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Whither By Danie
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This book collects chapters 1-6 of Whither, which can also be read at Check back for new chapters!
Whither Away By Rick Appleton
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The funeral service contains the words “We blossom like a flower then wither away.” Has Mankind lost its Moral Compass? Where are we Going? ‘Whither Away’ was written... More > partly as a response to Richard Dawkins’ best-seller ‘The God Delusion’ and partly as an attempt to make sense of religiously inspired atrocities. It poses the question: “What is the place of religion in a 21st Century scientific world?” Rick Appleton is a retired Family doctor living with his wife Gill in Nantwich, Cheshire. They have four children and nine grandchildren.< Less
Whither will though cookest By Dane Buson
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Our family cookbook. Living near a lot of Asian and Mexican groceries, we tend to cook a fairly diverse selection of recipes.
Man: Whence, How and Whither By Charles Webster Leadbeater, Annie Besant
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A theosophical classic about the origins of the world and the future of mankind in this book is described: The First and Second Chains Early Times on the Moon Chain The Sixth Round on the Moon... More > Chain The Seventh Round on the Moon Chain Early Times on the Earth Chain Early Stages of the Fourth Round The Fourth RootRace Beginnings of the Fifth RootRace The Building of the Great City Early Aryan Civilization and Empire The Second subrace the Arabian The Third subrace the Iranian The Fourth subrace the Keltic The Fifth subrace the Teutonic The RootStock and its de scent into India Black Magic in Atlantis The Civilisation of Atlantis Two Atlantean Civilization s Peru Chaldaea The Vision of King Ashoka The Beginnings of the Sixth RootRace< Less
W(H)ITHER CORPS? By D. Robert Worley, Strategic Studies Institute
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In a March 2001 address to the Association of the United States Army, General Eric Shinseki noted, “We are once again an army between the wars, and once again, we are challenged to adjust to... More > break old paradigms. So we are transforming to become strategically responsive and remain dominant across the entire spectrum of military operations.” Army transformation has many dimensions with change in technology, operational methods, and organizations. So far, the focus of organizational transformation has been on the redesign of tactical units such as the interim brigade combat teams. But corps—the Army’s operational level organizations—must also be transformed. In his monograph, Dr. D. Robert Worley of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies provides a history of the structure and function of Army corps and discusses ways they might be redesigned to play an effective role in the 21st century security environment.< Less
Whither Women: A Shift from Endowment to Empowerment By Dr. Smita Nayak
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About the Book This edited volume is concerned with issues pertaining to gender inequality and women empowerment. One of the most urgent challenges now facing human kind is to halt and reverse the... More > growing deterioration in the gender relations that has augmented social disharmony and imbalances. Every country, large and small irrespective of its richness and culture is confronted with this basic human question of gender equality and gender justice. With the emergence of globalization, with free market economy, gender issues effecting status of women and their empowerment question has taken a changed dimension attracting research concern and scholarly attention. Since many issues and current developments concerning status of women are now in the history of gender relations, more research is needed to unfold the myth and reality.< Less
Whither Cometh Humankind? (The Origins of Man) Genesis and Science Agree! By Charles S. Brown
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Creation versus Evolution: The great debate that rages on. Theory after theory after theory is proposed, with not even a hint of “middle ground” from either of the two opposing camps. To... More > not be able to come to a definitive answer or conclusion for our human origins quite simply means that “they” do not know. It’s all guesswork. The sticking point in this whole debate is perhaps not actually that of Creation versus Evolution, but probably more that of the time-frame required for both together! For if a time period for such a thing as “Evolutionary-Creation” can be logically established then both viewpoints can be accommodated in perfect harmony. In our view, therefore, the one key question in this debate that must be considered – yet rarely is – is: “Can Creation also be Evolution?” And/or vice-versa? Our reply is an unequivocal: — Yes, it can. And, moreover, it is!< Less
test By Edward O'Neill
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W(h)ither American Cinema? Lectures on Film in the U.S.A. Since 1960. 12 lectures, with an introduction and concluding essay, on main trends in American cinema since 1960.
The Perfect Way or the Finding of Christ By Edward Mailtland, Anna Kingsford
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In this book we find all that there is of truth in the Kabbala, supplemented by new intuitions." "Humanity has...3 questions: Whence come we? What are we? Whither go we? These questions... More > find an answer, complete, The Perfect Way."< Less
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NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE Our Old Home On the election of Franklin Pierce as President of the United States, Hawthorne was appointed consul at Liverpool, whither he sailed in 1853, resigning in 1857 to go... More > to Rome, and returning to America four years later. "Our Old Home" is the fruit of this period spent in England. It was written at Concord, and first appeared serially during 1863 in the "Atlantic Monthly." Although "Our Old Home" gave no little offence to English readers, nevertheless it exhibits the author as keenly observant of their characteristics and life. (See FICTION.)< Less

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