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Wolf Brothers By Krystle Kuan, Erix19
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This is a story about a demon named Khoval, the wolf-man who saved the human race from his own kind and lived as their protector in a small village a long time ago. But there was another village... More > where humans lived had a mysterious case about the missing children, which needed Khoval's help. He couldn't leave his village because some demons would show up and attack again in his absence, so he sends his twin sons, Travis and Carlos, both were half-wolves and half-humans, to take over his place and they were also known as "Wolf Brothers".< Less
Wolf's Hook By Rodney Marshall
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It was a sunny Saturday lunchtime in June 1944. Most of the inhabitants of a sleepy village situated in the ‘Free Zone’ of war-ravaged France were sitting down to a leisurely meal.... More > Without warning, an attachment of Das Reich soldiers (the elite force of the Nazi’s Waffen-SS division) arrived. Hours later, 642 defenceless people had been massacred; their homes were smouldering ruins. From these embers emerged life-affirming stories of survival as individuals defied machine-guns, snipers, explosives and burning buildings to escape the clutches of the deadly Wolf’s Hook (the Das Reich emblem). Wolf’s Hook is a factionalised account of the Das Reich attack on a hillside village. It recaptures the essence of what happened that day, using four first-person narrative strands: a waiter, a young boy, an SS soldier and a grandmother. Through their eyes we see the terrifying day unravel. Not suitable for readers under 12.< Less
Desire at Sundown: Taken by the Wolf By Danica Slate
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Jenna Harding is a hard-nosed journalist who isn't afraid to take risks, so when she hears of the strange attacks on young women after dark by a mysterious beast, she jumps right on it. She'll do... More > whatever - and whomever - it takes to get to the bottom of this mystery, starting with the sexy young lawyer guarding potential leads. When staking out the scene of the crime after dark lands her face to face with a hungry, lustful werewolf, she'll have to use everything in her arsenal to make it out in one piece.< Less
Dawning of the Wolf Age By Hugh B. Long
Hardcover: $39.95
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Humanity's doom was seeded in 2013, when two researchers deciphered a puzzle on an ancient Scandinavian runestone, leading to contact with an enigmatic alien race, and hinting at the very origins of... More > intelligent life in the Galaxy. The benevolent aliens, the Alfar, uplifted mankind technologically and taught them that 180,000 years ago, the Norse Gods seeded their world, as well as Earth. The Gods instructed the Alfar to shepherd humanity to the stars once they'd advanced enough to unlock the secret on the runestones; this great gift became a curse. As man plied the stars and began colonization, they encountered other advanced races, including the Hrymar, depraved slave traders. In 2128, Haldor Olsen, an explorer, and sometime spy, becomes a reluctant hero when his home is attacked and he's faced with losing everything he loves. He travels hundreds of light-years in a frantic race around the Galaxy to save mankind from enslavement by an inhuman enemy.< Less
Full Wolf Moon By K.L. Nappier
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You’ve never read a werewolf thriller with more bizarre twists than this. Eastern California, 1942.In the aftermath of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, Army Capt. Maxwell Pierce commands... More > Lakeside Assembly Center, where U.S. resident Japanese nationals and their American born children are processed for Tulenar Japanese Internment Camp. The civilian head of Tulenar is political hard-baller Doris Tebbe. Like Max, she doesn’t believe in werewolves. Only David Alma Curar, a Navajo healer who has tracked the beast’s bloody trail to Tulenar, believes in the evil stalking the camp. But this werewolf hunter doesn’t want to kill the beast. He has his own reasons for taking it alive. “Nappier has successfully revived the werewolf myth ... Full Wolf Moon [is] compelling and suspenseful.” ~Lisa Ciurro, Tampa Book Buzz “Full Wolf Moon doesn’t howl, it sings.” ~ Patricia J. Grande, Reader Review< Less
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A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing By Sasha Louise Prior
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The kingdom she grew up in is under attack, her father’s armies growing weaker against the unnerving forces of the vampire army. Now that they have been forced from their home, Mortem... More > encroaches into a new kingdom, searching for a new home for his people as he moves to take Sanctus’ home, planning to overthrow her father, the king. With the city quickly falling and all hope for her people fading into the darkness, can Sanctus find the will to fight, the strength to use her deadly ability against all those who threaten her home, her family? When everything and everyone that she loves is ripped away in the blink of an eye, can Sanctus plan her future? Escape the deadly clutches of her pursuers? With no where left to turn and the hope for a peaceful future destroyed, can the young princess find a new will to survive; to fight when all else is lost? Or will she perish along with all those she held dear, leaving her father’s kingdom at the mercy of a dangerous and bloodthirsty creature?< Less
In the Camp of Grey Wolf / The Wisdom Revealed By Hugh Adams
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Inspiration and words of wisdom revealed to the author, as a result of life's experiences and the conversations with friends, family, and co-workers, with a hidden agenda. The revealing of the heart... More > and spirit of the author as he reflects on life after a near death experience with a heart attack. Encouragement from friends and a yearning to speak his mind, the author "hears the answers" and reveals the spirit within while pondering the contradictions and consequences of life.< Less
Wolf Brothers 2 Vol.2 By Krystle Kuan, Erix19
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Even though Fred revealed his weakness to his twin cousins, Carlos happily accepted him as a member of the Wolf Brothers team. But Travis, the younger twin, who is ill, still doesn‘t accept him... More > as a team member. Fred learned about the Lily Herb, which can cure any illness, and was told it could only be found in the dangerous Rudera Forest... Without the Wolf Brothers’ knowledge, Fred must brave the forest as he seeks out the Lily Herb for Travis and prove his strength. On his way to the forest, he is attacked by the monsters guarding the place where the flower could be found. Fred finds himself facing his worst fear as he finds the Lily Herb deep in the forest and must find the strength to overcome it.< Less
The Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf By Samuel Uchitel
Paperback: $6.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The book is about is about 3 little pigs in a mixed up version.