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Walls By Aaron Alon
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INSTRUMENTATION: Solo oboe or alto sax DURATION: 1 minute 45 seconds This piece was written in response to C.P. Cavafy’s poem, Walls, as translated by Elena Spilioti (with the collaboration of... More > George Zorbas and Chris Burke). An excerpt from this poem prefaces the movement. Walls was originally part of a three-movement work for oboe titled Córdoba.< Less
In The Walls By Dakota Kirkpatrick
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In the wake of tragedy, Alan Winters stands frozen in time staring at the lifeless body that once was his daughter lying in the hospital bed before him. Alans life begins spiraling out of control bit... More > by bit as he enters the trenches of divorce from his wife while struggling to remain in his son’s life. After a stay in a run-down hotel, Alan finds himself moving into a nice enough new house. As Alan settles in to the new location he begins stumbling across strange happenings, a scratching in the walls, whispered voices and apparitions taunting him. As Alan struggles to cope with the past, he must face a new danger, something he cannot see. As his life unravels further around him, Alan reaches out to a priest pleading his case in hopes of relief from the unseen horrors that have found their way into his life. Alan must then dive deep into a world of demons and exorcists as he fights for his family’s survival and his own sanity.< Less
The Wall By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $3.11
Borders burning bridges as protection is the main possession.
The Wall By Allen Blackthorn
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The wall is the story of two teenage lovers in the summer 1969. Tommy and Cassie want nothing more than to be together but her over protective father won't let them see one another. Love always... More > finds away in this coming of age story.< Less
The Wall By Audrey Cummings
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In the Fay, 18 year-old Asher Owen can’t wait for the new found freedom that comes with the ring. Like any other 18 year-old, they’re more than ready to start life on their own. But... More > what Asher doesn't know about the Fay, puts her and others at risk. What she finds out about the government and, more importantly, the ring might be the final factor to push her over the edge. What will she be willing to sacrifice to make it over the wall?< Less
The Wall By Scott Wittenburg
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October, 1969. High school senior Pete Ebbons awakens with amnesia and discovers that everyone in Portsmouth, Ohio has mysteriously vanished. He soon finds out that the entire town is surrounded by a... More > towering two-hundred-foot concrete wall and that he’s trapped inside with no means of escape. His lifeline is Meredith, the only person he can contact on his walkie talkie. With Meredith’s help, Pete attempts to escape the deserted town and regain his memory. But before long he wonders if Meredith will be his savior or his total undoing in this psychological thriller.< Less
The Wall By gloria lee
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The Wall was written to provide food for your thoughts, to allow you to feast on God’s word, to inspire you to think, to give you strength, to help you when the hour is dark, and to let you... More > know that the God you serve is the God of the impossible. God is with you. No matter who you are or where you are, God is with you. God wants you to believe in Him. When God calls, your deliverance is at hand. You must recognize the time when God comes to save you. If you can’t sleep, if you are confused, if you can’t keep a job, if your wife has left you, if your children hate you, if you lie awake at night, if you just lost your house, if you are tired and hungry, if you are looking for a wife, if you are alone and unhappy, if you can’t make up your mind, if you think people don’t like you, if you are looking for a soul mate, if your life is filled with anger and fear, if you are fighting sickness and disease, or if you can’t get along with your neighbor, you need to try God.< Less
Walls By Donna Carlene
Paperback: $6.00
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A man on a mission to find stolen money meets a woman in a wheelchair bent on revenge. When they discover they have a perpetrator in common, they join forces. But besides justice (or murder?)... More > there’s more beneath the surface. Is it pity? Compassion? Or just passion?< Less
Walls By R.T. Donlon
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Henry Walters has set his mind on a return to the overrun, quarantined city of Boston to find his girlfriend. To Henry, rescuing her may seem as momentous as a zombie tale can get, but he will soon... More > discover that there is much more to his story than outrunning the Dead. A greater evil lurks and will attempt to change the world for the worst.< Less
The Wall By Hannah Finnegan
Paperback: $6.99
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Burned flesh lay on the floor of Shred. Blood stained the concrete. Corpses covered the ground. What happened you ask? Two girls were born with fantastical powers. The powers have a mind of its own.... More > As Cressida, breaks free from her sister, Lana, Cressida gets addicted to the tyranny and dictatorship she experiences. No one can stop her. Her heart burns with jealousy of the kind demeanor of her sister, Lana. They try to overcome her. They tried to stop her. They tried to keep the blood from spilling. The unjust use of governmental power was getting to Cressida. She tried to hurt people, she wanted the blood to spill, Cressida wanted everything her way, and she would not let ANYONE...stop her.< Less

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