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Donald Featherstone's Wargaming Commando Operations and Reflections on Wargaming Lost Tales Volume 2 By John Curry et al.
Paperback: $22.05 (excl. taxes)
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Donald Featherstone, with over fifty wargaming books, is the most prolific author in wargaming. His lifetime’s output continues with this book about wargaming commando operations. The... More > Commandos were one of Britain’s elite fighting forces during World War II. Included in Part One is an introduction to the Commandos, their history, training and equipment. It also covers previously unpublished material on a planning a raid, an attack on a gun battery in 1942 and a beach assault in 1944. The second part of the book includes three previously unpublished sets of Featherstone rules, three scenarios and recollections from early wargamers about some early commando wargames with Donald Featherstone and Lionel Tarr. One of the scenarios is for a platoon level solo game of a raid on a gun position. The third part of the book is Don Featherstone’s reflections on a lifetime of wargaming, the media and being at war. The History of Wargaming Project aims to record and publish key steps in the development of the hobby.< Less
Battlefield Bangkok: The Royal Thai Army 2000-2014 By Dean Wilson
Paperback: $24.96 (excl. taxes)
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Armed with a copy of this book you can take charge of an RTA Battalion, either Infantry, Cavalry, Armoured (with US M-48, M-60 or Soviet T-80 tanks), Airborne or even Royal Thai Police. Included are... More > full TO&E;s for the Thai Army, Police, Insurgents (Yala, Pattani and Songkla), Protesters and Drug Lord Armies for Laos and Burma. Also included are TO&E's for the PARU and Naresuan 261 HRT/SWAT units as well as Special Branch, RTA and RTP Riot Squads and the Tahanh Phranh (Commando-Rangers). Rules for suicide bombers, roadside bombs, booby tranps and insurgent rockets are included as well as tyre fires and drone cameras. Fight the Insugents! Liberate Yala, take the war to the streets of Bangkok, smuggle your drugs shipment into the Golden Triangle or simply try to overthrow the government! With this book, some model soldiers and a fistful of dice you can!< Less
Atari User Issue 15 Volume 2 By Atari User
Paperback: $11.74 (excl. taxes)
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In this issue we check out Atari's DOS XE for the 8-bit, look at the different versions of the Commando arcade classic on the Atari, review the Atari scene of the last 12 months and start a new... More > series where we look at one month of Atari history over the years in each issue. Also, we ask the question: What was the Atari Mirai?, we look at Tradewest's coin-op conversions for the Atari ST, review 2 great wargames from Microprose for the XL/XE, we look at A Byte Before Christmas for the 2600, detail the latest homebrew scene news and we have a ton of reviews for you, covering everything from the VCS to the Atari Jaguar including killer Jaguar game Raiden.< Less

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