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Cara's Tale of Wolves and Freedom By Kay Hazel
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Cara Sedalia, a youth shape shifter with the ability to communicate with wolves, lives a life that few could ever imagine. At age fourteen, she is time warped by the Great White Tiger into a future... More > existance where she is destined to lead the world into a new age of healing. First born in the wasteland of the modern world, Cara blacks out in a rocky mountain forest after straying from a hiking expedition only to wake up in a new snowy land as a beautiful adult woman with nothing but the clothes on her back and a wolf pup named Risk by her side. The people across this new land, known as the "Nation Of The Raven" exist years in the future and dedicate their entire existance to repairing the earth, restoring the balance and living as wildly as the ancient humans once did. As time continues, Cara learns of her mission through visions, dreams, adventures, and nights spent howling at the stars with a special wolf pack, her new family. This is a tale of love and the spirit, her story of wolves and magic.< Less
Touched By Kara Odine
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Werewolves aren’t real, right? That’s what Sierra Basson had always believed. Yet the moment she met Jason Chee, with his charming dimples and gorgeous, golden gaze, her instincts... More > immediately forbid her to touch him. It was as if the moment their skin made contact, her entire life would change forever. Powerless against the lure of attraction, what starts off as a friendship soon starts to escalate. Then everything goes horribly wrong one night when Sierra’s nightmares unexpectedly become the basis of a new, mind-blowing reality. Terrified, vulnerable and a victim of her own body, Sierra discovers the hard way that she has a nasty little secret of her own… ‘Touched’ is a quirky, fun-filled, paranormal adventure that will surprise you at every turn.< Less
Wargs: Curse of Misty Hollow By D. Allen Rutherford
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Matthew Kershaw, a professor and crypto zoologist, on a quest to discover a cryptid wolf species. However, his research plans for the summer are interrupted when he receives an urgent call from an... More > old college friend asking for his help to investigate an attack on a forest ranger in a remote valley deep within the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Intrigued by the Ranger's report, describing the wolves that attacked and mauled him as being exceptionally large with strange features. Kershaw believes this might be the cryptid wolf species, he is convinced are the basis for the tales of animal totems, animal spirits, skin-walkers, and their brethren that he’s heard about since he was a little boy. Kershaw eagerly accepts the assignment, but he has no idea that life is about to turn treacherous, and he’ll soon be in the middle of a conflict between real-life transgenic wolves, Therianthropes, and human-animal hybrids.< Less

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