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Beginners Guide to Grist Mills in North Carolina By Stewart Dunaway
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This book will provide the reader with a beginning understanding about water powered grist mills in North Carolina. These mills were a very important industry. The British established laws in order... More > to properly develop and regulate this necessary industry in the early 18th century. This book includes an overview of all the laws established from the 1700s to the late 1800s. In addition examples of actual petitions and surveys, and other mill records are included. Several mill sites have been surveyed by this author, and are used to illustrate the different designs (dams and races). Also included are actual petition documents used to illustrate the type's of records in the State Archives, as well as the laws of N.C. Finally, an appendix section includes a number of images of different mill stones found throughout this author's travel.< Less
A History of Gray's Mill By Paul L. Gay
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This short book is about Gray's Mill, an active grist mill which is located on Adamsville Rd. in Westport, Mass. The book is the result of course in American Civilization which I took at Brown... More > University in 1985. It contains historical information, a genealogy, description of physical evidence, drawings of the mill and the property, evaluation of the water resource and power output of the mill, and consideration of cultural influences.< Less
Wake County, N.C. - Mill Petitions (1772-1872) By Stewart Dunaway
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This book is a compilation of original records found in the N.C. Archives (Raleigh) pertaining to Mill's in Wake County. This book contains an amazing collection of Wake County history, economic... More > views, and many issues dealing with diseases from mill ponds. This book contains images of the original papers, followed by a transcript of the content, indexed for easier searching. Signatures were not transcribed. ** NOTE ** This book contains ALL the records - that were preserved. NOT all records are preserved. MOST law suits and most petitions never provide final outcome - as one reader complains. Court Minutes will have to be reviewed - but this author has seen the lack of Court records as well. Therefore YOU MAY NOT find out - did the mill owner petitioning for a mill - get approved? Even if approved - they didnt have to erect a mill. Updated for minor corrects to transcripts.< Less
Franklin County, N.C. - Mill Records - 1804-1872 By Stewart Dunaway
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Here is a great collection of Mill records for the County of Franklin. These records provide great insight to 19th century water mill's in North Carolina. Issues from the ponds, dams, flooding, etc.... More > Illness (miasma) from the mill ponds are documented as well. This book contains a law suit surrounding a mill dam construction project. It includes a detailed construction plan with a drawing for a "falling dam" in the 1850's.< Less
Cleveland County, N.C. - Bridge and Mill Records (1842-1896) By Stewart Dunaway
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Cleveland County was formed in 1841 from part of Lincoln (west boundary) and Rutherford County (east boundary). Cleveland’s southern boundary resides on the South Carolina line. Although a more... More > modern county, Cleveland has five boxes of road and bridge records in the State Archives. The first three boxes are pertaining to overseer appointments and road reports. Box 4 contains road petitions. Box 5 contains the remainder of the road petitions and the Bridge records. Only part of Box 5 are included in this book – detailing the bridge records. Bridges are located across key river locales, and sometimes are associated with water powered grist mills. Therefore, this book includes the Mill Records, found in a dedicated box in the State Archives.< Less
A History of My Boyhood Home - 198 Capisic Street, Portland, Maine By David Barker
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The author fondly remembers his boyhood days at Capisic and shares his fascinating discoveries concerning the rich history of House, Capisic Pond, the mills, and the nearby area. Powered by Capisic... More > Pond water flow, grist mills and sawmills operated as early as the 1650s, while a grist mill ground grain as late as 1906. There was even a comb factory and an inn, the Capisic Pond House, with swimming in the Pond. In addition, the author reveals the tragedies and successes of the William Jones Thorn (builder of the house) and his brother Greenleaf. Along with their families, they were the first dwellers in the House. The book contains 194 figures comprised of photos, maps, newspaper clippings, and charts. The interior is color and black and white on glossy paper.< Less

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