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SKINWALKER RANCH: Path of the Skinwalker By Ryan Skinner
Paperback: $17.94
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Come with me as we walk along the forbidden path of the Skinwalker, and investigate the mysteries surrounding Skinwalker Ranch. This is more than a story; it is a chronicle of chilling events that... More > actually happened, stories that I will never forget.< Less
The Werewolf's Heart By Kurt McCoy
Paperback: $6.95
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In 1913, Universal Pictures released the very first werewolf film ever made: "The Werewolf" starring Phyllis Gordon as a Navajo witch who transforms herself into a wolf to carry out a... More > hundred year plan for revenge. This short movie was lost when all known copies were destroyed in a fire in 1924. The film has been all but forgotten by Horror fans, known only to a few aficionados and scholars. This work attempts to create the first sequel to that long lost original werewolf film.The story is presented as the "novelization" of a Silent Movie that never actually existed. In it, a posse of Western lawmen pursue desperate outlaws up a haunted mountain, awakening the Skinchanger who makes the mountain her home. A bloody battle for survival ensues, pitting lawmen and outlaws alike against an undying, indestructible foe--hungry for human flesh!< Less
The Lone Werewolf By Tim Forder
Paperback: $12.95
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Retired Union officer is given the gift of Skin-walker (Native American shape-shifter). Not long after learning about his abilities to shift into many animal forms, including a half-man, half-wolf... More > form. A Lone Werewolf is forced to use his abilities against evil. When General Custer’s wife is kidnapped and taken hostage within an impenetrable fortress, it’s up to The Lone Werewolf of put his mystical magic to work to save her. When the territory is terrorizes by a tribe of Native American Vampires, it’s up to The Lone Werewolf to take them on single-handed. Is our new hero up to the task?< Less
Johnny Hawk Werewolf Hunter By S. M. Krantz
eBook (ePub): $4.99
In the stillness of a Texas evening, the younger brother of Johnny Hawk is brutally murdered and the killer left two legged wolf tracks. The horrible death ultimately drives Johnny away from his... More > family. He joins John Coffee Hayes’ Rangers to fight in the Mexican American War but the experience hardens Johnny even more. He remains in Texas, a vigilante hunter until fate brings young Victoria Bryan into his life. They go their separate ways, but Hawk can't stop thinking about her. A few years later a young Navajo girl Johnny is living with is brutally murdered in the same terrible manner his brother had been. Horrified Hawk vows to hunt down this killer but when Tori Bryan comes back into his life his worst fears are realized when she is taken hostage by a band of cutthroats that unknowingly has a werewolf as a key member. Hawk must face his childhood fears in order to rescue Tori from something he understands little of but knows death is the only cure. Along the way he learns true love does heal deep wounds.< Less
Johnny Hawk Werewolf Hunter By S. M. Krantz
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In 1837 out in a lonely meadow under a full moon, a man-beast attacks and kills a small boy on the evening of Johnny Hawk’s sixth birthday. The tragic past and dark secret of his... More > brother’s untimely death eventually drives Hawk to join Hayes' Rangers where he fights in the violent Mexican American War that leaves him bitter. When a friend’s wife is kidnapped and murdered Hawk becomes a vigilante killer. His reputation gets him noticed by the law but he finds they need his help after the Navajo girl he’d been living with is horrendously murdered. He soon realizes he alone must stop the evil that begins to erupt around him. After he meets Tori Bryan and finds her of interest in more ways than one Hawk quickly learns how evil can destroy after Tori is taken hostage and how love can redeem as he faces his greatest fear against something he understands little of, with death being the only cure. Johnny Hawk and Tori Bryan find strength neither knew they had and through their pain they learn what love truly means.< Less
The Lone Werewolf II By Tim Forder
Paperback: $10.95
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What would you do if you were given the skin-walker gift, the ability to change into any animal you can think of? Would you use it for great good or great evil? A friend’s sister and a... More > complete village is being terrorized by a castle full of vampires, zombies, hell hounds and a thing too feared to name. What can one Lone Werewolf possibly do to end this reign of terror?< Less
Tears By G Lusby
Paperback: $13.92
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Juliette Carpenter was excited to finally move to a new town that she hoped her and her mom Samantha would be part of for a long time. They had spent so much time on the move since her mom’s... More > divorce and she just wanted to settle down someplace long enough to make friends and enjoy her high school years. When they moved to Crystal Beach and she met Matt she knew she had finally found someone that would make all of her hopes and dreams come true, but then along came Tim Underwood, who dashed those dreams and created new dreams of love and brought excitement to her life. Little did she know the hidden secrets within Tim that would lead to the realization that she was in love with someone that could change her forever. The terms werewolf and skinwalker would soon dominate her life.< Less
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Riley Hanson is a sixteen year old boy living in the small town of Palmer, Alaska with his dysfunctional parents. With his home life filled with sadness and his social life at school disappointing,... More > the only happiness that he finds is spending time with his best friend, Rebecca Singer. Little does he know that his life is about to change drastically when two strangers come to school and he finds out that Rebecca isn't really who she says she is. To make matters worse, he soon realizes that the new students at his high school aren't as normal or innocent as they appear to be. They are in fact, skinwalkers. The skinwalkers reveal to Riley that the werewolves have an evil plan for humanity and they are seeking recruits to create a rebellion to rise against the werewolves. Riley soon finds out that domination is not the only thing on the werewolves agenda when they attempt to kidnap him. Join Riley on an adventure of supernatural suspense and danger in the first book of the exciting Skin Series.< Less
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Cara's Tale of Wolves and Freedom By Kay Hazel
eBook (PDF): $10.00
(2 Ratings)
Cara Sedalia, a youth shape shifter with the ability to communicate with wolves, lives a life that few could ever imagine. At age fourteen, she is time warped by the Great White Tiger into a future... More > existance where she is destined to lead the world into a new age of healing. First born in the wasteland of the modern world, Cara blacks out in a rocky mountain forest after straying from a hiking expedition only to wake up in a new snowy land as a beautiful adult woman with nothing but the clothes on her back and a wolf pup named Risk by her side. The people across this new land, known as the "Nation Of The Raven" exist years in the future and dedicate their entire existance to repairing the earth, restoring the balance and living as wildly as the ancient humans once did. As time continues, Cara learns of her mission through visions, dreams, adventures, and nights spent howling at the stars with a special wolf pack, her new family. This is a tale of love and the spirit, her story of wolves and magic.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00