling through several cycles, as before. As regards the various modes of 'valuating', the only omission on the author's part is with relation to 'devaluating', which, as a pro-godly individual, he evidently prefers not to categorically embrace, having the modesty to leave that to others. The cover shows a Social Transcendentalist emblem deriving from the author's substantial corpus of abstract and emblematic paintings.< Less
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"A prophet mighty in word before God and all the people."--LUKE xxiv. 19. "A teacher come from God."--JOHN iii. 2. In speaking of the teaching of Jesus it is scarcely possible at... More > the present day to avoid at least a reference to two other closely-related topics, viz. the relation of Christ's teaching to the rest of the New Testament, and the trustworthiness of the Gospels in which that teaching is recorded. Adequate discussion of either of these questions here and now is not possible; it must suffice to indicate very briefly the direction in which, as it appears to the writer, the truth may be found.< Less

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