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Life in the wilderness
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Life in the wilderness
Wilderness Pursuit By Nathanael Reed
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Wilderness Pursuit is an action-adventure story written for 10-14 year old readers, in the cliff-hanger tradition of Indiana Jones. When Joel Stewart and J.D. Turnbull are invited to go on a fishing... More > trip with J.D.s dad in the northern Ontario wilderness, they are thrust into the adventure of a lifetime. Diamonds have been discovered on Mr. Turnbulls property and the claim has been stolen by a local madman. The boys quickly realize that the thief will stop at nothing, including murder, to make those claims his own. In a race down the Timberwolf River, with a killer at their heels, Joel and J.D. face danger on every side: an out-of-control fires; rapids; bears; and a mysterious stranger who befriends and helps the boys complete their perilous mission. An underlying theme dealing with the faithfulness of God is carefully woven into the storyline. With action and adversity at every turn Joel and J.D. are forced to look beyond themselves and discover a God who cares about them.< Less
Voices in the Wilderness By Benedict Nnolim
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Stampedes are not unique to cattle. Human societies have always operated in stampedes, whether it is in religious convictions, in political movements, in fashion, in culture, or in any other area of... More > human interactive activity. Wars, revolutions, racism, xenophobia, imperialism, colonialism, genocide, missionary activism and zeal, etc., are impossible without some form of stampede. Voices in the Wilderness is an attempt to confront the many stampedes in popular currency in Africa and the West, generally, and in the UK and Nigeria, in particular. It is a collection of essays, of varying lengths, on contemporary, but important, social, political, economic, and religious, issues. These issues are not always black and white issues. Their truths are not always based on which side one is on and are not best dealt with in the slogans, buzz words, and sound bites of social and political banter or in social media sites or by key word, tick box, mobile phone text, reasoning.< Less
A Wilderness Calling By Ken Santiago
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After years of living addicted to pain pills, Ken Johnson finally had a plan to get clean. It wasn't a typical plan but a plan that would take him far from his home in Albany, NY. He would travel to... More > Alaska where he would undergo an inpatient rehab to get clean from the drugs that have held him hostage for so long. From there, he would venture out into the Alaskan backcountry (Lake Clark National Park) on an expedition that would test his new found sobriety and once again connect him to the wilderness he loved. Little did he know that along the way he would fall in love, learn that wild animals can be both friendly and deadly, and fulfill one man's dream of experiencing the true beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. This is a must read for anyone who loves nature, the spirit of the wilderness, and the message of hope.< Less
Fear Not The Wilderness By David Eells
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The Wilderness is not a place to be feared. It will be a place of bearing the fruit of Jesus and His ministry for the true believer through the power of the Spirit. It will be a place of peace and... More > rest through faith in God's Word. For Israel, as a type of the Church, it was a place of deliverance and rest from the Beast kingdom. {Eze.34:25} And I will make with them a covenant of peace, and will cause evil beasts to cease out of the land; and they shall dwell securely in the wilderness, and sleep in the woods. It will be a place of supernatural provision by a return to truth. {Rev.12:14} And there were given to the woman the two wings of the great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness unto her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. Be encouraged by this faith building-book.< Less
WILDERNESS SONG By Alexander Roussel
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"Bring on the sandstorms with the scratching wind - Give me those trials, those tests of faith You tend to send!" - from "Crying Out in the Wilderness" A new collection of... More > writing from the author of God Speak and And This Weak & Idle Theme (A PLAY). A poetic journey through the concept of spiritual wilderness, expounded upon from both familiar biblical points of view and that of the modern believer. Roussel presents this necessary aspect of life for achieving union with God through the imagery of a vast desert between two green pastures - Egypt and the Promised Land. The reader must decide where on his or her journey he or she may fall - and if you have become complacent with your location along that journey. More information about the writer can be found at:< Less
Africa Wilderness By april april
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a glimpse into african wilderness
Wilderness Rose By Jeff Randolph
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Wilderness Rose (B&W edition) An odyssey –yes—adventure—yes—living reality—yes—Poetry—yes—Miracles yes--Written from the heart to hearts that... More > long for such a life but never get to live it. It can be done as you take the trails this family blazed in the pristine heart of the Yukon Territory, Canada. Selling all, they embraced the dangers of the North, lonesome isolation, a life poured out with the First Nations people of the Yukon for over twenty years. You will enjoy reading this true story of one family’s odyssey into the heart of the Yukon Territory. The book is illustrated with 227 photos, 7 maps and 4 illustrations. Also included are 14 poems taken from Jeff Randolph’s work in progress “Spires of Light” a book soon to be published with over 90 poems blended with his favorite photos framed in his own background creations.< Less
Unexpected Wilderness By John Modrell
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An adventure seeking couple set out to explore an untamed and beautiful country. Besides finding the beauty and peace they were craving more was in store for them. Just when they thought their... More > adventure was over an unexpected opportunity appears. By following their hearts they are rewarded with finding what few others will ever see. Enjoy this journey through gentle meadows and rugged dangerous trails.< Less

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