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Common Sense: A Book for Conservatives & Liberals & Moderates to Unite for an Even Better America By an Oregonian physician
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There's an international rating of countries by how corrupt they are, called the Corruptions Perceptions Index—from least corrupt at #1 to most corrupt at #175. The USA is #19 from least... More > corrupt—tied with Uruguay. Not bad maybe, but we can do better. The reason we're not higher is how much special interests control our government. This book suggests some reforms to discuss and consider to end corruption, such as proportional representation, public campaign financing, term limits, ranked-choice and “none of the above” voting, and combining these with a long-term federal balanced budget and just and fair and simple taxation. Many of these require Constitutional Amendments. But Congress proposes Amendments, and the incumbents in Congress are unlikely to propose these reforms, because they would change how the people in Congress become incumbents in the first place. However, our Founding Framers gave us a solution for just this problem: the states calling an Article V Convention to Propose Amendments.< Less
Patriotic Dream: A Truly Democratic America By Sam Carr Polk
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Why is a NEW U.S. CONSTITUTION and a BETTER BILL OF RIGHTS overdue? BRIBERY from campaign contributions must be ended. SEPARATION OF POWERS and CHECKS AND BALANCES are no longer needed; specialized... More > groups of Ombudsman-like GUARDIANS can replace them. A COMPUTER IN CONGRESS can bring equal representation. JUDICIAL REVIEW can be limited and the FILIBUSTER abolished. Five historic FAILURES of the Constitution can be reviewed. Its worst structural failure can be reversed: TWO SENATORS PER STATE. An unofficial ADOPTION METHOD is possible: a joint project of many PROGRESSIVE ACTION ORGS could name a group of experts to DRAFT a proposed new national charter and educate voters to understand and consent to it with a super-majority in an (unofficial) RATIFICATION ELECTION when polls show it will win. LEGALITY involves a sole U.S. SUPREME COURT DECISION and five from STATE SUPREME COURTS, plus the FOUNDERS' PRECEDENTS.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
Paperback: $12.99