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Adventures In the Philippine Islands: Illustrated By Paul P. de La Gironière
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Adventures in the Philippine Islands. Translated from the French of Paul P. de La Gironière. On hearing a recital of some adventures which had occurred to me during my long voyages, many of... More > my friends have frequently begged of me to publish a narrative of them, which might perhaps be interesting. M. Alexandre Dumas was publishing, under the title of “The Thousand-and-One Phantoms,” a romance, one of the principal personages of which, in a voyage to the Philippine Islands, must have known me when I was residing at Jala-Jala, in the colony that I founded there. It must be evident that the lively romancist has ranked me in the category of his Thousand-and-One Phantoms; but, to prove to the public that I am really in existence, I have resolved to take up the pen, under an impression, that facts of the most scrupulous veracity, and which can be attested by some hundreds of persons, might possess some interest, and be read without ennui, by those especially who are desirous of learning the customs.< Less
Voyage, voyage (pas la chanson) By Guillaume Goux
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ne comptez pas sur moi pour vous faire un résumé d'un résumé de voyage. Déjà que j'étais pas bon à l'école pour faire les fiches de... More > lecture.< Less
Souvenirs et saveurs d'enfance des philippines By Mila Martin
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Livre de recettes des spécialités des Philippines, créer par Mila Martin. Recettes uniques, savoureuses et faciles à réaliser, en passant des hors... More > d’œuvres jusqu'aux desserts... Un véritable voyage culinaire qui raviront petits et grands, à la découverte de nouvelles saveurs.< Less
From the Narrow Passage (Soft) Vol II By David T Gochenour
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Dr. Gochenour's self-imposed exile continues as ship doctor of the Coast and Geodetic survey of newly pacified American territory of the Philippine Islands. Three years of hard work, a ship mutiny,... More > much ethnic research on some of the most remote islands in the world, culminate in great dissatifaction. His return to America in the midst of World War, the difficulties of establishing his new medical practice in the upper Shenandoah Valley, and the continuing morphine addiction of his first wife challenge him for another 8 years. Finally after her death, he remarries and starts a family. After much hard work in a dramatically changing rural Virginia, reconciliation with his father, Dr. Gochenour dies prematurely of pneumonia.< Less
BALIKBAYANG MAHAL Passages from Exile E. SAN JUAN, Jr. By E. San Juan, Jr.
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This project of "balikbayan" (homecoming) unfolds through poems and one essay-in-progress spanning four decades of exile. It seeks to map one emigre's itinerary through terrains of... More > disruption and dislocation. Written in English and in Filipino (with translations into Chinese, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian), these traces of the writer's journey strive to foreground the ordeals of deterritorialization shared by all colonized peoples--a universal experience given a local habitation and name in the trajectory of this flight in search of passages to uncharted shores. Less a Baedeker for remembering or reaching a destination, this palimpsest of tropes/signs hopes to construct zones of departure for discovering new territory built out of a history of collective sacrifices grounding our dreams and desires. Exile is the name for this material process of renewal and liberation--love for whoever is returning, the beloved fulfilling the promise of redemption in the birth pangs of revolutionary struggle.< Less
From the Narrow Passage (Soft) Vol 1 By David T Gochenour II
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This book is the transcribed memoirs of Dr. David Gochenour, a young Mennonite from a traditional farming family in the Shenandoah Valley at the beginning of the 20th century. He became the first in... More > the family to leave Mennonitism, to get a college degree, to marry outside the faith, to travel abroad. But his marriage was wrecked by his wife's morphine addiction, and Dr. Gochenour left on six years of self-imposed exile in the American colonies of Alaska, Panama, and Philippines.< Less
Macdougal's Revenge By Jesse W. Thompson
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In Seattle, Mike MacDougal and his nurse, Melinda Morland, join a group of scientists on board Viking for a voyage to the investigate the work of Dr. Minerva Booger, brain surgeon, who... More > claims she is close to transplanting human brains. The NY Times has sent Esther MacDougal to interview Dr. Booger and her work among cannibals. She has disappeared. Viking begins the voyage. Facing long empty evenings, the shipmates fill them with discussions on cannibalism, brain surgery, organ transplants, and the nagging question of religion versus science. In the Philippines, close to her abandoned clinic, Dr. Booger's cannibal friends take Mike and Melinda captive. Mike learns what has happened to his mother.< Less
Lettres d'Amérique By Damien Castera
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Après la traversée du Pérou, de l’Equateur, de la Bolivie, du Sultanat d’Oman, de l’Indonésie, des Philippines (…) Damien Castera quitte à... More > nouveau son Pays Basque natal et part à la rencontre de l’Ouest mythique des grands pionniers Américains. Trois mois d’errance dans les pas de Lewis et Clark, de John Steinbeck et de Jack Kerouac. Trois mois à bourlinguer en camion au milieu des déserts de l’Utah, des montagnes de grès rouge du Nevada, des réserves Indiennes de l’Arizona et des plages de Californie. Perdu au coeur des grands espaces, il narre son périple à l'unique amie de son coeur, disparue dans les méandres de la vie Parisienne. Voici Lettres d'Amérique...< Less
L'aventure est au bout du chemin By Jean-Claude Olivier
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Joc et Nane ont parcouru la Terre entière, des glaces du Spitsberg aux plages d’ambre de Nouvelle Zélande. Pour eux le voyage est une quête, une envie irrépressible... More > de savoir ce qui se trouve au bout du chemin, à la prochaine borne, aux derniers cailloux blancs semés. En ce matin de vent furieux, la famille se retrouve séquestrée dans sa petite maison bretonne, les enfants s’ennuient, l’un d’eux suggère alors : Papy, si tu nous contais tes voyages ? S’ensuit alors un dialogue, d’où surgissent des images, où renaissent les aventures vécues par le couple : le Canada et les merveilleuses forêts du Québec, les tribus dayak de Bornéo, la jungle malaise, l’odyssée des Philippines, la terre rouge d’Afrique et ses pisteurs, l’Indonésie et les varans de Komodo, la Chine et ses mystères, et puis les USA, le Mexique, le Laos, le Cambodge, autant de pays où l’aventure fut présente, où la peur habita parfois les voyageurs, au détour d’une piste, au fil d’une rivière, dans le fracas d’un typhon.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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