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The book, “Not Without God,” is about overcoming obstacles through the power of God. The book outlines many different phases in life as well as the different challenges that one may face.... More > As you read, you will gain knowledge of the power of God, the power of saving grace, the power of miracles and so much more. In each chapter, Author Evangelist Hill, shares her life experiences, her struggles, and her triumphant outcomes. She gives solutions on how to overcome your obstacles when you find yourself in places of uncertainty. The testimonies in, “Not Without God,” are sure to encourage, empower and inspire you. Indeed, a short book with a powerful message.< Less
WITHIN WITHOUT God's House By S. Dorman
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WITHIN WITHOUT is the second book in God's House and THE GOD'S CYCLE, the story of a rural Maine village in transition. Full of local color and character, it continues the story of Chrischana... More > Twitchell's return to Gott'im, and introduces Peter Prince, her troubled common-law spouse who follows her from the desert to reclaim his family. As a stranger in Gottheim he experiences bitter truths, and redeeming hopes, about himself and the nature of life in God's House.< Less
A Good Life Without God By Andrew Kernohan
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How can we lead a good life in a world without God? This clear, concise book applies recent thinking in philosophy to the age-old question of what gives meaning to our lives. The prose is simple,... More > the arguments precise, the ideas powerful and thought-provoking. The book deals with many questions: Why does death not destroy the possibility of meaning? In what way is the search for purpose misleading? Why is there not just one thing that is the meaning of life? Why do pleasures and satisfied desires often seem meaningless? What role do our emotions play in discovering that which truly matters? What is the nature of truth? How do our choices and commitments play a part in leading a meaningful life? Is a meaningful life necessarily a happy one?< Less
That is That (Enlightenment without God) By Wu Wu
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The book at the end of the spiritual path, the end of seeking.
Life without God By RS Lyons
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A verse by verse commentary on the book of Ecclesiastes by Preacher/Author RS LYONS. Who takes his Meat of the WORD approach and puts it into a Milk of the WORD commentary.
No Freedom Without Law By Gerald Flurry & Philadelphia Church of God
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People everywhere fight and strive for greater freedom. At the same time, they fight against law. That shows a dangerous misunderstanding of the nature of true freedom and the need for righteous law.... More > The fact is, without law there is no real freedom. Do you have the attitude toward law that leads to real freedom? In this booklet: • What Is True Freedom? • Justice and Our “Evolving Constitution” • The War Against Law • Aaron’s Rod • The 10,000 Saints and God’s Law< Less
Atheos: Without God, Down Under By Atheist Foundation of Australia Members
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Atheos: Without God, Down Under. Presenting the first edition of atheistic writings by the members of the Atheist Foundation of Australia: stories that are as diverse as atheists are themselves.... More > Short stories, poems, 'coming out atheist' life accounts, articles and opinion pieces about what atheism means to the various Australian writers of this anthology.< Less
You Are God's Church: With or Without Religion By Lorraine Holloway-White
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We as individuals make up God's Church, not buildings or religion. People leaving religion also left God behind. Why? Can they come back to Him - would they want to? This is about good people from... More > all walks of life coming together no matter beliefs or unbelief's. With or without God, with or without religion. It talks of uniting the world rather than keeping it divided as it is now. It's a book of love, peace and of coming together. A coming together of all people no matter what race, religion, age, size, sex, colour, lifestyle preferences or anything else. It also explores about supernatural gifts and how to test the spirits of those dead and living. A subject the church refuses to acknowledge, thereby pushing so many into false gods and spiritual practices. This book is packed with far more than is able to be listed here, but it is a book everyone should read if they want to make a difference to the world we see and live in today.< Less
Without Faith It Is Impossible to Please God By Franklin E. (Ed) Payne, M.D.
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A simple, but complete definition of faith that is consistent with how the Bible uses faith.
Not Without A Struggle By Samaria M Colbert
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To whom much is given much is required. To whom much is required, the greater their struggle. Greatness cost. Many go through struggles on their way to what God has promised them. The author is an... More > anointed writer, minister, and counselor. She once again delivers a timely word that is meant to encourage and teach the reader, God’s purpose behind the struggle. As Samaria Colbert says it, “God has a great plan for your life, but it won’t be accomplished absent from a process and without a struggle.” The book is meant to make the reader aware of the struggle, but also the victory that comes after you have triumphed over every obstacle. You will make it to the finish line! You are going to win the fight! Not Without a Struggle. Take heart the battle is won by those who are intentional about winning!< Less

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