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Discover Dialogue: embrace the beauty of your inner voice By Cassandra Rae
Paperback: $14.76
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Discover Dialogue is a book for those who are ready to live a happier life! Inside you will find inspirational articles and worksheets to explore how the topic relates to your unique life. Topics... More > include health & well being, career, family relationships, energy management, and communication techniques. Reader Rena Yang says, "With her Discover Dialogues, Cassandra Rae takes you by the hand and invites you to crack open the lid of yourself: to ask yourself important but difficult questions, to really understand how you operate, and to change things when you see they are not working out for you. She does so in a way that it is unshakably personal, willing to offer her own life and experiences as illustrations of what she is asking you to do for yourself." Reader Jerry Smith says, "Explosive, candid, and irresistibly readable, Cassandra Rae's Discover Dialogue breaks barriers in both communication and in our mindsets. A totally fascinating and yet practical read that can change your life in less than a day."< Less
A Dialogue With God By Samson Ajilore
Paperback: $6.50
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God’s voice is the solution to the confusions in people’s lives today. This book is not a psychological or philosophical book. Rather, it contains the truth of God’s Word on the... More > subject of God’s voice. It will teach you the different ways God speaks and how to listen for His voice within. You will learn how to walk in the Word that never fails and your life will never remain the same again. The author speaks from a life of love and years of studying and walking with the Lord. It will draw you closer to the Lord and enrich your understanding of His Word.< Less
Me, My Selves and I - Discovering Other Sides of Yourself With Voice Dialogue By Karin Brugman et al.
eBook (ePub): $16.70
In Me, My Selves and I, the authors invite you to look at yourself in a different light and to consider yourself as a person composed of not one, but of an entire collection of selves. You have... More > different sides, parts or subpersonalities which all see the world with different sets of eyes. They each have their own habits, feelings and thoughts. This is a fun and enlightening way of looking at yourself and it offers a number of advantages. It will provide you with an understanding of how your behavior works and why it is sometimes ineffective. You will also learn how you can turn your behavior around. It will also become clear to you why some people immediately attract you and others do not. This book was written for anyone who wants to know themselves better and for professionals who want to become acquainted with Voice Dialogue.< Less
Voices 2 By Ken Clay
Paperback: $15.79
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In an editorial to issue 9 the magazine’s place and purpose was defined: "Voices" we believe has a function to play among the literary journals. It is not a vehicle for established... More > writers. It is a means of dialogue between writer, of working class origin and/or of socialist tendency and the workers and socialists to whom they address themselves.< Less
Waging Peace By Voices [Education Project]
Paperback: $12.98
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While the world has been in constant violent turmoil for eons we have never been as physically connected as we are today. The potential for communication and dialogue is heightened, but still we... More > continue to stumble when we encounter conflict, often reverting to violence when we have the capability of committing ourselves to the ultimate struggle—wrestling with more constructive alternatives to war. Waging Peace offers poetry, narrative and art that helps us reflect on our world’s greatest challenge—constructively, deliberately and compassionately choosing to work for peace even when it seems impossible.< Less
Dialogue & Alliance Vol. 32, No. 1 & 2 By Thomas Walsh, Editor
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Dialogue & Alliance, Vol. 32, No. 1 & 2, Summer/Winter 2018. Theme: Voices of Peace.
Blue Smoke: a two voice improvisation By Larry Kimmel & Sheila Windsor
Paperback: $6.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Blue Smoke is unique. Informed, rather than constrained, by precedent the authors use their extensive knowledge of Japanese collaborative verse to generate a work that is associated to renga, but... More > different. This is no mere sequence of stanzas. It is a gavotte, an elliptical exploration of the nature of reality. Kimmel and Windsor treat us to a dialogue of perception. Though verses alternate, as the work progresses it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish one voice from the other. Distinctions of gender and culture become vanishingly slight - identities less tangible than the blue smoke of the title. John Carley, renku poet and translator< Less
Two Worlds in One Mirror: a Dialogue Between a Father and Son By Serge Dahan & Stephan Dahan
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Two Worlds in One Mirror is a poetic dialogue between father and son. Stephan Dahan battled a critical life-afflicting addiction and found a voice on the page in poetry. His father, Serge Dahan, an... More > avid writer of poetry himself, found footing on the page as well. This collection is a beautiful conversation between father and son – both seeking the best for one another and the best in humankind. The poems seem to transcend everyday benevolence – and reach to a place where they are each called and call each other to be heroic in their ultimate transformations.< Less
50.50: Women Writers, Politics and Voice By Rosemary Bechler
Paperback: $16.04
Prints in 3-5 business days is committed to promoting human rights and democracy through dialogue and debate. But a global debate without the female half of humanity is neither global nor democratic. Their... More > exclusion affects both the content of the debate and the way the dialogue is conducted. With this in mind, we run 50.50: a series of editorial projects designed to bring in the voices of women working at whatever level to explore issues of gender, power and democracy. We believe that debate is key to changing minds and leads to change in policy and ultimately to change in practice. Our goal is to make openDemocracy a current affairs forum which is written, read and used equally by women and men.< Less
Coaching Leaders: Leverage the Power of Your Inner Voices to Become a Leader By Laura Fierro Evans
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Miguel Antonio Hernández Pérez has a reputation in the German car plant in Mexico where he is production manager. He is known as “the Fireman”, as he sweats his way from one... More > production problem to the next. Always the last to leave, he’ll be found at the plant even at weekends, wrestling with one problem after another. To promote in the company he requires the assistance of a professional coach to help him focus on results, become a better team player, deliver presentations, learn how to say no, and solve problems in flexible and efficient ways. The strategies Miguel needs for getting there, along with his thinking, are part of the Inner Voices coaching method, which is based on the metaphor of the “Inner Team”. Join Miguel in his journey and see examples of executive coaching in action. By doing so, you’ll equip yourself with tools to face any challenge in a competitive workplace. Look inside yourself, gain greater awareness and enhance your performance as you read Coaching Leaders.< Less

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