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At The Stroke of Midnight By Karen Michelle Nutt
Paperback: $10.95
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Tricia Lancaster, a reporter for a small time newspaper volunteered to cover the story of Dean McCloud's life. Even though the actor died before she was born, she felt a connection to him. She... More > thought if she wrote the story, her curiosity would be satisfied and she could move on with her life. When she’s miraculously transported back in time and she finds out it's a few days before Dean killed himself, she realizes she has a chance to save him. However, after meeting the overconfident movie star, she's convinced he didn't kill himself. Someone else pulled the trigger. Dean McCloud thinks Tricia is trippin’ when she tells him she’s from the future. However, when Tricia’s predictions start coming true, Dean realizes maybe she’s not a crazy chick after all. Someone murdered him and they have until the Stroke of Midnight on New Years Eve to find out who wants him dead. (Note: Previous release Amazon Short. Revised and edited by Otherworldly Romances.)< Less
When the Birdies Came to Tea By Kathy Boyd Fellure
Hardcover: $26.95
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A delightful story about two sisters who are the same age one week every year, celebrating their birthdays in an unusual way. Nana has planned a tea party and little Katie is absolutely certain a... More > terrible calamity is about to befall her and her unsuspecting sister, Susannah. Will Nana and Papa be able to help confused Katie as she tries to discover the Cavendish brother's caper before they ruin the birthday tea party? Nana seems to know but she isn't telling. Why? Join the two oldest Blake sisters on their first summer adventure at their grandparent's Lake Tahoe, California cabin.< Less