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Expandability of Investment Real Estate: A Guide to Uncovering Hidden Cashflows & Equities in Plain Sight By Nikita S. Zhitov
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Unlike many businesses that are not backed by real assets, real estate investing in general is a sure way to build wealth over time. But making money with real estate is often seen as a slow and... More > lengthy process that requires a large upfront investment. Many investors—especially younger ones—want instant gratification. Nikita Zhitov, a professional real estate investor and developer, shares numerous ways to speed up the pace of profits in this guide for real estate entrepreneurs. The simple investment strategies he shares can help real estate investors of any level immediately boost cashflow and improve their financial well-being over a short period of time. If you want to get rich with real estate, you don’t need as much time and money as you think. But you do need to grasp the powerful tools of real estate entrepreneurship described in this book. But making money with real estate is often seen as a slow and lengthy process that requires a large upfront investment.< Less
Next Trip By Angelika Gonzalez
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I want to take you into the mind of Lucas. A young boy yearning for love. A love that he lost. He had her wrapped around her finger until he did the unforgivable. Now he’s living in the absence... More > of her love because that’s how consequences work. Peyton is her name. The name that probably turns more heads than Voldemort. Her name, spirit, and aura definitely don’t possess that type of evil but it sure attracts you to the most intriguing essence of her being. Peyton is in her last year of college and has secretly had a guardian angel watch over her without her knowledge. A person whom she seemed to know so well now possess the image of a stranger in her eyes. That stranger is still figuring things out. They were young and naïve to think that love was enough in a long-term relationship but I think they both know better now.< Less
Small Town Murder In Knox County, Indiana By David Boyer
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As of 2015, it is believed that there are at least 200 serial killers active in the United States at any given time. 33 of them were from Indiana. Nobody in their own home town would have wanted... More > to imagine a fledgling {or full fledged} serial killer lurking about, searching for his next victim. Or imagine one being their next door neighbor or the relative of a friend or even attending the local college. Yet, since the early 1970s, Vincennes, Indiana, Knox County, and Indiana in general has had it's share of cold blooded murder. It's really sad – as well as terrifying – to even imagine all these brutal, cold blooded murders have taken place in small town communities, where, at one time, we could all trust just about everyone we met at least to the extent they'd do us no harm; a time when could leave our doors unlocked at night or a window open for a cool breeze or not have to worry about where our children were – or if they'd ever come home again.< Less
Heroes, Hellions & Hot Rods: Rocking the Boat At Piedmont High By Ron Neff Ph.D
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Bud ordered and briefly wore to classes a T-shirt reading, “Piedmont High may not be the end of the earth. But you can see it from here.” Oddly, that would not be well received by the... More > school’s administrators. No biggie there. Bud was always in trouble with those folks anyway. One positive side to being in such a rural setting was the plenitude of backroads; largely free of state troopers. Bud liked to hurl his old 1968 Mustang Fastback down those backroads. It might be old, but Bud and Deuce, his ace mechanic, had “The Blue Flame,” as they called her, hopped up and ready for anything. Trudy didn’t seem to care about Bud’s car. She just liked to climb into that vehicle – or any other place they could get together – and ask him to hold her. She seemed to need that. The Mustang driver was also interested in a mysterious blonde with huge blue eyes, who had introduced herself by claiming, “I’m your new girlfriend, Bud.” That girl would promptly disappear; then reappear at odd times.< Less
Grandpa's Musings By Floyd E. Whitcomb
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Floyd E. Whitcomb, born in 1882, was a man who was gifted with more talents than any one person I have ever known or heard of. In addition to being a gifted poet, he was a consummate artist in oils... More > and water-colors. He was one of the first professional photographers, communicating with Mathew Brady and others, making a business out of water-coloring photos. (his pictures from a pile of old negatives appear in this book) He was known to be the best shot in the County, and an avid hunter and lover of nature. He was an early member of the Audubon Society and contributed drawings of birds to the books. He was also an expert horticulturist, and worked directly with Luther Burbank in developing new strains of vegetables. He ran three oil wells on his property in Richburg New York at the height of the oil rush there in 1881-1882. In his later years he “ran rod lines” for Empire Gas and Fuel Company (see the two “pumper” poems)< Less
Orion Rising By Doug Rawlings
eBook (ePub): $9.99
