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The Battle of Otok By Jeremy C. Schwendiman
Paperback: $14.99
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Aleric was the son of a common zveri herder; however, due to fantastic circumstances, he finds himself in the midst of political turmoil on the island of Mir. War is brewing. Answering the call of... More > duty, Aleric joins a secret society known as the Maritonic Knights, a band of ruffians dedicated to freedom. These knights must travel to the island of Otok and save it from falling to the new and dark doctrines of war.< Less
The Battle of Otok By Jeremy C. Schwendiman
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Aleric was the son of a common zveri herder. As his planet, Zemlya, descends into a great civil war, Aleric finds himself in the midst of turmoil. Answering the call of duty, Aleric joins a secret... More > society known as the Maritonic Knights, a band of ruffians dedicated to freedom. These knights must travel to the Island of Otok and save it from falling to the new and dark doctrines of war.< Less
Brink of Battle By Robert Faust
Paperback: $29.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming through the Ages is a wargame that allows you to play small skirmish battles from any period in history.
Battling the Bombers By Wilhelm Johnen
Paperback: $10.75
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One of the leading German night-fighter aces tells his own story of the attempt to protect Germany from the British and American Bombers. A thrilling first-hand account of some of the most desperate... More > air battles ever fought, BATTLING THE BOMBERS is a breath-taking reading experience.< Less
Out of Battle By Eliyahu Rooff
Hardcover: $26.99
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Everyone knew the Ticonderoga was destroyed in combat. Everyone but Leonard Roberts, that is, as he was stuck on board as the carrier careened off into the depths of space. Alone and without hope of... More > rescue, he survives, makes contact with an unknown alien race, fights off an attack by another hostile force, and keeps things going as long as possible. When a salvage tug, the Mud Dog, locates the ship in uncharted deep space, things look hopeful until a secret is discovered that may result in the destruction of the ship before it can ever reach home again. Roberts and his rescuers have to fight off enemy forces and then face the prospect of doing battle with his own people in order to bring the Ticonderoga back to port. As the story progresses, he and others develop relationships with the Hasheer, who are ambivalent about humanity and can become our best friends or can cut off all contact with us, depriving us of the stargate technology which opens up the entire galaxy to exploration and travel.< Less
Battle For The Earth By Ellen Griffin
Calendar: $22.99
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2019 Fantasy Art Calendar -The Battle For The Earth - by Ellen Griffin. Featuring Fantasy Art pictures of dinosaurs,aliens,zombies, and beautiful ladies batteling monsters and war.
The Battle for Sarajevo By Kerim Lucarevic
Paperback: $29.91
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The book The Battle for Sarajevo is told by one of the organizers of the resistance, a participant in the crucial battles for the defence of Sarajevo. Lucarevic's accurate assessments of future... More > developments and ability to make lucid decisions had at times a significant effect on the fate of the defence of the City and the outcome of important battles. Sarajevo is a city that is particular in many ways in this part of the world, both in its historic legacy and encounter of the great civilizations and religions and in the composition of its population. It really is a unique civilization, and after this war it will be remembered as a phenomenon in the military sense too. Sarajevo withstood the longest siege in human history. It lasted longer than the siege of Stalingrad. In this book you can read about the events that later led to the one of the most successful military operations by NATO under the command of the US Army General Wesley Clark.< Less
Yorkshire Battles By Edward Lamplough
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It was on Yorkshire soil that the tides of foreign invasion were rolled back in blood at Stamford Bridge and Northallerton; the misfortunes attendant upon the reign of weak and incapable princes are... More > illustrated by the fields of Boroughbridge, Byland Abbey, and Myton-upon-Swale, and, in the first days of our greatest national struggle, the true men of Yorkshire freely shed their blood at Tadcaster, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Adwalton Moor and Hull, keeping open the pathway by which Fairfax passed from Selby to Marston Moor< Less
Space Galactic Battles: After the Battles By Matthew Sullivan
eBook (ePub): $1.99
SGB After the Battles is a 2 part story taking place after SGB 3: Resurrection of Comets and The Galactic Civil War. In the first act, the galaxy is at peace under the Lylet Federation. James McCloud... More > has an apprentice, and is still dating his girlfriend, Amber Yae. Unknown to the Stari order, a new threat has mobilized. A secret Cometra follower, Count Tanaka and his disciples intend to destroy the stari and take over the galaxy. However, Alexander has a trump card if he should fail to defeat James; the Resurrection of the dreaded Queen of Comets. The fate of the galaxy will hang in the balance again and not all the stari will survive the evil onslaught. In the 2nd act, Kyle Koro and a group called the Separatist Imperial Nation seek to break from the Lylet Federation and form a new government in the East. A war breaks out to determine the future of the galaxy.< Less
Battle for Planet By Aaron Lattin
Paperback: $7.99
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A machine called the Mortal Prefect dictates its divine will to a guild of assassins called the Union of Arcanite. The guild performs its duties without question, until one assassin receives a death... More > order quite different than the others. From the perspective of a being who resides within the fourth spatial dimension, the narrative of the Mortal Prefect unfolds and we slowly come to see what influence it commands upon known and unknown worlds. Kendra McDonald may be the catalyst of change for one of these worlds. Only the Mortal Prefect knows for sure.< Less

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