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A Tolkien English Glossary A Guide to Old Uncommon and Archaic Words Used in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings By Oliver Loo
eBook (PDF): $10.24
The book contains over 1100 words and is intended to be a quick reference guide for the reader of The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings, where old, uncommon and archaic words can be quickly looked... More > up and their meaning made clear. Draught for example occurs 35 times in the text with at least 5 different meanings. It means current of air in one sentence, drinking, or a drink or potion in another, one who is drafted into service in another, to draw or to pull in another and finally the depth a vessel sinks in the water. One needs to know all of the meanings in order to fully understand the text. The words in the first section of each book are arranged in order of appearance in the books. In the last section, the words are arranged alphabetically for ease of finding a particular word without regard to where it is used. Also included is the sentence where the word is used to provide the reader with the contextual setting of the word in the sentence it is used in as an aid to understand the meaning.< Less
My Books' Bad Day By Vicki Dennis
Paperback: $9.99
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Seven year old Eloise loved her book. She recieved the book when she was four years old. Her favorite book had gone on many journeys with her, to school, the park and grandmas house. The journey ends... More > when her book is mishandled by friends, a bad kitty, a playful puppy and her younger brother Edward. The book is run over by a dump truck, falls in a sink filled with soap and water, colored in and even ripped. Despite all her mothers warnings about the book being ruined Eloise shares her book with others and forgets to place the book on the shelf when not reading it. In the end Eloise and her mom try effortlessly to repair the book before they cuddle in the rocking chair and develop a plan to get Eloise a new book for her birthday. My Books Bad Day deals with feelings, responsibility and friends. A must have!< Less
The Legend of Rigel: Hero of the Titanic By Lorna Olitch
eBook (PDF): $12.95
April 14/15, 2012 commemorates the 100 anniversary of the sinking of the famous ocean-liner RMS Titanic. Here is a story I wrote to all the people and dogs who perished on the fateful night. This is... More > a children's story about First Officer William Murdock's Newfoundland dog, Rigel. The story is a legend based on an true historical event - reports that this dog heroically saved a lifeboat of people who narrowly survived from being rammed by the rescue ship Carpathia in the deep, darkened, and frigid waters of the Atlantic. Rigel was reportedly hailed as a major factor in preserving a number of lives that night and preventing them from becoming themselves victims of the ill-fated Titanic You may find that the style that this story is written in is a bit unusual. That's because I've written it from Rigel's point of view. He was, as the legend tells us, a survivor of the tragedy himself and so lived to tell his tale as the narrator.< Less
Planarch Codex: Dark Heart By J. Walton
Paperback: $9.99
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Dark Heart of the Dreamer is a setting toolkit torn from the pages of the Planarch Codex, the lost gazetteer of the planes. The city of Dis is a dungeon that connects all other dungeons. Its sewers... More > and cisterns sink their roots into the underworld. Its pinnacles and spires grasp at the celestial spheres and have begun to spread across the face of the moon. To the west are the docks that gnaw at the elemental reaches, where ships come and go on the seas of fire, air, and water. And in every direction are the planes, tiny as a small fiefdom or large enough to seem infinite, but all in great peril. This planar supplement for Dungeon World, World of Dungeons, and other games of dungeon adventure is completely modular: section by section, page by page, rule by rule. Use all of it, none of it, or pick and choose elements to use at your table.< Less
The Sapphire Night By James Miller
Paperback: $8.21
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James Miller is a Scottish poet from Glasgow. He writes in 'Credo', the opening poem of this collection: "I believe in singing songs without tunes / laments, lullabies, ballads, psalms and... More > protests / and in standing silent in awe at the sea’s edge / casting wishes on the glinting water." In the course of a generous collection of more than fifty poems, he proceeds to show this in poems that embrace both traditional forms and rhyme as well as free verse. His range of subject matter includes nature, love, politics, religion and city life all observed with an imaginative eye and a warm heart. Time and again in the poems, we get a sense that here is a man who cares. Throughout, his work is characterised by a life-affirming vision that celebrates life in all its richness. By the time "darkness slithers in as the tired sun / sinks deep for the sapphire night" (from "The Sapphire Night") you will feel as if you have been on an extraordinary journey.< Less
