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High Frequency Powerlifting By Nathan Baxter
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
High Frequency Powerlifting - Guidelines For Intensity Training - Learn How To Structure A High-Frequency Workout Plan And Become Competitive Powerlifter!(FREE BONUS INCLUDED) Every lifter is... More > qualified by different variables, such as age group, experience, and weight class. Before becoming a part of this competition, you have to join powerlifting training sessions. Powerlifting training sessions are based on particular goals to reduce fluff and mistakes. You can practice diet and sample workout plan given in this book. These things are great to build a healthy body. This book offers: Guidelines For Intensity Training, How To Structure A High-Frequency Workout Plan? Build Healthy Muscles by Increase Fiber in Your Diet, Healthy Smoothies and Juices for Weight Lifters, Calorie Intake in Your Regular Diet, Exercises to Include in Your Routine< Less
Vegan Bodybuilding Diet By Mariana Correa
eBook (ePub): $9.75
Vegan Bodybuilding Diet is the best book for anyone who is looking to build more muscle, train harder and feel healthier. You will only achieve your goals if your body is healthy from the inside out.... More > You will improve your performance through eating the right foods for you. This book includes a clear explanation of what you need to succeed and includes over 50 easy vegan recipes that will set you on the path of your best performance. Your connection with food is the biggest influence for your long-term well-being. The first thing to consider when you would like to make a change in your life is your diet. A healthy nutrition is the foundation of your strength training program and athletic development. Enjoy this book with vegan desserts, vegan breakfasts, vegan dinners, vegan snacks, vegan lunches and more.< Less
Food & Fitness Freedom By Adrian Fielder
eBook (PDF): $13.35
Health and Fitness Manuals. The most comprehensive solution to health and fitness on the net. This amazing collection of 7 individual manuals consisting of over 350 pages of vital information is an... More > easy read with a straightforward teaching style that shows the reader exactly how to naturally gain fitness and health for life. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up improve your overall health or all three this is for you. Including how to avoid disease, stay motivated and enjoy delicious detox recipes. Includes exclusive access to FREE on line training videos.< Less
Rowing Machine Workout By Roy Palmer
eBook (PDF): $6.99
The 'Complete Rowing Machine Workout' program will show you how to get the most from your machine. No need to waste any more time searching the web trying to find a workout here and there - because... More > they're all here in this program! The 20 workouts include interval training sessions, heart-rate programs, high-intensity and pyramid sessions to help you:- Get fitter Lose weight Build stamina Burn fat fast Tone up your muscles Train to an advanced level Whether you're a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced rower, this guide has what you need. Whatever your current fitness, just begin the structured program at a level to suit you, and start to see the benefits fast. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Roy Palmer is a teacher of the world-renowned movement system, The Alexander Technique. His previous books, 'The Performance Paradox' and 'Zone Mind, Zone Body' have received critical acclaim from international coaches and athletes for his insight and innovative approach to sports training.< Less
The Mean Machine Endurance + Plan By Rhys Hammond & PT Rese Hammond
eBook (PDF): $2.83
Are you wanting to get in shape? Improve your abilities and unleash those super human fitness powers? We all posses the ability to get motivated, become disciplined and get active again. This is... More > the Mean Machine Pro + Endurance Plan for those wanting to increase stamina and muscle endurance. This is 12 months of steady fitness progress based on British military styled training. You can pay £30 a for a gym membership or make a very appreciated donation towards my shape shifting program today.< Less
Don't Just Sit There, Move! By John Green
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Don't just sit there, Move!, was written for all who aspire to be physically fit, lose weight, or maintain good health. My unique approach will help you transform both body and mind. With my... More > program, you will change your perceptions and attitude about exercise, fitness, and health. This book will help you: o Assess your physical condition and track changes o Set goals o Make a nutritional plan. o Learn proper strength training techniques o Improve endurance o Find motivation o Improve your appearance o Feel better o Improve your health o Gain muscle and lose fat o Tone your muscles John Green is a certified personal trainer and master fitness trainer. He holds certifications in nutrition, advanced endurance training and advanced weight training. Additionally, he has a degree in Exercise Science.< Less
Vegan Protein Bodybuilding Smoothie Recipes Second Edition - Contains 50 Vegan Recipes to Build Lean Muscle and Complement Your Bodybuilding Workout By Mariana Correa
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Supercharge your vegan diet with healthy and delicious protein smoothies. Whether you’re looking for a meal replacement smoothie, a breakfast smoothie, a smoothie for before or after your... More > workout you’ll have 50 smoothie recipes to choose from. These are the best vegan protein shakes for any bodybuilder who is looking to build more muscle, train harder and feel healthier. These Smoothie Recipes have such amazing benefits such as: - They will help you build muscle. - They will Increase your Energy Levels. - These smoothies will Boost your Metabolism and Immune System. - They are a fantastic way to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. - You will enhance your performance by drinking all the nutrients your body needs. Build a strong and healthy body from the inside out. A healthy nutrition is the foundation of your strength training program and athletic development. Find included secrets to building more muscle and fantastic alternatives to protein powder.< Less
The Owner's Manual for Health and Fitness Vol 1 By George Dorsey
eBook (ePub): $9.99
This step-by-step manual was developed to help people from all walks of life to achieve their health and fitness goals. Millions of people all over the world continue to suffer from preventable... More > diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Many suffering from these diseases experience increased healthcare cost, lowered quality of life, shorter life expectancy and many other ill effects of poor health.This book is aimed at arming people with the information that they need to reduce their risk of suffering from these debilitating diseases. Professional athlete, Health and Fitness Activist, American College of Sports Medicine Certified Trainer and National Academy of Sports Medicine Weight Loss Specialist, George Dorsey, created this manual to fill this information gap and to provide to everyone, the techniques, strategies and tools that health and fitness professionals use to create the most effective physical fitness programs.< Less
Complete Bodybuilding Guide to Lean Muscle Fast By Mariana Correa
eBook (ePub): $9.25
GET THE BODY YOU DREAM OF! LEANER MUSCLES! CHISELED ARMS! SIX PACK ABS! A TONED TORSO! STRONGER LEGS! 60 Days to Achieve the Muscle Definition you’ve been looking for through an Extreme... More > 8-week program to build muscle, gain definition, and sculpt your entire body. - Includes over 100 bodybuilding exercises with illustration and tips for proper form. - Intense 60 Day muscle definition and strength training body-part-specific routines and full body routines. - Fast and easy to make Protein Shakes to aid your body in muscle definition - Tips on bodybuilding supplements - And a whole lot more! Imagine all the extra great things that will come from training: you will have more energy, be healthier, look better, be more confident and know that you're improving your body and mind every day...< Less
The Trim-Up! Tone-Up! Change-It-Up! Workout By A.J. Jackson, BA, CFT
Paperback: $16.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Are you tired of the same old workout routine? The Trim-Up! Tone-Up! Change-It-Up! Workout is a fun, easy to follow, exercise program that combines 18 different total-body workouts with basic weight... More > training, cardio, and nutrition information. The 17 easy exercises can be performed at home with dumbbells or canned foods! *33 exercise photos along with easy-to-understand instructions is also included. The Fast, Fun, Effective Way To Get In Shape! The Trim-Up! Tone-Up! Change-It-Up! Workout< Less

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