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How to Decrease Debt and Increase Wealth By Jenni Wright
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Do you feel as if your money controls you instead of you being in control of your money? Would you like to reduce debt in these trying times? We know just how you feel. We felt the same way. We... More > felt like we were drowning in debt. People calling us, constantly trying to get us to catch up on payments. Embarrassment and anger at always ‘robbing Peter to Pay Paul’. Until we found some clues to help us to become free of debt and work towards wealth. If this is you, you need to read this book. Moving from debt to wealth will require some work on your part, but it can be done. We have proved it. If you put the hints and tips to work, you too will be well on your way to experiencing that wonderful sense of freedom that controlling your money can bring. We have included practical resources and a list of excellent material to assist you as you travel the road. You will not only escape that debt cycle, you will also begin to become wealthy.< Less
NIMBY! Aligning regional economic development practice to the realities of the 21st Century By John Tilston
Paperback: $22.45
Prints in 3-5 business days
Times have changed for regional economic development. Back in the not-too-far-off good old days, announcements of a new factory setting up in town or the approval granted for a new large apartment... More > block would have been widely accepted and even applauded by communities. Now mostly they are not. NIMBY has become the standard cry. Not in my backyard now extends to so many areas beyond nuclear power plants, mines and waste dumps, including to some that at first sight seem just plain puzzling. But this is the 21st Century reality and regional economic development policy and practice must respond with more sophisticated analysis and tools. Setting up a rival camp to outwit the NIMBYs and waging war to win the media battle is a short sighted, unsustainable approach. This book analyses what makes NIMBYism tick, surveys current best practice regional economic development and posits a coherent, sustainable approach to the creation of wealth and well-being in communities.< Less
UnInvisible By Stephen Knight
Paperback: List Price: $24.95 $23.70 | You Save: 5%
Prints in 3-5 business days
You need your business to be found. This book tells you how! You need to be able to market directly to potential customers, this book tells you how. Learn how to reach the largest audience in your... More > LOCAL community and get them in your door! It's all about being Uninvisible! This book is for you, the business owner that needs to be found. There's no technical jargon, it's written in plain English. We've added plenty of screenshots and simple step-by-step instructions to help you quickly launch your business online. You'll quickly learn how to be at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo! How create simple videos with powerful messages that will push you past your competitors. Learn how to create a stellar online reputation, and how to optimize your website for search engines and create a dynamic mobile website in 10 minutes! Follow the guidelines in this book and you will be well on your way to cutting your marketing costs by 90%. Get this book today, and leave your competition in the dust.< Less
Understanding and Saving Money on Auto, Home and Life Insurance By Michael P. DeGroot
eBook (PDF): $2.25
We were brought up knowing we need insurance -- our mortgage lender requires it, the company financing our car has requested proof of it... but there are no classes in our schools instructing us how... More > to handle all the different types of insurance we face as we work our way through life. Why is this? Because insurance is not a subject we generally want to know more about. However, inspite of this obstacle, being a little informed can take a lot of the fear and misunderstanding out of your insurance policy. This 5 part booklet will help teach you what you need to know in order to become an intelligent consumer of Auto, Home, and Life insurance. It also contains vital information on the Claims process (in case you are ever involved in an accident) as well as a comprehensive glossary of terms and verbage to help you understand your Agent. We all need insurance. Using the tools here will help you get what you need, without paying more than you have to.< Less
LIBYA WAR IS WRONG! An American Soldier Protesting against the War in LIBYA By Prince Gabriel
eBook (PDF): $5.99
Why are we going to war in Libya? Why, for goodness sake?! It is wrong! Very wrong! And why are you killing your people, Colonel Gaddafi? Why? It is wrong! Very, very wrong!!! Now, can two wrongs... More > make a right? NO! Since you all knuckleheads, so-called world leaders, do not know what to do to avoid more calamities and destruction of innocent lives and civilizations, please call me @ 7209341983 USA emails @, and I will give you practical things or solutions to do to avoid further war and conflicts, and instead lead you all in the right path, the path of Peace, getting alone peacefully, living in harmony with one another, that, I think, is the best and natural way to be productive and progressive, not war, OK! The money and resources now being used to destroy Libya can be put into better use: to build, maintain and sustain lives and civilizations in impoverished Africa. Think! Think well, United Nations! Think and be creative, World Leaders!< Less
