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Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Fall Equinox 2010 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Autumn nurtures us with a swirl of vibrant colors, a snuggling of comfy sweaters, and a cupping of hands around warm, fragrant tea. Poems draw you in with flying geese, butterscotch leaves, unruly... More > gusts of wind, rolling thunder, sparkling cobblestones, misty clouds, lavender scented steam, and kaleidoscopes of emotions. Artwork reveals a fog-enveloped pier, a rustic covered bridge, an ancient rock arch, traditional rooftops in France, and a glowing sunset in Hawaii. Fiction stories envelop us in the world of a manipulative husband, a litter of kittens, and a wife who struggles to be secure. Non-fiction lures us into a dusty attic, cringes from an alcoholic father, holds us tenderly during the passing of a beloved cat, and visits with the revered Eleanor Roosevelt. Fantastic wood carver Janel Jacobson, who turns tiny pieces of wood into exquisite works of art, shares her inspiration with us: "What you can do, or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. --Goethe"< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Winter Solstice 2013 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Winter lets us soak in the beauty of dark, relish the serenity of stillness, and find that moment to connect with what really matters in life. A drop of rainwater poises, shimmering, with all the... More > time in the world. A carved spiral of a morning glory bud holds still, fragrant with promise. Poems awaken the imagination. An elderly, bed-ridden patient soars. A man living off the land compassionately cares for the wildlife which shares his world. Non-fiction gives us powerful glimpses into the tensions our world can hold. A ten year old boy in the deep south comes face to face with the brutality of the Klan. A shy Iranian bride learns that marriage can be lonely. Fiction brings emotions rich with depth. A mother struggles with the loss of her son. A woman pushes to move on with her life after a rough break-up. Another sorts through a relationship, wondering if it's worth hanging onto. Take time to breathe. Curl up in a blanket, pour a glass of tea, and let it in.< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Summer Solstice 2013 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
Paperback: $29.33
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The Summer Solstice is a time of light, of strength, of warmth, and of celebration. Our artwork celebrates the beauty of summer. Orchids burst in a cascade of pink and ivory. Macro photography... More > reminds us that rainbows come in all shapes and sizes. Drifting seeds provide a glimpse into the fleeting beauty which makes a moment magical. Poetry creates scenes of lyrical wonder. We relax while fishing by warm mud and cottonwood. A roseated sea sprays bursts of pastel foam amid jaded greenery. Fiction stories draw us into fresh visions of the world. A man valiantly seeks out chocolate for his lover in after-hours France. A woman moves back to her home town and ponders the changes life brings. Non-Fiction opens windows into the lives of those around us. A sister struggles to cope with a brother who faces challenges. A daughter becomes the parent for her aging father. Pour a glass of cool water, stretch out on the shady hammock, and enjoy all the issue has to offer!< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Summer Solstice 2010 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
Paperback: $19.10
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Summer. Sprawl on the hammock and soak up the richness of Mused. A stroke-affected woman struggles to move on. A hospital patient finds strength to make a choice. Depression, loneliness, angst-filled... More > remembrances - and also hope, longing, spell binding beauty. Photos nestle you in the hills of Sicily, walk the Great Wall of China. Thunder with a horse in full gallop. Rest with a pelican by the water. Fiction recalls a childhood of boiling crabs and avocado-green appliances. It muses about angels and peers into overflowing inboxes. Non-fiction recovers from a breakup. Gallops full tilt across a Cairo desert. A play paints a world of southern seniors. Interviews expand our horizons. Kendra Tornheim provides a wealth of information for crafters. Learn from Lori Bernard how short stories are created. She sums up our world beautifully - "some are sadder and will make you think, some are happier and will make you cry; some have that 'ah-ha' moment, and some have an unexpected twist." Join us for the journey.< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Summer Solstice 2008 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Summer's sultry heat bakes our senses. Our artwork resonates with the shimmering yellow of the Valley of the Sun, the baked brick of the Canyon de chelly, the exotic pyramids of Egypt. Visions... More > reflect the layers of the Grand Canyon, the striped boats of Ventimiglia Italy, the pinholes of a vampire's kiss. Poems bring to life azaleas, tea leaves, lazy summer days and shellin' purple-hull peas. Stories draw in the drama with scrambled eggs and a camping trip by the Pacific.Real life stories add even more poignancy with kind stepmothers, the acceptance of mistakes, the love of flying. There is the trauma of a grandmother with Alzheimer's. A woman celebrates her 40th birthday with a fire circle while wives discuss what women want and deserve. We give equal time to menopause and PMS, two decidedly feminine situations.The power of summertime infuses us to the end, as evidenced by "Thunder" -The crash far away;a mild timpani remainsrumbling me to sleep.< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Spring Equinox 2008 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
