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Tails of Lanschilandia - Book 1 By Tammy Spahn
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Life in the kingdom of Lanschilandia could be peaceful if it weren't for the trouble caused by wizard Kakralomino and his monsters. Good thing Lanschi the duck is there to set things straight, and... More > he's not alone - all his animal friends support him in his wacky and humorous adventures for all ages. Contains three stories from the webcomic Tails of Lanschilandia (printed in greyscale) and many pages of bonus content. In A Spoony Experience, Lanschi makes a dangerous purchase from a suspicious door-to-door salesman. Is Kakralomino behind this, and what is the wizard's plan? In Borderline Chaos, Hayfa the cow is rendered homeless when Kakralomino has a giant cannon built near her house by the kingdom's border. Lanschi and co. go to investigate! In The Mad and the Madcap, Lanschi and his friends must retrieve a powerful artifact from a remote island before it falls into the wrong hands. However, they soon discover that they're less than welcome there...< Less
Say It Ain't So! By Lyn Clarke
Paperback: $9.99
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His ability to grasp the weirdness of today’s sometimes wacky life experiences, with all its oddities, and then turn them into amusing anecdotes is, to say the least, a true gift. He has... More > gleaned more zany observations in this, his latest book, and hopes that he is able to impart, to the reader, his curious and sometimes wild visions. The slanted use, of the English language, also provides some adaptations to give the reader an opportunity to explore its convoluted use of actions, sayings and views. Humor is extremely subjective and thus some people will not see the funny side of all his deep thoughts and off beat descriptions. Do not be offended by any of these twisted tales as they were merely devised with the single hope of attempting to encourage thinking and amusement for the reader. Therefore, no harm is ever meant or intended. The author assures that, with his range of experiences, each reader will get an ample share of his off -the-cuff satire so dig in and let the good times roll.< Less
Shoeboy in Pumpkin Land (Score) By Max Scratchmann & Michael Dyer
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Shoeboy in Pumpkin Land is a wonderfully surreal and Carrollesque opera for young people, brought to you by the wacky partnership of mad lyricist, Max Scratchmann, and round-the-bend composer,... More > Michael Dyer. Dealing with the joint themes of alienation and acceptance in a darkly comic manner, this easy-to-stage one-act opera is the perfect vehicle for schools and/or youth theatre companies seeking to help children confront serious issues in a fun way. Jasper Jedd is an ordinary boy except for one little thing – he is born with a shoe for a head! And in this feast of devilish wit and roguish musical creativity he sets off on a journey through the dark forest of the fearsome Ginkle Snicks to find the mythical Pumpkin Land, where he hopes he'll finally fit in… The cover price of this score includes performance and photocopy rights for one production. (Running time circa thirty-five minutes)< Less
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The Seventh Bush: 2101 A.D. By Douglas Baumwoll & Andreas-Christian Meyer
Paperback: $17.95
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The United States of America. 2101 A.D. – a century after the Second Bush ruled the land. The Seventh Bush runs the globally-warmed planet’s U.S. government-military-corporate complex... More > from the subterranean city of Las Vegas. Meet the key players: NEGON RUDY BUSH: seventh president born of the Bush family political dynasty. BEEM CHENEY: vice president and general of the army. SADINA RICE: advisor to the president and dominatrix. NITRA KHAN: queen of the bioengineered women-warriors called She-Huns. DANTON GORE: descendant of a Nobel Peace Prize winner and member of the green revolutionary movement, Free Vegas. Who is Negon Bush’s favorite dominatrix during masochistic sex sessions? How does Nitra Khan plan to overthrow the American patriarchy? How do Sadina Rice and Danton Gore fit into all of this? Crack this book open to find out and enter this wacky world of the future… (go to to learn more).< Less
South of Nirvana By Sue Randall
Paperback: $28.57
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After being involved in a car accident, Andy quits her job and moves to a rural retreat centre. "South of Nirvana" chronicles her day-to-day life as she encounters Buddhist teachings, wacky... More > characters, and the more difficult side of being Andy. She also discovers that there are many not-so-enlightened gurus around, while the true teachers may remain hidden in the background. Lighthearted, irreverent, serious and scholarly, this novel from Africa is an entertaining exposé of retreat-centre life. It highlights the need to balance spiritual ideals and material reality, and will appeal to readers interested in Buddhism, Eastern philosophy, the New Age, or South Africa. Sue Randall (MA research psychology) has lived at a Buddhist retreat centre for 4 years. The text was reviewed by 3 Dharma teachers from different traditions (FWBO, Mahayana, Shambala). Reviews, excerpts, other points of sale at (452 pages)< Less
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Աստղիկը Կ՚ուզէ Արագ Մեծնալ
 By Քարեն Չթճեան Բրեսդի
Paperback: $13.99
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Asdghig Wants to Grow Up Quickly is a Western-Armenian chapterbook which captures that period in childhood when your problems are larger than life but might actually be solved by the tooth fairy.... More > Asdghig's sly schemes and wacky wordplays fill the beautifully illustrated pages and the accompanying downloadable audiobook with humor.< Less
Navy Diversion By Vince Stead
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Disfruta de ti mismo, como paso en los zapatos de un marinero Marina, que viaja por todo el mundo, en un destructor, un portaaviones, y una oferta del submarino, y las visitas de 16 países!... More > Podrás viajar por barco de la Armada, y ver algunos países muy interesantes, con tiendas, bares, y las historias de la famosa Red distrito de la Luz, y las mujeres en todas partes! Ver lo que se siente al estar en el mar en un barco, trabajando y jugando, en el centro del océano! Ver todos los locos y Wacky cosas Oficial de hacer, y ver cómo vive el Almirante en un portaaviones! A continuación, traslado a la orilla de servicio, en el que parece que las mujeres tienen a su cargo, y hay un montón de ellos!< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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