The Ultimate ABC Guide to Low-Cost Internet Marketing By Max Mastrangelo
eBook (PDF): $2.55
I know, you have a business… You have a business, and a computer which may serve as a great salesman in order to drive customers to your products, and drive yourself to their wallet; but you... More > aren’t that technological geek who may put up in minutes an internet campaign. In fact, there’s no problem at all: now that your thirst for new deals has driven you to buy this book, in few days only, we’ll make sure that your computer grabs its attaché-case and works for you as a perfect salesman, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, not in your town only, but on a global scale, being always fresh and smiling when the sun rises on a different land, ready to attract and welcome new customers from every part of the world into your online shop. A great sales-robot, able to get money into your bank-account even when you’re sleeping. And all this will cost you less – maybe much less – than a burger and a coke per day. Amazing.. isn’t it?< Less
The “People Power” Makin’ Money Superbook: Book 6. Sales - Selling Guide (Sales Mindset, Mlm - Networking Marketing, Sales Jobs - Resources) By Tony Kelbrat
eBook (ePub): $4.00
Capitalism is good for everybody. It makes the fat cats richer, offers everybody the chance to go into business for themselves and gives the common man access to the widest possible variety of... More > consumer goods at reasonable prices all because of the many vendors out there united with the common desire to make money by competing for their piece of the sales pie. Greed or the quest for money and material things is good because it's the greatest motivator on the planet and the contradiction is that in order to satisfy your desire for wealth legally, you have to help other people get what they want in some way enough such that they pay you well for your goods and/ or service so you're actually helping people in order to achieve your goal. What could be more noble? The trick to being a great salesman or business manager is to have enough drive for material wealth to be highly motivated but at the same time not to have so much that it makes you one-dimensionally greedy, just focussed on the bottom line.< Less
#Eventprofs: A Comprehensive Guide in Hotel, Wedding and Event Management By Jason Allan Scott
Paperback: $16.39
Prints in 3-5 business days
The hospitality industry is booming – and this book will help you figure out how to get involved. Every year, there are new hotels being developed and more positions looking to be filled. Large... More > scale events need to be hosted, and weddings are never put on hold.This book will help introduce you to all of the aspects of the Event Industry. You will learn about the mechanism of hotel management, events planning, and wedding planning, as well as how to motivate your staff, areas of career development – and so much more! In just a matter of pages, it will become your go to guide for everything involving the event industry, whether you’re just trying to start a career in the system, or you’re trying to reinvigorate your long standing relationship with the men and women involved in such a career. #Eventprofs gives you a blueprint for planning and executing any of the three most popular careers in events, wedding or hotel management with flair and without any unexpected surprises.< Less
Out of Debt, Into Freedom: 7 Essential Ways You Can Break the Chains of Debt By Joy Stagg
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Debt has become an accepted part of our culture and has enslaved the minds of many today. The average American is drowning in debt and freedom seems impossible to possess. In Out of Debt, Into... More > Freedom, author Joy Stagg reveals 7 essential steps to become debt free, as well as, the struggle that inspired a passion within her to fight for peace of mind, to attain debt freedom, and to spark a change in the lives of others who are haunted by debt. The desire of this book is to provoke: • Inspiration—growing uncomfortable with being comfortable living in debt • Motivation—overcoming challenges to become debt free • Empowerment—applying what you learn to live free Do you remember your life before you were in debt? Do you remember how beautiful freedom felt? Now you have an opportunity to obtain it again. This book will show you exactly what it takes to be free—so don’t waste another moment! Live the freedom lifestyle you were designed to live…< Less
Capital Gains Tax Calculations By Sarah Dingley-Brown
Paperback: $19.27
Prints in 3-5 business days
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS VERSION USES TAX RATES AND ALLOWANCES FOR THE TAX YEAR 2015/16 HENCE THE DISCOUNTED PRICE. CGT liabilities can take a long time to catch up with a client. For example CGT on a... More > gain on a disposal made on 1st May 2015 will fall to be assessed in 2015/16 but the tax will not be due until 31st January 2017. A working knowledge of CGT may also help a client arrange their affairs to mitigate the CGT liability in the first place – an even better result. This guide takes the reader through a range of worked examples of mainstream CGT calculations together with lots of practice questions. As well as being essential reading for all financial advisers we recommend this guide for anyone preparing for the CF2,CF5,J02,R02,R03,R06, AF5 or AF1 CII examinations. It may also be of assistance with personal taxation exams including the IFP Certified Financial Planner or Fellowship exams.< Less

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