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The Witch By Mary Johnston
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A bold tale of witchcraft and deceit -- A beautiful girl, unyielding in her beliefs, accused of the black arts, unmercifully sentenced to death. A doctor, himself suspected of unholy practices, plots... More > their escape. Together they are cast adrift in the vast ocean until their journey comes crashing full circle. The Witch is a world of adventure, controversy, passion, sex, and intrigue.< Less
Witch By Natalie Savinova
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So what's my story about? How did it all start and how did it turn out? Probably from this very evening, the ill-fated dinner, my brothers returned from the Academy. What academy? The oldest academy... More > of demonic creatures. If you want: to get married - go to the Academy, to work productively - disaccustom yourself from the Academy. You do not want to be perceived as a person? Again, go to the Academy. In general, all roads do not lead to Rome, but to the Academy of Demonic Creatures. If I did not get into this Academy, I would live quietly, gazing at the sky, the clouds, the stars and argue with Ulitkus about life. So no, it brought me unclean to this Academy, be it thousands of times in ruins! I did not know grief, I did not know the alarm. And now I'm getting out of my ways. How can I?!< Less
The Witches By Gerrard Wilson
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It happened one cold autumnal night, when three crazy mad witches appeared in my bedroom and began to fly around my bed. You may well ask, Is this just another one of your fantasy stories, like so... More > many others you have penned over the years, you might ask. My answer, the only thing I can say to you in reply is to read on and find out for yourself…< Less
Witch By Chris Balch
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Witch is the mysterious story of two young children who encounter a strange woman who lives, unknown to the children's parents, in a shack on their land in 1950's rural Connecticut. As the children... More > befriend and are befriended by the woman, they come to believe she is a witch. The story examines the relationship between the children (a younger brother and older sister) and illustrates the fears and mysteries of childhood in the 1950's.< Less
The Witch By Paul Chiles Bown
eBook (PDF): $2.94
Over a thousand years a witch has tormented a village only to discover their saviour is her lost love
Witch By Erin Suurkoivu
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The thread is red, is picked up as red, and is followed out of the ashes as red. And so the power of the woman is explored, sometimes dangerous, sometimes daunting, forever awe-inspiring and magical,... More > as wild and mysterious as the moon, as storms, as nature itself.< Less
The Witch By Daniela Brito
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My Experiences With Schizophrenia By The Lavender Witch
eBook (PDF): $1.60
Struggling with mental illness from the perspective of a schizophrenic.
The Secrets to Immortality By Witch Doctor
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Very Few People know the Knowlege that is collected in this Book. It seems that we are 100% responsible for the state of our health (all our diseases). By taking care and responsibility for our... More > bodies and minds we have an opportunity to make significant contribution to our health. The book focuses on natural self healing and awakening the most powerful healer: your own body and mind. It is likely, that you‘ve never heard the information that is in this book many of the tequniques that are in the book have been Rediscoverd recently. The Ancient Methods and tequniques can very well be followed by Anyone! There are many more things that can be said about this book, But I will let the Reader be the judge.< Less
Shopping Addiction - Breaking the Cycle By The Lavenver Witch
eBook (PDF): $6.01
tips on how to get help for a shopping addiction, quick simple and to the point.

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