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The Werewolf Hunter By Brendan Quinn
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A powerful werewolf is recruiting more and more werewolves to his cause: world domination. A brother and sister, who are half human and half vampire, are on a mission to stop him.
The Werewolf Hunter By Brendan Quinn
eBook (PDF): $5.99
A powerful werewolf is recruiting more and more werewolves to his cause: world domination. A brother and sister, who are half human and half vampire, are on a mission to stop him.
The Werewolf Hunter By Patrick Thomas
eBook (ePub): $2.99
“The Werewolf Hunter” is a short story about a scientist who has created a supposedly controllable and curable werewolf as a weapon to destroy a powerful vampire who was conducting a... More > reign of terror. When the werewolf proves uncontrollable, his creator resorts to an unusual and desperate method of hunting him down.< Less
The Werewolf Whisperer By H.T. Night
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For Josiah Reign, life as he knows it has been forever changed. In two shorts months he went from unbeliever to the "The Chosen" - savior of the Mani people (a vampire race that has been... More > living underground for 10,000 years). Now Josiah must learn to control his powerful new body, all while understanding his destiny...and falling deeper in love. Soon Josiah realizes that to understand his calling, he must save a young werewolf...a werewolf with incredible powers of his own. Along the way, alliances are forged and old enemies rise again. And when tragedy strikes, Josiah must make the ultimate choice...and face an evil far greater than anything he'd ever imagined.< Less
The Werewolf Bible By Christopher Belmont Johnson
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“I noticed there was a potential for this philosophy to be used in a religious context in a way it had never been done before. Whether or not a person believed in spirituality seemed to have... More > no effect on the simple fact they still lived the ideas of social Darwinism. It became clear to me the more in tune you are with nature as it really is, the more powerful you are. And if you consider the Hermetic Axiom: As above so below, then it makes sense that to be in tune with nature would make one in tune with the spiritual side of man, if in fact, it existed. Nature being predatory, this seemed to be the perfect philosophy that could be used in the creation of a predatory religion.” “I knew all systems had failed man in one way or another. They had all tried to dictate to man that he would either believe in the spiritual or not. I knew once this problem was solved man would be free to engage in his instinctual inclinations without reservation.”< Less
The Realms of War 2: A Night With Beastwulfs (Werewolf Gangbang Sex) By Jenna Powers
eBook (ePub): $2.99
After a successful escape from goblins, Aewyn, Leila and the rest of the survivors of Erun continue north. They first plan to rest in a small Dwarven village. However a strange chance encounter with... More > three strangers leads to an ambush by three Beastwulfs (werewolves). Aewyn is captured by the three and placed in a perilous position. She must pleasure the three to rescue herself and her trainee. Warning! This explicit story contains fantasy sex with three werewolves and an elf priestess and includes oral sex, anal sex, double penetration and triple penetration. It's Aewyn's turn to find out what a battle feels like, down and dirty. The realms of war continues onward as the crew continues their trip north to Winterhall. It is highly advised that the Realms of War be read prior to reading A Night with Beastwulfs.< Less
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Become A Real Werewolf By Jennifer Oneal
eBook (PDF): $28.99
Magick Werewolves have the supernatural ability to become werewolves through magical means. Here you will find ancient transformation spells and rituals to become a magick werewolf. You will be able... More > to transform at will. Get your copy now!!< Less
The Realms of War Trilogy 1 (Fantasy Goblin/Werewolf/Troll Gangbang Sex Erotica) By Jenna Powers
eBook (PDF): $6.99
The Elves of Erun are ambushed and their city is destroyed by goblins and trolls. Leila, Aewyn and Ariel are three Elven survivors who encounter goblins, wolfmen and trolls on their journey to find... More > help. Unfortunately for them, the goblins have developed a strange potion capable of elevating a female's lust. This trilogy bundles the Realms of War, The Realms of War 2 and the Realms of War 3.< Less
Project: Werewolf Part 1 By James Howell
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Twelve very powerful government and civilian people formed a "Committee" which manipulates the US Government and Society. They have created an enforcement arm of active duty military... More > special operators who were tasked to go to Vietnam in early 1975 to locate and rescue American POWs. This is their story.< Less

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