Dream Sunbeam By Dorcas Library
Paperback: $10.00
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From The Introduction: When winter arrives and brings with it the dark of dusk by 4:00 p.m., you can open this book to find your house keys. When you wake up in the middle of the night for a glass... More > of water, this book will lead you safely to the sink. When (not if) the power goes out, this book will help you find the candles. This all to say that this book is filled with light and you should keep it with you at all times. These writers (all between the ages of 5 - 12) composed incredible lies, descriptions of dreams, rhyming stories, dramatic monologues, poems about fear and poems about their homes, poems about colors and poems about places where they wished to be. Downeast Maine never sounded so good. All generated revenue will be donated to the Dorcas Library in Prospect Harbor, Maine.< Less
Elisha: The Prophet with a Double Portion By Don H. Polston
Paperback: $14.80
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Jesus says, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33, NIV). This truth is exactly what we see in Elisha: The Prophet with a Double... More > Portion. In the midst of trouble, hardship, and impossibilities, we see this prophet overcoming by the power of the Spirit. He is not removed from difficulties, but He rises above them and rules in the midst of them! Do your troubles rule you, or do you rule your troubles? Do you fight the difficulties in your life, or do you allow God to use them for your success? We can sink in the ocean or we can surf the waves; it is all in our perspective of the water. Learn how you can have a double portion of power and abundance through Elisha: The Prophet with a Double Portion.< Less
Waterfall Walks Calender By Wolfer Gray
Calendar: $15.19
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Waterfall Walks 2020 Standard 11" x 8.5" Coil Bound Calendar. Waterfall Landscapes from the Waterfall Walk Guide Books by Wolfer Gray. This colour edition calendar is a series of landscapes... More > of the waterfalls from the One Walk, Waterfall Walks in the Yorkshire Dales, a series of one walk guide books by the same author whose theme is waterfall walks in the geological and archaeological landscape of Malhamdale and the surrounding area where the route of a walk encompasses views of waterfalls, geological and archaeological features sat in a back drop of scenic beauty formed by ice age glaciation and the deposition of carboniferous limestone scenery that attracts many visitors to the area. This series of waterfall walks are in Malham and the surrounding areas of Littondale, Wharfedale, Kettlewell and Inglebrough areas are described in terms of geological, archaeological and industrial features seen on the walks. Archaeological features such as Iron Age huts, barrows, amongst waterfalls, water sinks, and tarns.< Less
War Patrols of the USS Cobia SS-245 By Herbert L. Starmer
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This is the story of the USS Cobia SS-245, one of the successful participants in the dynamic submarine fighting force that helped win World War II in the Pacific. Under the command of a seasoned and... More > steady captain, the Cobia and her crew put up a distinguished fight, sinking thirteen enemy ships. Charging boldly into surface gun attacks, launching daring submerged torpedo attacks, enduring bombs and depth charges, and diving far below rated depth limits, the Cobia and her crew took the battle to the enemy. Now a memorial dedicated to submarine sailors the world over, the Cobia lies at rest in the waters of Lake Michigan at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, her engines, equipment, and fighting power still intact after all these years.< Less
The Titanic and the Indifferent Stranger By Paul Lee
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While the Titanic lay sinking, the lights of a ship were seen nearby, and distress rockets were sent aloft to attract her attention. But the indifferent stranger never responded...and 1500 people... More > died in the frigid North Atlantic waters. Who was the mystery ship? Why did she not respond to this most basic appeal for assistance....after all, everyone seemingly knows what rockets at sea mean...? The blame has been placed on a British steamer, the Californian, and her captain, Stanley Lord, was forever blamed for ignoring a plea for help as he lay sleeping below while his officers impotently watched rockets going up. Is this simplistic view of the case correct? Was Captain Lord guilty of mass murder?< Less

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