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The Art of Lucid Dreaming: Healing Through Your Dreams By Ashley Stone
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The lucid dream normally begins in any one of the two known ways. These complicated sounding scenarios are really quite entrancing. For instance, a dream initiated lucid dream otherwise referred to... More > as DILD starts out as any normal dream would, then when it concludes it does so in the same dream state, whereas the wake initiated lucid dream WILD occurs when the dreamer goes from the normal waking state directly into a dream like state with no apparent lapse of consciences. The rapid eye movement that usually in detected when a person is asleep signifies these states of lucid dreams. Here is what you will find inside this book: The Basics on Lucid Dreaming; The Link between Mind and Disease; How Lucid Dreaming Affects the Immune System; How to Create Lucid Dreams; How to Dream Away Physical Symptoms; Psychological Growth with Lucid Dreaming; Cancer Patients Achieving Longevity with Lucid Dreaming; Manage Stress through Dreaming; Using Lucid Dreaming Correctly; Cautions to Lucid Dreaming and much more.< Less
Lucid Dreaming: The Science and Technique Behind the Skill By Yasmeen Gagnon Rajah-Balee
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In this short book you will discover the long hidden techniques and science behind the dreams that you experience every night. You will learn the anatomy of a dream in order to better manipulate and... More > guide it into the creations you want. With these simplified techniques virtually anyone can become the master of their subconscious in order to maximize their own creativity and harness the problem solving potential that dreams possess. Learn how to tame the nightmares that haunt you or explore new and unseen worlds. With virtually an unlimited number of options as you sleep it will be up to you to decide what adventure you will explore next.< Less

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