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MsDemeanors By Helen Bonner
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Set afire by the new Women's Movement of the 70's, Jennifer Renfree leaves her suburban life for the exiting possibilities out there, and lands a job at California's state capitol. Unprepared for... More > the temptations of powerful men, singles clubs, anti-war protests, and hippie communes, Jennifer has to "grow up." But will she lose her home and her daughter in the tumult?< Less
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Pour a glass of wine and enjoy a woman scorned getting payback. Her name is 'Kalinda'. It was the fairy tale life she had always wanted until she saw her husband's face when he was told how much her... More > trusts were worth. A story of a strong woman betrayed having her revenge. Preview: The vibration woke Kalinda, rising to sit up she was violently stopped by ramming her head into something just a few inches from her head. Laying back her body starts to panic feeling the confined space she was in. Stretching arms and legs to measure the confinement Kalinda opens her mouth to scream when a jerking motion stops the scream. Suddenly a red glow fills the space as her mind screams 'you're in a trunk, that's a brake light, you're in a fricking trunk'.< Less
Seven Life Changing Habits; How I Changed My Life From Mediocre to Magnificent and How You Can Too. By Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses
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Some years ago my life started on a slow and steady path to mediocrity and one day I realized that the first thought that I had every day when I woke up was “Man, I hate my life”.... More > It’s not hard to figure out why I hated my life • I had gained about 50 pounds • I had no job • My car had been repossessed • I was on the verge of eviction • I had alienated and lost contact with loved ones • My bank account was empty • My food pantry and my fridge were empty And these are just the things that I can remember! I’m sure there was more! The following are the steps that I took to change my life from the mediocre existence that I hated to the joyful life that I now enjoy. I believe that you too can take these steps and change your life.< Less
Good Indian: Classic American Western Novel By B.M. Bower
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An American Western Classic! It was somewhere in the seventies when old Peaceful Hart woke to a realization that gold-hunting and lumbago do not take kindly to one another, and the fact that his pipe... More > and dim-eyed meditation appealed to him more keenly than did his prospector's pick and shovel and pan, seemed to imply that he was growing old. B.M Bower had a gift for writing Westerns, weaving tales of adventure, intrigue, mystery, and romance - often with surprise endings. They are historical reminiscences of pioneers among the sage and bush, clearing the way for a new America. She knew and loved the tireless young men who worked their hearts out in the only way they knew how to. She captured in authentic detail and charm, the spirit and lives of the men and women of her times who fought so hard for justice and honor among the harsh reality of the American frontier. Add this exciting American classic to your Western library today!< Less

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