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Sharing Secrets: Mentoring a Wartime Intelligence Officer By David Barlow
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Merriam Press World War 2 Fiction Series. Miles Ashton was a graduate student in anthropology at Columbia University when he met Ella Desserret, a Lakota (Sioux) woman who taught him linguistics.... More > Thanks to her, he mastered several diverse languages. Later, while doing field work in South Dakota, Black Wolf befriended him. The old healer not only taught Miles scouting and warrior skills but taught him Woksape Wokikta (to awaken to wisdom). After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, an Army intelligence officer recruited him and began teaching him the art of intelligence. His last mentor was a Tennessee-born businessman in the Philippines who taught him the art of the calculated risk. When Miles was commissioned, he was assigned to General MacArthur’s staff in Australia. There he joined the secret SPYRON program and began delivering weapons and supplies to Filipino guerrillas by submarine. By then he was well trained, but would it be enough to outsmart the Japanese who were bent on catching him?< Less
The Infiltrator By Ronnie Shantz/Robinson
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After being mistakenly released from a mental ward for the criminally insane, an offbeat mental ward patient decides to attempt eliminating the entire mafia underworld worldwide in a decade old... More > vendetta. And, according to Doctor Hillman and the hospital board, what better place to work on his positive confrontation problem? While outside, he finds he's in the presence of a mafioso's fiance whose attempting to severe ties from the Angel Ardonis mob faction, the same mafioso's who're somehow involved in the death of a five year old girl and woman, perhaps his daughter and wife, whose screaming visions kept appearing in the mental ward asking for his help in eliminating them in order to help rid him of his visions. Finding he's becoming enamored with the mafioso's fiance, Borga finds himself in the middle of a brutal gang of mafioso's in another infiltration with no back up except his prior supervisor, Becket, a wheelchair bound mental ward patient long past his mental capacities of their previous infiltration.< Less
Angels In My Attic: A Novel By Stephanie Kopetzky
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In this powerful and sensitive debut novella, Mabel Sherwood, a happy, confident, fun-loving teenager, leads a close-to-perfect life with her wonderful adoptive family and her godmother, Polly... More > Clairvaux, whom she affectionately calls “Aunt Polly.” Polly Clairvaux, a gentle, faithful, tenderhearted young woman with an intriguing career in science, lives a contented, fulfilling life with the man she loves and the family of her goddaughter in the quiet, close-knit town of Claybar Heights. But two heart-wrenching tragedies strike the lives of both women within five years of each other, taking away everything that gives them reason to draw their next breath. Amidst the anguish of their hearts, their stories intertwine in a poignant, suspenseful tale of grief and loss, joy and compassion, regret and atonement, friendship and self-sacrifice, the sweetness and fragility of human life, the loneliness and isolation of harboring a burdensome secret, and—ultimately—undying love that triumphs over everything.< Less
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Age Verification Required
Feed Her Heart By John L. Brown
eBook (PDF): $1.99
"Hey guys" Do you want to impress your wife, to a point of her being putty in your hands? This book can help any relationship that is suffering from the same old routines day after day,... More > that will eventually end up unhappy, or divorce... I wrote this book to help others that are having some problems in their relationship, to hopefully help keep a relationship from ending in divorce, especially where there are kids involved... There is a lot of men that has never cooked for their wives before, and don't even know how to cook, but what better way to impress your wife than to cook for her. In this book, I have two recipes for two meals that are so easy that a cave man can cook them. If you want to impress her, just cook one of these easy to make meals, will do the job... I'm talking to men here that have never cooked before, and only thought it was the woman's job. She will be putty in your arms if you cook for her. One of these meal recipes will go to her heart and not just her stomach...< Less
Apocryphal love By Anyuta Angelova
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“Audentes fortuna iuvat” – Virgilio. “Fortune favors the bold.” The novel Apocryphal love tells a love story between a Bulgarian woman and a Nigerian man. The story... More > develops in the context of racial prejudices in Bulgaria in the recent past – in the 80s of the 20th century. The relationships between the main characters, Anna and Matthew, have inevitably influenced not only by the racial prejudices of the majority of society but also by Anna’s and by Matthew’s characterized peculiarities. Raised in a family lacking of love, Anna grew up with “abandoned child syndrome”, which defines her behaviour in her relationships with Matthew. Matthew is a young man with a strong character. His dream is to become a good doctor. He believes Anna loves him. Then, why does she not dream, why does she not make plans like the other girls for a family and children? Does this love have a future? “You get in the life what you have the courage to ask for.” – unknown author /< Less
Fahimeh's Letters By Alireza Kamari
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Iranians are used to see a young woman walking in front of others and chanted slogans in the martyrs’¬ funeral processions. However, unlike the other times, she wore a white wedding chador.... More > Later, people realized that the ceremony was for her husband and her name was Fahimeh Babaeianpour, a high school teacher .¬Fahimeh's Letters is the title of a book collected from her letters to her husband in Iran-Iraq war. She, who remembers God all the time, reminds her husband repeatedly of the religious practices. She herself studies¬, teaches, gives speech on the martyrs¬' anniversaries and the religious-cultural events. She is also engaged in the cultural activities in the mosques and helps with war logistics. Fahimeh is a teacher who is a good friend for her husband, reminding him of the real truth which can be easily seen in Gholamreza’s letters. This book, published in the early 1990s, has been one of the best-selling books in the area of the Holy Defense (Iran-Iraq war) literature.< Less
When Life Goes Viral (Large Type) By Mary Gant Bell
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What really happens when a video featuring something you regret goes viral? All Greta wanted was an ice cream sundae. Instead, she became an overnight sensation. If she weren't such an extreme... More > introvert with severe OCD issues, it might have been funny. But it's not. The woman who barely leaves her apartment, let alone town, finds herself escaping on a cruise ship. It’s the only place she can think of that doesn’t have internet access or perpetual news coverage. It’s the only place she can avoid seeing her own face every three seconds. When John literally bumps into her, his attraction is instantaneous. But is he attracted to her or her fame? Is it true what they say? Can love really overcome all things? Even the fame caused by one viral video? When Life Goes Viral is book 1 of the series. Text font is Ariel 18 point.< Less

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