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Caesar's Comet = Nibiru By Ad Roest
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This is the most likely truth about our past and future. All over the world we find evidence for the existence of a lost but highly developed civilization. Archaeologists deny these facts. Legends... More > tell us about natural disasters caused by a planet or a dragon that swooped close by the earth. Astronomers deny the existence of such a planet. But that planet exists. It is seen. There are pictures of it. Worldwide we find the same symbol. Legends, myths and the Bible tell us about the recurring disasters caused by the planet Nibiru. Much to our surprise, evidence that supports this theory is also found in America. When will Nibiru return? In this book you find the unique Nibiru Cycle Chart that shows when Nibiru crossed our solar system and will return! Now we can understand how a Previous Civilization can exist and could leave us important information. We need to know the whole truth about our history, although it is unpleasant. This exciting book contains many illustrations and links to relevant websites.< Less
Returning To Goloka By Visvamitra
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The Earth is on course for an Extinction Level Event (ELE) that will cause massive global destruction and loss of life for more than 90% of the world’s population. The scientific and... More > circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that such an event is on the horizon, and we would be wrong to ignore it when there is a viable solution for comfortable survival and prosperity. This book is for those who are destined to reach the other side of this disaster and be among the first generation of a world that will literally be the start of a new age for Mankind.< Less
Nibiru Research IV - Outer Guardians of our Solar System By Klaudio Zic
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After 9/29/2006 an object designated 2006 HW51 is bound to return to the inner solar system after fantastic 11000 years. The Phoenix Cycle takes comparably modest 560 years, but there are formidable... More > objects with a period greater than 77000 years! And they still pertain to our solar system. We call them guardians. Not every distant object that intrudes the inner solar system is Nibiru but in September 2006 we have a guest from the realms beyond Nibiru. What happens when one of the outer guardians of our solar system comes near such as 2006 HW51 in autumn 2006? Predictions for the planet and lecture for the incipient astrologer. Just when it seems that a minor flood or imminent nuclear threat can not stop our belligerent imagination, a messiah is born. 2006 HW51 is one of the outer guardians of our solar system coming near in autumn 2006. The rest is history.< Less
Another Small Step By Matthew Kelley Baker
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By 2012, the millennial fervor has died down in all but the most radical sectors. Humankind’s first journey to Mars reveals a ruined city buried beneath the rusty sands. A similar site is... More > uncovered in the Sinai Peninsula. Writings taken from both sites foretell the return of the gods. The Hubble Space Telescope confirms it, revealing four objects of unknown origin moving toward Earth from the outer limits of the solar system. When their presence is announced by the world leaders, chaos erupts, forcing an almost planet-wide state of martial law. All that stands between humanity and these objects are the exploration team on Mars and two soldiers, two scientists, and an apostate minister on Earth. As the world burns around them, the five must travel across the country to the site where it is projected that the objects will land. Along the way, they meet an impossibly old man who tells them that this is the final act in an aeons-old war—and that he alone has the power to stop it.< Less
UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE Volume 1, Issue 1 By Maximillien De Lafayette
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UFOs & SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE Volume 1, Issue 1 WORLD PREMIERE. A monthly magazine published by Maximillien de Lafayette. Available in 2 formats: Kindle Edition and in print (Paperback) at... More > FROM THE CONTENTS 1.sickening theorists. Why ancient astronauts and ancients aliens theorists don’t make sense? 2. Nibiru: Fact or Myth? 3.UFOs: Where do they come from? 4. MARIA ORSIC: The most important name in ufology. Everything began with Maria Orsic’s metaphysical (Occult, channeling and mediumship) movement. The UFO phenomenon, the first contacts with aliens, and extraterrestrials’ messages, all started with a metaphysical movement created by Maria Orsic, a medium and founder of the Vril Society. 5.Nikola Tesla’s files on aliens: “Tesla’s Exotericon Gama” file. 6.ALIENS: U.S. First Meetings with Aliens: 7.Paranormal: Bringing good luck to your life: The best and worst hours and days to do things! 8. ancient aliens: when god descended on earth. The Anunnaki returned to Phoenicia.< Less

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