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Spring brings new life to a thawing world. Gaze on a lamb resting in Wales, a church doorway in Germany, a pair of Ibis in the Everglades. A deep crevice of layered rock becomes a birth canal.... More > Reflect on a placid pond and a conte swirl.Poetry draws you in further. A young sand goddess builds a beach castle. An older woman feels comfortable in her skin. Stories highlight misconceptions about saving money, the tug-of-war between mother and daughter, the slow awakening to romance.Non-fiction stories celebrate the small victories of getting older, the challenges of living in the tundra, the transition from tomboy to curvaceous woman. An Asian woman rides the metro bus through Los Angeles, an American woman breathes in cardamom in Iraq.We all deserve a shelter, a place of peace we can retreat to. "A Soul's Oasis" ends with this:Most vital is this quiet space, a refuge fromthe hectic day; I so do love this beautiful place where allmy cares just drift away.< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Winter Solstice 2008 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
Paperback: $23.80
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Winter encourages us to snuggle in and reflect on life. Draw inspiration from photos of snow-covered Mount Elden, from a junco clinging to an ice-coated branch, from the glowing blue chill of a... More > glacial waterfall. Head cross-country at Buffalo Park, then meander by a snowy Rhode Island vineyard.Poems wrap around us with rhythmic thoughts. A grandmother with Alzheimers slips between now and then. Snowflakes drift down while the tide ebbs and flows. A lonely woman shuffles along a plank floor. Stories expand the vision - a beloved aunt betrays a girl's trust. An ill woman faces traumatic surgery. A botanist retreats to a French monastery.The real world provides its own tales. A girl grows up tomboy-style in the 1920s. An elderly neighbor is forgotten by those around him. A book lover shares her obsession, a mom embraces her chaos.In the end, one person, one act, can make the difference. "Solace" ends thusly - "I had an awful day. It's great to find you here when I come home."< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Spring Equinox 2009 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
Paperback: $27.40
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Spring is the eternal allure of fresh possibilities. Open your eyes with glowing photos - the beacon of a lighthouse on Nantucket's shore, the gentle orange sunrise over Cadillac Mountain. Rise up in... More > a patchwork hot-air balloon and drift by a fishing spot in Tennessee.Poems add another layer. Step into a sphagnum bog, spring-clean an attic of memory-rich toys, feel your heart awaken to a friend's care. Expand further with rich stories of fairy pageants and tropical goddesses. Ground your feet in non-fiction musings on a flower thriving in a grimy parking lot. Treasure the power of silence in a world of buzzing noise. Gain insight into living with Multiple Sclerosis. Feel the changing perceptions of the world as a woman goes from pert cheerleader to heavy older woman. Glimpse another culture with a 1959 letter about New Year's Eve in Ipanema, Brazil.An interview with author and musician Glynnis Campbell provides practical advice on achieving success - "Absolutely follow your heart."< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Fall Equinox 2008 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
Paperback: $24.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Autumn - appreciating the results of hard work. Our photos display the satisfaction of reaching your destination, the serenity of a Japanese garden, the ease of a resting alligator. Enjoy a golden... More > sunset and a snoozing swan. Our poetry conveys imagery of waving corn stalks, indolent cats, the sweet smell of cinnamon and apples, an arrow of geese heading south. Stories imbue fragrances of golden marigolds, a mystery laced in answering machine messages, a tale of a quiet diner, and a quest for dinosaur eggs.Crossing into modern day reality we have a stunning tale of a wife who weathers abusive husbands and perseveres. Equally inspiring is a woman who volunteers in Vietnam with orphans.We celebrate a discussion with Karen Allen - amazing actress, phenomenal fabric artist. Her message to all artists is this: "As James Taylor says in his song, ‘the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time’. If you’re doing something you love to do, you’re going to enjoy the passage of time."< Less
Mused - the BellaOnline Literary Review - Winter Solstice 2007 By BellaOnline The Voice of Women
Paperback: $12.70
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BellaOnline's premiere issue of Mused penetrates life's wintry chill and brings warming inspiration. Drift past undulating fractals, spiraling metal and prickly saguaros. Draw in a somber raven and a... More > delicate butterfly. Poetry reminds us of the challenges of love, the beauty of blanketing snow, the power behind elderly hands, the delight in small gifts to a child.A midlife woman in India has her life turned upside down by pregnancy. An aging pair of sisters share their love. A woman grieves over the loss of her beloved dog. Reality draws us in further. A Texan woman becomes a powerful mentor. Wrinkles take on new meanings. A road trip across the US highlights the beauty of the world, while an introspective piece examins the journey of life. A daring young woman explores the Dominican Republic solo and survives.Whatever your path in life, make the most of each day. As "Mature Hands" muses,The priceless tools of my tradethese seasoned handsstill have much to do.< Less

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