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Life Lessons from Trees Or Not another Tree Poem! By Rebel Waste
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This collection is the culmination of National Poetry Month: April, 2014. Each day in April I took one or more photographs of a tree or trees and wrote one or more poems that day about the pictures.... More > I also endeavored to leave each piece having learned something about life, ergo "Life Lessons from Trees." This idea, while quite desirable, did lead to some days where I would be tired of writing about trees, thus the second title, "Not another Tree Poem!" I hope you enjoy reading these 30 days as much as I enjoyed writing them :) PS: Day 30 is more of a short story, which explains its length in comparison to the rest.< Less
Snow Walks With A Spirit By Rebel Waste
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In this collection of poetry and stories is a portrayal of how writing has different planes in our expression of it. These planes in our imagination come together to form a whole consciousness... More > showing that the mind is capable of more than what we feel with the five senses.< Less
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A Mouth (Full/) of Serenity and Fireflies/ By Rebel Waste
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Fireflies is a metaphor. The synapses of dogs is a metaphor. The book is wrought (or rot) with metaphors, for the mind to then live til death, in search of fireflies. Everything! The insanity of... More > seeing the world as it always is, before and after, now and then. I want to smash the jar, like a child's piggy bank of dreams! The black hole jar is an open ended, never ending metaphor. Metaphors make writing more than what it is, and makes writing what it will be. It is why we can reach out and take hold of nothing, but open our palms and behold everything. Each page breeds three. So read to read, or read to breed.< Less
Lost In His Shadowed Mind By Rebel Waste
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This is my first collection of poetry I am new to publishing, but I have been writing for 7 years, and delve as early as 2009 for some of the material in this book This book is not meant to be a... More > platform for selling my beliefs as fact, it is a stage for creation, and through that creation I hope to learn more about myself, the world and others around me, and I hope that others will learn about me, and learn what I find important I would love to be a voice for change, but I will not do so with pride. "this is my message, to be accepted or rejected, all I ask is that you think."< Less
Not Wasted By Tom Hardwick
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Tom is a 23 year-old, living with a fatal muscle-wasting disease called Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and he believes that even though his muscles may be wasting away, in God’s hands his life is... More > Not Wasted. This is his story of disability and his journey of faith.< Less
Wasted By Sarah Smith
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She knew her body was being maneuvered. She had glimpses into the surroundings. She knew she was in the living room and was being repositioned. She remembered being getting drunk. Now she was totally... More > drunk. Drifting in and out of consciousness like a drowning man in an ocean. Her mind floated between memories and reality. Everything seemed real when she closed her eyes, everything seemed dreamlike when she opened them. Sarah felt hands all over her. She briefly opened her eyes to see someone looking down on her whose face she could not identify. The room was dimly lit and she could make out several figures sprawled on the floor. Her face was being tapped with cold hands. She opened her eyes again. It was the same figure yet his face remained unidentifiable. Her lids closed on itself.< Less
Wasted By Dominic Zampiceni
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Newcomer to the Canadian wastelands Bill and family recently moved into the backcountry of Canada from Arizona. Although not very exited about it Bill is fortunate enough to meet 2 good friends who... More > haved lived there all their life. They have fun mostly snowboarding most of the year but Bill has never been completely sure that this towns past is all that pleasant. Although his friends share his point of view they don’t seem to care all that much. But when terror strikes the remote town the only mystery that remains is enemy. Who are they up against and why are they plotting it in the Wastelands of Canada. I guess the more important question is at what sacrifice will they make it out alive.< Less
Wasted Years and Wasted Tears By Kristina Brantley
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Takes you through a journey through the authors life as she describes her strained and sometimes violent relationship with her ex husband, what caused her to stay and what eventually caused her to... More > leave him. Its a story of faith, hope, and God's grace and protection.< Less
Waste and Innovation By Martin de Bree
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Thesis on potential for self control en innovation friendly regulations in the Dutch waste industry.