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Soul By Carey Douglas Little
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This book contains all of the content included in the four previously published volumes, as well as a section of as yet unpublished material that didn’t quite make it into those four books of... More > poetry. I began writing in my teens. Being a shy teenager, and a musician, I wrote mostly lyrical compositions. At the time, writing these compositions (as rough as they were) was my way of expressing the torture that most, if not all, teenagers experience growing up. Love Me Back from The Double Edged Sword is the only piece I wrote during that period that survived to be included in this collection. The words written in this book are indeed, my heart and soul. I have spent over half my life contemplating and composing what will become the one true testament of my world the way I see it. To any and every person that has ever crossed my path, each one of you has made an impression on me and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.< Less
Orion Rising By Doug Rawlings
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"Doug Rawlings' poems about the Vietnam War, full of anger, shame, suffering and solace, are hard to bear—-as they should be. His poems about family life, children, the passing of friends... More > since the war are honest, vulnerable, playful and loving. Together they allow him, and us, full humanity, an expansion of humanity that is particularly poignant in light of its denial to those on both sides who did not survive the war." — Rob Shetterly “I have met Doug Rawlings only once, and then only in passing at a Veterans for Peace convention in his home state of Maine in 2010, but I have been reading his poetry for nearly 40 years. Spending time with this compilation of his life’s work, I feel as if I’m in the company of an old and dear and trusted friend. The range of his emotions, the diversity of his interests, the keenness of his sensibilities, his capacity to be fully and consciously human leave no doubt that his has been and continues to be a life examined and well worth living.” — W. D. Ehrhart< Less
Illusions of Love, Description of Lust By Cheron Turnley
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Illusions of Love, Description of Lust-is a poetic account of an individual’s journey through life. As she struggles to make ends meet, she feels as if one thing is lacking in her life and that... More > love from a man. Although she has deep spiritual roots of faith in the Holy Trinity, she reverts to the philosophy of Genesis with the story of Adam and Eve when God stated “it’s not good for man to be alone.” Gen 2:18. Which is exactly how our character feels, (although God was speaking to Adam at the time, our character can’t help but share in that same sentiment only where a woman is concerned). The underlying message of this story is that “with God you are never alone.” Dealing with the turmoil in her life, she desperately desires male companionship so much so that she is willing to put her own spiritual well being at risk. She begins to wonder, “is there something wrong with her?” Or “is this a message from God to only desire Him as much and no one else?”< Less
50 Greatest Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson By Alfred Lord Tennyson
eBook (ePub): $1.97
Alfred Tennyson was born in Somersby Lincolnshire in 1809. His father was a rector at the local church. However it was when Tennyson was at Trinity College , Cambridge that his talents were really... More > recognised with his first individual collection of poetry in 1830. After his father died in 1831, Tennyson left Cambridge and helped to look after his mother. In 1833 he published his second collection of poetry which included The Lady of Shalott which was not received well by critics. After this Tennyson did not publish another collection for 10 years. In 1842 Tennyson published another collection which was a great success and by 1850 Tennyson was considered one of the leading poets of his day. This led to him being appointed Poet Laureate, a post which he held to his death in 1892. In his lifetime he was known for his long epic poems such as In Memoriam and Idylls of the King. However in the 20th century his shorter poems such as Break. Break, Break and Crossing the Bar have gained popularity.< Less
Driving The Celexa By Miriam Stanley
Paperback: $13.95
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Miriam Stanley grew up in New Jersey. She moved to New York at age eighteen. Her three collections of poems are NOT TO BE BELIEVED, GET OVER IT, and LET'S FLY TO TRAZODONE. Miriam Stanley's poems... More > have also been published in numerous print and online periodicals. Her work also appears in the anthologies "Voices Of Israel", 2008 and 2009, and the "Occupy Wall Street" anthology, as well as being included in the women's anthology, "Grab The Apple", JB Stillwater Publishing Company, "O.O" (Zero Point Zero), Rogue Scholars Press, and "Skyscrapers, Taxis, And Tampons", Fly By Night Press. Miriam works as an Licensed Creative Arts Therapist. Among those who have inspired her work are the talented Iris N. Schwartz, Mary Jane Tenerelli, Steve Cannon, Madeline Artenberg, Bruce Weber, The Riverside Poets Workshop, and of course, the brilliant C. D. Johnson. ISBN-13: 978-0-9840982-7-9< Less
