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Whistleblowing: A Practical Guide By Brian Martin
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You discover some wrongdoing, such as corruption, injustice or danger to the public. What should you do? If you do nothing, the problem will continue. If you speak out, you become a target for attack... More > — and the problem may still continue. Whistleblowing: A Practical Guide tells how to assess your options, prepare for action, use low-profile operations, negotiate official channels, leak, build support and survive the experience. It is filled with sample cases that show what can happen when you make incorrect assumptions or fall into common traps. The advice in this guidebook is based on the author’s contact with hundreds of whistleblowers and dissidents, plus consultation with others experienced in the area. Although there are no guarantees of success, Whistleblowing: A Practical Guide can improve your odds of making a difference. Even if you never expect to challenge the system yourself, it will give you valuable insight into the dynamics of individual struggles and what is happening to others.< Less
Whistleblowing and Democratic Values By David Lewis, Wim Vandekerckhove
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We often think about democracy only as a political system where we elect those who will make laws that affect us. Yet everyday decisions taken in all kinds of organisations impact on us just as much.... More > Therefore we have to know when decisions taken in organisations are going to affect us in ways that differ from the official organisational discourse. Whistleblowing plays a role in providing that knowledge and thus is a means to democracy. This book is a collection of essays on recent organisational and legal developments on whistleblowing in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia. Contributions by: Abraham Mansbach, Richard Moberly and Lindsey E Wylie, Eva Tsahuridu, Bjorn Rohde-Liebenau, A.J. Brown, Indira Carr, Cathy James, Brita Bjorkelo and Stig Berge Matthiesen< Less
Unholy Silence, Journal of a Whistleblower By Patrick Flynn
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A whistleblower's story revealing the secret and shocking private internet life of his priest boss and the outrageous actions of Church leaders in response.
Whistleblower / Superfund '99 By Ronald Arthur Slater, Ronald Arthur Slater
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Saving the river, but losing his job. Keeping the law, but ending his career. This is a true story about my life as a boy stuck between hunger, neglect and abuse. It's also about my career as an... More > operating engineer, helicopter pilot and superintendent for heavy equipment and excavation. But mostly, this story is about screaming a warning so loud that all Americans everywhere, especially in Seattle, hear and heed the truth about hazardous waste Superfund sites and specifically Terminal 18, Harbor Island. It's also about becoming a "whistleblower" and the effects it may have on one's career, health, and income.< Less
Raped by a Prisoner: The Military Whistleblower Submits By Curtis Kingsmith
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Marcus is not a military man himself, but he's still serving a sentence in a military prison. That doesn't mean his conditions are terrible, however, as far as he's concerned, they're not that bad --... More > now that he's gotten past the daily circlejerks! But a new inmate is arriving, and that makes the situation a lot more complicated. His name is Bradley, a military whistleblower who stands by his actions and has another secret besides that! It turns out he's always wanted to be a woman, and for the other soldiers behind bars, they're willing to treat him that way! This is an outrageous tale of man-on-man action and is meant for mature readers with a taste for this sort of material.< Less
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Science went corrupt when Edmund Halley in 1705 told the world he used the physics formula of his friend Isaac Newton to calculate the route and time that the comet that was named after him would... More > arrive. He said he used the formula of Newton to calculate the rout the comet took. I do go into the comet as such but in this book I touch on the subject. In this book I show how Newtonian science started to go corrupt in 1705 with one conspiracy to cheat and became the corrupt myth it now developed into. How do I know Halley did not use the mass pull mass idea because if he did then how did he calculate that the comet was cyclic or that it returns every seventy-six years. If mass pulled the comet to the sun what then pushed to comet back into outer space? How did he know the mass of Halley’s comet? Nobody then asked questions. No one asks uneasy question…except I. I show the fake science we have. Newton and Halley got away with corrupt science. Today Newtonians get away with corrupt science.< Less
Anonymous Whistle-Blowing and Utilitarian theory By Homework Help Classof1
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“Anonymous whistle-blowing is never morally justified, because it violates the rights of those who are accused to face their accusers.” Would this statement be true according to the... More > utilitarian theory?< Less
Volume 4421, List of whistleblowers --- List of Wii games By Print Wikipedia
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Volume 4421, List of whistleblowers --- List of Wii games Print Wikipedia is a both a utilitarian visualization of the largest accumulation of human knowledge and a poetic gesture towards the... More > inhuman scale of big data. Michael Mandberg wrote software that parses the entirety of the English-language Wikipedia database and programmatically lays out nearly 7500 volumes, complete with covers, and then uploads them to for print-on-demand. Print Wikipedia draws attention to the sheer size of the encyclopedia's content and the impossibility of rendering Wikipedia as a material object in fixed form: Once a volume is printed it is already out of date. It is also a work of found poetry built on what is likely the largest appropriation ever made. As we become increasingly more dependent on information and source material on the Internet today, Mandiberg explores the accessibility of its vastness.< Less
LAPD Exposed "A Whistleblower Lives To Tell the Tale" By Bradley Kuhns
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Bradley Kuhns felt honored to enter the ranks of the elite Los Angeles Police Department. He soon discovered, though, that by the 1980's when he joined LAPD the polygraph section was coasting on its... More > reputation, filled with marginally competent examiners who routinely manipulated and falsified the results of lie detector exams in exchange for gifts of cash and liquor. Promotions were handed to those who played along, while the few who didn't might find themselves on the losing end of an "unfortunate accident." Brad Kuhns offers a disturbing memoir that details the intimidation, threats and attempts on his life. With his heart on his sleeve, he chronicles the toll the stress took on his health and weighs the heavy burden of fear and torment suffered by the women close to him. Kuhns ultimately went into hiding for two decades with only a select few trustworthy souls knowing the full extent of his chilling, touching story - - until now.< Less
Tera Giga Mega Kilo Whistle-Blowing on Global Medicine By Simon Richard Lee
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'Pskiviatry' or ORGANISED SKIVING ON A MASSIVE GLOBAL SCALE has been practised worldwide in medicine since 1945 as inherited directly from Adolf Hitler's Nasty Nazis in 1931 along with all the... More > horrible narckotickx they invented then! Especially in 'psychiatry' by far the worst and Cinderella Branch of Global Pskiviatry e.g. chlorpromazin, prozyclidin, benzo-diazepame, droperidol, depixol, clozaril, clozapin, haloperidol, Hitlerperidol, Himmlerperidol, Hessperidol and Goeringperidol! Simon Lee has a vast armada of SIXTY fascinating websites for his 12 book titles including (those two are his two main books FREE IN FULL - as online flip-books) @WHOllyZenBuddha on< Less