"Doug Rawlings' poems about the Vietnam War, full of anger, shame, suffering and solace, are hard to bear—-as they should be. His poems about family life, children, the passing of friends... More > since the war are honest, vulnerable, playful and loving. Together they allow him, and us, full humanity, an expansion of humanity that is particularly poignant in light of its denial to those on both sides who did not survive the war." — Rob Shetterly “I have met Doug Rawlings only once, and then only in passing at a Veterans for Peace convention in his home state of Maine in 2010, but I have been reading his poetry for nearly 40 years. Spending time with this compilation of his life’s work, I feel as if I’m in the company of an old and dear and trusted friend. The range of his emotions, the diversity of his interests, the keenness of his sensibilities, his capacity to be fully and consciously human leave no doubt that his has been and continues to be a life examined and well worth living.” — W. D. Ehrhart< Less
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An award-winning poet from Princeton University and well-known film director and author (6 STARS WARS books) offers serious reflections on philosophical topics and famous people. Paul Jeffrey Davids... More > is noted for his work in television (from THE TRANSFORMERS to Showtime's ROSWELL) and documentaries released by NBC Universal (JESUS IN INDIA, THE SCI-FI BOYS) and Universal's STARRY NIGHT. Here you will find his poems about Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe, John Huston, Forrest J Ackerman, Ray Harryhausen and other cinema pioneers. Some poems delve into reincarnation, life after death, hauntings, love and despair, visions of the future and distant past, synchronicity, the meaning of life and death, and the poet's father (Prof. Jules Davids of Georgetown U.) and his mother. This completes his 2012 trilogy of poetry books, the other two being much lighter and filled with humor: POEMS TO READ WHILE DRIVING ON FREEWAYS (AND OTHER WAYS TO DIE LAUGHING) and POEMS TO READ WHEN YOU RUN OUT OF WEED.< Less
Cold Comes Through By Jim Bennett
Paperback: $15.00
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Life is about loss. In the end, we all die. Yet we may face illness and reduced capacity, expected and unexpected, with fear or courage, faith or despair. These poems are about that experience. They... More > include love and hope woven by human beings, against the darker background of inevitability. There is some escapism in these pages also, and a couple of funny bits as well. The untimely death of my father was the inspiration for more than one of these poems. Sometimes funerals seem to come in flocks, with a new loss every few weeks. Sometimes a chance remark will bring back an image, a laugh, a ghost. I have captured some of that in this volume. You will find cinquains, mirrors, rhymed stanzas, a rondeau, one prose poem, and blank verse. You will find deliberate ambiguity and harsh accuracy. Some poems are easily accessible, and others may benefit from a second reading. Some are literal and some figurative. You'll figure all this out. These poems were written for us, that is, for you< Less
T.R.U.M.P. or Trump Really Undermines My Patience By brenda alexander
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Last year we saw how a governmental hodgepodge of societal issues caused people with opposing viewpoints to vehemently disagree with one another. During the 2016 Presidential election and campaign... More > seasons involving Sen. Hilary Clinton, Dem. and Donald Trump, Rep;., the main Liberal and Conservative political branches went against each other in a moral divide which harmed the fragile fabric which holds the American population together. The unfortunate 'racial' bigotry, violence, and hatred which has been fostered (mostly)by the actions and words of Donald J. Trump, who has become the 45th President of the U.S., is almost incredulously inconceivable. He has become an embarrassment to decency with alleged "Christian Evangelical" people giving him his strongest support; regardless of the undisguised blatant, destructible lies he utters on a DAILY basis. His presidency is dangerous to the well-being of this Country. So, I wrote about him in verse.< Less
hangman calling: poems 2004-2007 By Eric Morder
Paperback: $20.00
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this volume of poetry ranges in scope from bitter to glad and back again and back again. a po dunk doctor shows up in several poems to the chagrin of the poet, but proof is it doesn't nor didn't... More > matter in the first place. typical Morder humor and insight abound. gets to the point that the hangman after the poet is after the reader--both find in the end that the hangman is after everyone and just as relentless, though tearful, with each and every living being, from Zeusy the cat to the po dunk doctor to the poet's ex and potential exes (what an odd word to spell!), those women without a card hand to play in the poet's behalf but a hand to clap against another when the poet one day fills a hall to read poems from this volume as well as his others. it just goes to show that when the hangman calls, one should not answer but call the number he leaves on your machine when you're good and ready, catching him off guard and letting the joke be on him!< Less

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