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Measuring Power Application Notebook Volume 1 By Steven Sandler
Hardcover: $125.00
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CLICK ON THE PREVIEW LINK BELOW THE BOOK TO SEE THE TABLE OF CONTENTS. Measuring Power App Notebook, Papers on Testing Power Supplies, Linear Regulators and Much More Measuring Power is not a... More > simple today as it once was. Higher frequency devices, complex loads, challenging test setups, and 2nd order effects all serve to complicate your measurements. Let Picotest help you navigate the waters with tools and techniques designed to increase the fidelity and accuracy of your testing. The "Measuring Power Application Notebook", contains over 30 technical articles on power supply test and measurement. The papers cover a wide range of measurements and test techniques including: Impedance, Stability, Step loading, PSRR, Reverse Transfer, Crosstalk, Noise, PDNs, Wireless Power, Clock Power Optimization, Non-invasive Phase Margin, and Part Parasitics (Resistors, Capacitors, Transformers, MOSFETs).< Less
Spirit Without Measure By Munashe Soka
eBook (ePub): $1.99
In this book, Pastor Munashe Soka reveals some biblical truths concerning the infilling of the Holy Spirit. He explains as he picks out relevant scriptures, and shows how these truths were applied in... More > his personal life.In this life transforming book, the author answers such questions as: Is receiving the Holy Spirit the same as receiving salvation? Should we look for signs and emotions when one receives the Holy Spirit? What is the purpose of speaking in tongues? How can a Christian operate in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit? Is there such a thing as impartation in the bible? Can a person possess all the gifts, graces and anointing of the Holy Spirit? No other book can open to the believer the unlimited power of the Holy Spirit without measure.< Less
Psychic Powers By Helen Savage
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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The nature of the psychic powers and faculties cannot be understood without a comprehension of certain basic conceptions. These are as necessary as charts are in sailing an unfamiliar sea. The... More > teaching of the ancient wisdom is that there is indeed more to the universe than can be measured by our physical senses — or by our laboratory researches, which are but an extension of the powers of our sensory perceptions. Our physical universe is but a reflection of a vast and invisible realm, filled full with many grades of conscious living beings. It is their combined activities which bring about what we call the laws of nature, but which might better be called the habits of nature. Our true self has been evolving appropriate vehicles for growth and experience through long ages, and our inner economy is most marvelously regulated. Our spiritual nature provides us with the power to develop and express in ever greater degree our latent faculties.< Less
Mastery of Self for Wealth Power Success By Frank Haddock
eBook (PDF): $4.99
This book brings to a close that portion of MASTERY OF SELF, which deals with the art of Success-Magnetism. Acquiring magnetism is a constructive effort. It is a building process. You are rearing a... More > structure. You rise, from the foundation, through successive stories to the culminating peak. The most pleasing, notable structures men build from granite and steel and wood, tower like a Woolworth Building or a Rheims Cathedral-higher and higher, until they finally reach a gold- tipped crown or spire, high in the sunlit sky. And so, in rearing your invisible shrine of personal Success-Magnetism, we now come to the topmost peak of the structure. This book gives you the crowning inspirations, tipped and topped with the final "Golden Laws of Magnetism in all Applied Life." Master these lessons in the magnetism of success, and you will go forth upon the highways and by-ways of life, endowed with a kingly confidence in your ability to win a measure of success achieved by few.< Less
Security and Risk Online: Fintech firm Zeta launches card with anti-fraud measures By Nancy Davalos
eBook (PDF): $8.99
MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 24: Serial tech entrepreneur Bhavin Turakhia is now betting big on his latest venture Zeta. Having earlier facilitated exchange of meal vouchers through its app, the digital... More > payments company on Thursday launched a secure payment card, Zeta Super Card, marking its foray into the B2C space. The card comes with anti-fraud security measures such as geo-tagging, dynamic PIN and location shield for authenticating payments. “So far, Zeta has been a B2B product. With this launch, we intend to offer a mechanism of digital transaction that is 10 times more secure than any other mode available today,” Zeta co-founder and CEO Turakhia told BusinessLine. “We have built four security mechanisms in Zeta.” The MasterCard-powered card can be applied for through the company’s app or website. RBL Bank is the issuer of the card, while Zeta is the technology provider. A customer can begin using the card by transferring funds from their bank accounts or debit/credit card via the Zeta app.< Less
Evolutionology: The Power of Knowing How People Work By Arnie Benn
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Who’s really in charge? Your intellect or your survival instinct? Are you smart, sophisticated and evolved, or are you an insecure, emotional group-thinker like the rest of us? Evolutionology... More > represents a new approach to understanding the evolution of the human mind and our psychology. It describes how our survival instinct actually works, how it makes us think and behave, as well as how to regain control and heighten our emotional intelligence. Our choices are not made by our intelligence, but rather by our survival instinct. Our fears and emotions are behind our decisions, and every action we take is designed to make us feel safer. FEATURING: The Evolutionology Quiz. In order to bring this to a practical level, this book features a simple, online multiple choice quiz that will allow you to measure your degree of evolution. But, beware. The results may surprise you.< Less
Canon Power Shot G 16: An Easy Guide to the Best Features By Matthew Hollinder
eBook (ePub): $3.99
The Canon U.S.A. Inc. released its PowerShot G16 camera in late 2013. It serves as the replacement for the earlier released G15 device. Canon’s G series delivers this new advanced compact,... More > which according to reviewers, is ideal for the more sophisticated form of photography. The PowerShot G16 camera offers photo enthusiasts a high powered BSI-CMOS sensor, three inch LCD screen, minimum shutter speed of 15 seconds and a lens with measurements of approximately 28-140 millimetres. The G16 is designed to last, with its hard core shell. The device also boasts a built-in WI-FI feature, continuous capturing speed of about 9.3 frames per second and the ability to share captured images with Canon CameraWindow application. The purpose of this book is to highlight to users the various features of the new G16 camera. We will explore the ways to access and utilize the more common of these features. The aim is to allow for maximum enjoyment of the device at the end of this book.< Less
Approaches for Green Computing By Homework Help Classof1
eBook (PDF): $1.99
The advancements of technologies and machines by humans have led to one significant change all over the world and that is the climate change and other environment related changes and problems. People... More > in all countries are thus trying to reduce their consumption of power and depleting natural resources for protecting the future of their future generations. This is one of the major agendas on which the people are working to make sure that the world doesn’t go worse than what it is. Hence, green computing has been adopted by all computer enthusiasts and computer scientists. We would discuss the major approaches that can help achieving green computing.< Less
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People of the Tiger - Standard Edition By Wayne Edward Clarke
Paperback: $13.99
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Book One of The Rational Future Series. By 2150 we've solved humanity's great problems, and found a place for those who are prone to violence. Tika finds that it's tough to be a strange and... More > frighteningly gifted child among The Tiger People. Then she learns that she's the product of illegal genetic engineering! Uses American (Standard) measurement units.< Less