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Abundant Thinking : The We Age By The We Age
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Abundant thinking is an attitude that allows you to see more, do more and be more - giving you the positivity and resilience to reach your highest level of success. Changing your mindset from lack... More > (focused on limits) to abundance (focused on possibility) can change your life - from never enough to always enough, from failure to learning, from competition to collaboration, from no to yes. In this workbook, we will share exercises to give you a holistic vision of what abundance means and how you can cultivate more of it in your life. Abundant thinking is the first step to leading your life and your career from a place of We.< Less
Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights, Amendments By We the People
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"Every good citizen, capable of reading and understanding its meaning, is bound by duty to his country, if in his power, to possess a copy of the Constitution." Those words of William... More > Hickey are as true today as they were in 1847. What could be easier than a FREE digital book? This edition of the Constitution includes the Bill of Rights and further Amendments. What it doesn't include is commentary or interpretation, so that one is able to read and understand the meaning for oneself. The men whose names are signed at the bottom of the Constitution are recorded merely as witness to its establishment. The Constitution is truly authored by We the People, as stated from the beginning. It is our document, by which we grant elected representatives certain limited duties and powers. When those representatives take an oath, it is not to the country, to Congress, or to their constituents--it is to uphold and defend the Constitution.< Less
Floripustniki By We All
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Floripustniki By We All
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A Reminder of Your Mandate: US Constitution Declaration of Independence By We the People
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The book A Reminder of Your Mandate is just that: a reminder for politicians to serve the people above all else. This book contains the texts of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the... More > amendments to said Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address to remind the politicians that they cannot continue to shirk their duties.< Less
This Is Our Book By We Are The Authors
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Mrs. Jones' 2nd grade students showcased their different styles of writing and are now published authors.
The Mystical Tales of the Murman By The Collective We
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A book about Murray. It is quite a bit about Murray. Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray Murray
Coil book By Er We
Paperback: $4.06
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We By Yevgeny Zamyatin
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In the One State of the great Benefactor, there are no individuals, only numbers. Life is an ongoing process of mathematical precision, a perfectly balanced equation. Primitive passions and instincts... More > have been subdued. Even nature has been defeated, banished behind the Green Wall. But one frontier remains: outer space. Now, with the creation of the spaceship Integral, that frontier-and whatever alien species are to be found there-will be subjugated to the beneficent yoke of reason. One number, D-503, chief architect of the Integral, decides to record his thoughts in the final days before the launch for the benefit of less advanced societies. But a chance meeting with the beautiful I-330 results in an unexpected discovery that threatens everything D-503 believes about himself and the One State. The discovery-or rediscovery-of inner spaceand that disease the ancients called the soul. A page-turning SF adventure, a masterpiece of wit and black humor We is the classic dystopian novel.< Less
We Are They By Victoria A. Garcia
Paperback: $12.14
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Catherine is 13 years old, and in eighth grade, she lost her father the summer before and is now living with Evan, her cousin. She would love to just blend into the back ground, but Evan wont rest... More > until he finds out why she hasn't cried.< Less

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