Run to a Colored Sun: Daily Poems, Log and Notebook By Cameron James
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You see runners climbing a winding path, he sees, “a snaking, stretching hive of exercise”……You round a steeply guarded bay, he circles “this mountain tickled... More > teardrop”……You refuse to give up, he “descends to will’s white forge, thug-tough.” The child of Cameron James’ long, checkered affair with the run, Run To A Colored Sun surprises and delights us with more than a year’s worth of daily verses that candidly mirror our own struggles, joy, passion and failures. But these savvy rhymes are more than mirrors: their teeming spirit not accidentally applies to any enterprise, whether it’s that first kiss, probing the universe, or cutting off a bad relationship. Every page features room to write or draw, so it’s easy to keep a spur-of-the-moment record of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Witty, wry, often trenchant and sometimes foolish, these stories will make you smile – and think, maybe even well-up a little, as they move you to celebrate your own run, whatever it happens to be.< Less
The Adult Baby Identity - A Self Help Guide By Dylan Lewis
eBook (ePub): $5.88
Knowing who we are as individuals is the most important journey in our lives and for many, it is the most difficult one. Even for people we call ‘vanilla’, with no apparent kinks and... More > oddities, it is a herculean task. But when you are an Adult Baby, it is a vastly more complex mission. But if we don’t know who we are, we act as if we are someone we are not. We try to create a personality not fully our own. We create masks and in doing so, we create problems for ourselves and others around us. This is the true value of books like this and others along the same vein. ABDL is not like other identity problems. It is unique, different and requires a perspective all of its own. It is not about gender – although gender issues can be involved. It is not about sexual preference – although that can be involved as well. It is primarily about age, and being powerfully driven back to a time of life most have left behind and yet, we still literally inhabit.< Less
Hello from the Other Side By Daria Kathleen Sherman PhD
Paperback: $9.00
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This book provides a narrative of the author's journey as a bereaved mother in the wake of her son’s transition. The loss of a child is different than other losses. There is a very real... More > biological phenomena that accompanies grief of a parent who has lost their child. The trauma experienced is not only mental- emotional it is physical as well. Science has established that the DNA of our cells carry genetic patterns of traumas. We inherit more than eye color and blood type. We also inherit trauma. In pregnancy the baby's unique arrangement of DNA crosses into the mothers blood. When a mother says that part or all of her died when her child died, there is biological truth to that statement. We are not as separate as we believe ourselves to be. There is a fundamental oneness that is expressed in the biology of our body. Daria Sherman helps the reader resolve their own life after loss. Messages from her son Paul reveal that our crossed over loved ones are always ever present.< Less
Video Traffic Explosion for FREE By Tony Markx
eBook (PDF): $10.00
NOW ONLY 8 COPIES LEFT.ATTENTION : THIS EBOOK IS LIMITED TO 50 SALES ONLY. YOU HAVE MASTER RESALE RIGHTS AFTER PURCHASE. YOU CAN SELL IT AND KEEP 100% OF THE PROFITS. THIS EBOOK WILL BE REMOVED ONCE... More > 50 SALES ARE REACHED, KEEPING THE CONTENT UNIQUE FOR BUYERS, LIMITING COMPETITION AND INCREASING YOUR PROFITS. Are You getting Your share of the Video Traffic Explosion ? If not, You are being left behind. Get this ebook now and You will learn the easy step by step process needed to bring your website it's fair share of the eager 100's of millions of Video Traffic website/s visitors who virtually live with their credit card in hand. Now that will boost Your Profits as well as Search Engine Ranking with all that easy to get FREE Traffic. Do Your Online Business a Huge Favour for 2008, Get this ebook and apply it's knowledge and secrets and start Your New Year with a Great Headstart.< Less
Undisturbed REST: a Guide to Designing the Perfect API By Michael Stowe
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Believe it or not, building an API is the easy part. What is far more challenging is to put together a design that will stand the test of time, while also meeting your developers' needs. After all,... More > no matter how well written your code may be, without a strong foundation, you will find your API quickly failing. Undisturbed REST works to tackle this issue through the use of modern design techniques and technology, showing how to carefully design your API with your users and longevity in-mind, taking advantage of a design-first approach- while incorporating best practices and hard lessons learned. After reading Undisturbed REST, you'll have a strong understanding of APIs, best practices, and available tooling for designing, prototyping, sharing, documenting, and generating tooling (such as SDKs) around your API. More importantly, you'll be equipped to design and build an API not just for today, but one that can stand the test of time and lead your application into tomorrow.< Less

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