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WAR IS A RACKET By Smedley Butler
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Mark Twain, Frédéric Bastiat, and Major General Smedley Butler are combined in this powerful combination to expose the Warfare and the Welfare States for the deception, theft, and death... More > they have caused. This book is an eye opener that cannot be impeached through responsible scholarship. The Warfare State and the Welfare State are choking our Constitutional Republic to Death. Sound education and informed activism are two indispensable tools to restore Liberty. This text is a prescription for reverse brainwashing - and a tool to call all who have taken an Oath to Bear Full Faith and Allegiance to the Constitution and the Rule of Law! It's not enough to say, "I was just following orders."< Less
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The Diary of Rocco Pascarelli By Michael J. Cain
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Rocco Pascarelli is the son of Chicago Mafia boss, Angelo Pascarelli. When his father is indicted for murder and racketeering, Rocco leaves home to join the Army and escape the shackles of his... More > fathers past. He finds a home and moves up the enlisted ranks to become a respected operator in America's elite counter terrorist unit known as Delta Force. When Rocco is severely injured at the Pentagon on 9/11, Angelo seeks revenge for the attack. His efforts uncover evidence of another impending attack which he anonymously forwards to Rocco's boss at the Unit. Things get hairy as terrorists bring dirty bombs into the United States, hoping to detonate in three key cities.< Less
The Wee Fellas By Richard Maitland
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Raised in Glasgow in the early months of 1915, the ‘Wee Fellas’ is the nickname given to a bantam battalion made up of volunteers below the army minimum regulation height of 5ft 3in.... More > However, their deficiency in size and weight is compensated for by an inbred toughness and native cunning which works to their advantage in the trenches of the Western Front. One of the volunteers is Billy Stirling, a billiard hall manager in civilian life but more surreptitiously a protection racketeer and expert with the open razor, as enemies discover to their cost. A reluctant recruit, Billy joins the colours for reasons that have nothing to do with patriotism. But despite a fearsome reputation, this son of the tenements unexpectedly goes on to find true love in the alien environment of a rural English village – and moral redemption on the bloody battlefields of northern France.< Less
A Shot of Irish By Gordon Brewer
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A corrupt city ran by a political machine. Racketeers and gangsters fight for control of the waterfront. Mysterious, bloody murders occur throughout the city. Black-robed figures are offering blood... More > sacrifices to an unknown demon. Ray Irish has found his home. Following World War II, Ray Irish drifts into Oyster City, struggling town nestled along the Chesapeake Bay, a chance encounter in a back alley gives him an unanticipated job. Working for the corrupt man he saves, Irish quickly discovers his new home has a polished veneer that barely conceals layers of deception and treachery. Paired with a woman photographer, Irish descends into a world of grifters and racketeers. Something ominous lies behind the tranquil image that is projected by the town elders. The grisly murders are only part of a foul web involving people wearing the masks of tarot card characters. Irish battles with thugs who have him in their sights while he follows a chain of events which might lead to a murderer or his death.< Less
4 Bones Sleeping By Gerald Wixey
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The book switches between post-war London and a small market town in Oxfordshire. A London club full of outrageous characters, spivs, extortionists, con-men & ladies of the night. This contrasts... More > starkly with a rural backwater, where it’s all wide lawns and narrow minds. The story is narrated by Jack, a clever (too clever) reporter and his relationship with two brothers, Wyn a womanising con-man and Harry, a professional boxer. Teddy Lewis, an unstable racketeer and Shirley, a gorgeous femme fatale. Shirley twists them all this way and that, in the end she proves to be the catalyst for an ending fitting for a bloodthirsty Greek tragedy. This has all of the elements that the discerning thriller reader craves, betrayal, revenge, older men exploiting a beautiful, under-age girl, a murder or two, convoluted plot twists, powerful & credible characters, dialogue that crackles and a gothic romance. This is literary noir at its best.< Less
The SLIM Conspiracy: TANDEM PRODUCT$ By Steve Slaton
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The love of money is the root of all evil. Increasingly greed has transformed the Big Pharmaceutical business into turf war protection rackets defined by patents. Success creates envy. Envy by the... More > ruthless gets deadly. Enter Brad, a doctoral candidate in Microbiology at Colorado State University, who is initially oblivious to a deadly international pharmaceutical espionage plot to steal his father’s Tandem Products. He is also a modern day Don Juan whose pursuit of Nikki becomes challenging then impossible, until his libido leads to a life changing calamity. [After] “Stephen King writes a book [you read it and] for a couple of nights you might be afraid... [This novel] is actually more frightening…” Jesse Herron, Radio Talk Show host. "A good read." Dr. Porter Woods, PhD. in Drama, Yale.< Less
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