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Weight! That's Not the Issue By Dawn M. Adams
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Dawn M. Adams offers her readers a practical “baby step” approach to real lifestyle change. She understands that life is complicated and believes that change can really only be integrated... More > when the solutions are simple. This book will provide you insights into the weight-loss industry which has robbed you of your health and give you the tools to take it back. There are no quick fixes or false promises here. Just simple action steps that, taken over time, will put you on the path of a healthier and more balanced life.< Less
Guide To Help Teenagers Lose Weight By Lose Weight
eBook (PDF): $12.90
Here is what you will learn inside this guide.... What are the psychological issues for overweight teens? In this chapter, you'll learn all about the mental issues that need to be considered. To... More > your teen, the weight may not even be a thought...which makes this an even more difficult situation to approach. Do you know how best to handle it? How can teens lose weight safely and quickly?We'll reveal the safest, and fastest ways for a teen to lose weight quickly. One thing you never want to do, is to jump on one of the "fad" diets. The actual best way may be surprising... How worried should you, as a parent, be about your teens weight? It's normal, and appropriate for a parent to worry about their teen being overweight. But just how worried should you be? We'll break it down, and reveal the best course of action.< Less
LOSE WEIGHT By Juan Pablo Alvarez A.
Paperback: $67.05
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How to treat an issue that complies your life. Lose Weight is exceptional, surprising, it develops through arguments with solid reflections of investigation, sociological, historical, metaphors and... More > real facts that will hook you in an unusual way while entertaining. It shows you everything there is to know in a highly effective and clear way of exposing the methodology of how to lose weight. It makes it easy for you to understand the author's total proposal. On Nutrition, Dietetics and Food. This unusual work unleashes a wide mosaic of positive events, read them and apply them. They will lead you to lose weight and be happy before the mirror.< Less
Simple Weight Loss Recipes By Best Publications
eBook (PDF): $3.99
“Don’t Waste Another Minute Fighting With Your Weight issues!” “On This Page, We’re Going To Show You How You Can Safely and Naturally END Your Weight Issues... ...... More > WITHOUT Expensive Trips to the Doctor, Potentially Toxic Prescriptions, or Dangerous Side Effects...Why We’re The Ones To Help You With Your Weight Issues... In This Book, You Will Learn: Healthy Meal Basics How Black Beans Help And A Black Bean Recipe How Oats Help And A Oat Recipe How Avocados Help And A Avocado Recipe How Salmon Helps And A Salmon Recipe And so much more!< Less
Simple Weight Loss Recipes By Victoria Smith
eBook (ePub): $1.90
Don'Waste Another Minute Fighting With Your Weight issues! On This Page, We're Going To Show You How You Can Safely and Naturally END Your Weight Issues.WITHOUT Expensive Trips to the Doctor,... More > Potentially Toxic Prescriptions, or Dangerous Side Effects. This book contains all the secrets behind slimming down with foods that are not only good for you but help to melt fat at the same time. As well you get easy to make recipes for each of these wonderful foods.< Less
Healthy Weight Loss For Teens By $2 Publishing House
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Don't waste your time and money on fad diets that never work ... Help Your Teen Lose Weight Easily And In A Healthy Way . . . Studies show that being overweight plays a major role in health issues... More > such as heart disease, respiratory problems, hormonal imbalances... and more. Are you willing to risk your teen's future health? In this ebook, You Are About to Discover . . . - What psychological issues overweight teens are facing - How do you go about parenting an overweight teen without creating more problems? - How can teens lose weight safely and quickly? - How worried should you, as a parent, be about your teens weight? - How your teen's self esteem is affected and how you can help - Much more< Less
You Gain Weight By Camilet Cooray
eBook (ePub): $3.99
At some point in life, you will experience unexpected weight gain. Even you have a better lifestyle you still feel your bathroom scale is not helping to be happy. This common symptom is very natural.... More > That indicates you are growing Old... Not just that. There are few more commonly konw issues. We will be looking at them in summary in this little book.< Less
Weight Off A Little Me By Sharita Ann Edge
Paperback: List Price: $24.99 $23.74 | You Save: 5%
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Join me through my journey and transformation with health issues and obesity. Obesity is not something that you are born with it's acquired through life's challenges. Time to take back charge of your... More > life, you can do it. Believe in yourself as I believe in YOU! I wrote this book in hopes that it may save someone else's life as it did mine.< Less
Weight Loss For Busy Women By sudhir vaghela
eBook (PDF): $15.95
A guide to help busy women lose weight. Weight loss. Hmm…that’s a familiar theme. It doesn’t seem to be something that many of us can avoid. Wherever we go, diets, foods, exercise,... More > weight loss or weight gain seems to be in our faces. We just can’t escape it. Many of us have to deal with weight gain issues at some point in our lives or other. Even if it is only to lose a few pounds or inches off our waist lines, or even if it is only to become fit and healthy, we would have looked at our options for shedding excess weight.< Less
Strategies for Losing Weight By Ade Asefeso MCIPS MBA
eBook (ePub): $9.19
Are you carrying a little extra weight around the middle? Maybe you have got more than just a little weight problem – maybe it is a rather large one and you need to get rid of the fat for... More > health reasons. Rest assured that you are not alone! Obesity in America and UK is at an all-time high. One of out of every three Americans and British is obese – a number that has doubled in just ten years. This epidemic is growing out of control in other countries as well as fast food franchises open in China, Japan, Germany, and other industrialized nations. When you are overweight, it is a serious issue. Carrying extra weight can make you more susceptible to heart problems, diabetes, stroke, and various types of cancer. It can also affect your body image as well thus causing problems with your self-esteem.< Less

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