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THE WALRUS By Hugh Fitzgerald
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Drama in five scenes
The Walrus and the Carpenter By Nicholas Scarim
Paperback: $7.99
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Based on the Lewis Carroll poem from Through the Looking Glass. An entertaining encore piece for any vocal recital. Duration: about 6 and a half minutes.
The Walrus King By Stacy Marinaro
Hardcover: $29.95
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This is a special hardcover edition. The story is about a Sea Captain that had an underwater adventure. Published by LULU. This is a full color hardcover book for kids. If you order this book... More > please send me a note at and I will send FREE stickers separately by mail FREE.< Less
Manual de Reparación de Motores Diesel By Oli Walrus
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Cosmética linguística, juegos de palabras y palabras en juego.
Svalbard: Walrus! 2015 Calendar By Malcolm Smith
Calendar: $19.99
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Svalbard is an archipelago situated north of Norway. Spitsbergen is the largest and best known island in the group. There is no evidence that Svalbard was visited or inhabited by any humans prior... More > to its discovery by the Dutch in 1596. A vast whale population was then quickly hunted to near extinction. Others visitors came later, in search of seals, walrus, polar bears or coal. Today, visitors come to see the sights, to hike, kayak and explore, and to study the fragile ecology of the far north. This high arctic environment will be one of the first major casualties of global warming as the ice sheets fail and the glaciers retreat. See preview for a depiction of all monthly images.< Less
A Wacky and Wonderful Walrus School Play By Lorie Spohn
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Welcome to Walrus Elementary! All the young walruses are excited because they are about to begin preparations for a school play. Mr. Whiskers is the director in charge. This charming story follows... More > the wacky antics of walrus play preparations from try-outs to the cast party. The eccentric cast of whiskered characters sings, dances, and builds sets with "extra wide" doorways. A walrus mother sits at her sewing machine, making costumes while her pet parrot cheers encouragement. Walrus parents watch the play from a sold out auditorium. The cast party gets a bit wild when the walruses form a crazy conga line. In her third children's book, Lorie Spohn again creates whimsical illustrations that are truly endearing. As with her other books, this one teaches as well as entertains. In this rhyming story, children learn all the elements of producing a play, and see the joy in every one. This book is suitable for children grades PreK to 3.< Less
Regulators By S. Jaweed
Paperback: $17.61
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When Kiley goes to visit her boyfriend in his holiday resort, a series of mysterious events begin, that lead to a surprising climax.
Of Dismal Things to Do and Deeply Sympathizing By Ron Baxley, Jr., James C. Wallace II
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Hold on to your Mad Hatter hats and your Cheshire Cats as the oddest adventure in both Wonderlandand Oz comes to its climactic and thrilling conclusion with the third and final chapter in the... More > OfCabbages/Wonderland/Oz series by authors Ron Baxley,Jr. and James C. Wallace II. There's the Jabberwok in all its glory, Princess Ozma going where no princess has gone before, and even Santa Claus gets into the act as he comes to the aid of the Ozian Heroes in their search for the Blitzen Sword. It seems that the Ebony Box that had held Evil at bay for so long has finally given up its darkest secret; an Evil so dark and overwhelming that all of Wonderland has succumbed to its foul stench and Evil ways and the legendary Blitzen Sword is the only hope for the citizens of Wonderland. It takes a journey to the North Pole, the sacrifice of a legendary Walrus and the efforts of both Oz and Wonderland in order to ensure that Evil is defeated once and for all!< Less
The Great Ice Race By Christopher Sparkes
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Mother bear and her cubs wake from their winter sleep to a world that is changing and set out on a long journey to find out why. Will they find the answers they seek?
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My 33rd book of poetry will make you laugh, cry (from love and bliss), sigh, and wish that you could live as long as these two lovers who were born in Atlantis and live on with a love that is never... More > ending up to this very day. Many crazy and wonderful characters from my Yellow Bus and Little Star Books meet the two main characters on the way and when they arrive on Nirvana Isle for an extended Summer Holiday before sailing home to their house of glass in the middle of the sea when fall arrives. Another poetic adventure - that is to be enjoyed like the chapters of a novel or a fairy tale for us slightly older children. A wonderful and mystical voyage is GUARANTEED for all who come aboard.< Less