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The Wounded Womb By Phillip Valentine
Hardcover: $79.95
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THE WOUNDED WOMB - is a must read for women (and men) who are not afraid to open their minds and hearts in the exploration of ‘un-popular truth’, no matter where it leads or how it may... More > affect their present psycho-social, political and philosophical comfort zones. Learn what 25 years of dedicated research and experience has uncovered about the hidden, ignored, overlooked or suppressed reasons underlying the tragic erosion of women’s overall physical health and psychological well-being.< Less
Me and my womb By Janice Boynton
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Barda loves staying inside Cythera's Womb. It's The #1's Women's Health from the award wining Parent's Choice. How you are born? Make a Birth Certificate. Fun Facts, and Healthy Recipes.
Blessed Be My Womb By Monica Prawl
Paperback: $19.70
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The prayers, sayings, and declarations in this book are dedicated to females everywhere. These are what mothers should voice for themselves, their daughters, nieces, aunts, sisters, girlfriends, etc.... More > Here are words of hope, and directives to comfort every woman who continues to struggle with the health of her womb, reproductive problems, or who is confronted with any unpleasant diagnosis on her womb, or any other functions associated with her womanhood. The intention of these declarations are for the hope, and future cancellation of ill assignments of harm to the womb. Women with hysterectomies can make these declarations on behalf of their daughters, sisters, etc. This is a very interactive book, and its words of comfort are for females of all ages.< Less
Sacred Womb Healing By Lori-ann Parker
eBook (PDF): $11.91
Is your womb in need of healing and balance? Most are. And if you’ve been the victim of sexual assault, unhealthy-sexual relationships, parental neglect as a child or any trauma involving your... More > reproductive organs such as miscarriage or abortion or hysterectomy, or if you have experienced a traumatic childbirth, your womb has been traumatized and is in need of healing. Through the process of womb healing, we help you awaken your feminine womb space and release the pain, trauma, and old patterns you are carrying. This is a guided journey deep into your womb using the power of the Ocean to feel and receive awareness of what needs healing and clearing in your womb. This includes a shamanic energy healing with Light Medicine, Light language and Reiki and colour and sound to clear, heal and empower the womb. This Pkg includes: Article on Womb Health Womb Exercise Womb healing Guided visualization video Sacral Chakra Activation-video Womb Healing Mantra Womb Healing Light Image< Less
The Development of Violence- Screams from the Womb By Jill Diana Chasse, MPA, CHt
Paperback: $9.47
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How the Development of the Brain and Cognitive Functions Affects the Emergence of Violent Behavior. An understanding of early development and the reality of the significant and far reaching damage... More > that can occur in the prenatal and infant stages is the first step in helping to reduce the risk of violent behavior. Jill Chasse has been working in maternal/child health for over 10 years. She has been a featured speaker at La Leche League meetings, SIDS foundation events, and chat sessions. Mrs. Chasse has published articles in the United States and Canada, including publications such as the Compleat Mother and Nurturing. As an outreach member of the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, Mrs. Chasse strives to bridge the gap between reseach and policy for healthier and happier families and babies.< Less
Blessing the Womb and Your Unborn Child By Asdvgi Ama
Paperback: $19.95
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The purpose of this book is to provide insight to the miracle of human embryonic development drawing from the teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is to provide knowledge as to the... More > importance of womb health and blessing the womb and the unborn child. If you are already pregnant or are planning to be one day this book should be very helpful to you. It is also for anyone who has a pregnant loved one or works with moms-to-be. Explores how generational sins and curses can negatively affect the developing child and how to break off these generational curses and replace them with Blessings. Shares practical insight regarding the Egyptian curse of childbirth and a slightly different interpretation of Genesis 3:16 which has traditionally has been taught to say that childbirth would be accomplished in great pain. For those looking for an introduction into bestowing Blessings and breaking Curses, this book is a great resource.< Less
Healers Moon By Rachael Hertogs
eBook (ePub): $3.08
Healers Moon is a short excerpt from a longer book entitled Thirteen Moons. It focusses on healing menstrual issues, including herbs, 2 testimonials of women who have used healing and raw food to... More > ease their menstrual issues, massage tips, yoga positions and womb blessings. Thirteen Moons is available from< Less
13 moons guidebook V5 By Rachael Crow
Paperback: $14.31
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Thirteen Moons is based on 13 Chapters, all celebrating Womens Wisdom and Womens Cycles: Red Moon: Sacred Blood, Maiden Moon: Ceremony, Ritual, Mother Moon: Celebration, Healers Moon: Wise Womens... More > Herbs, Ancestor Moon: Moon Lodges and Red Tents, Honey Moon: Nurturing Foods, Crone Moon: Wildness of Woman, Goddess Moon: Quiet & Space Within, Sister Moon: Sharing Stories and Traditions, Warrior Moon: Standing Up For Your Truths, Wise Woman Moon: Advice & Tips, Harvest Moon: Sharing Creativity, Grandmother Moon: 13 Moons Journal Plus Contributors, Books and Resources. Each Chapter includes many articles, advice and healing tools to empower! A valuable book for all people with wombs...young and old!< Less
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Falling Together: Returning to the Source By Imetai M. M. Henderson, D.O.M.
Paperback: $25.00
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The purpose of this book is to help us to reconnect with our primary relationship, the one between our consciousness (and its various parts) and our body, and further, to organize ourselves in such a... More > way that the whole of who we are becomes available to us, so that we have active, conscious choice as we interact with ourselves and with the world. When we learn to seek and find our Source, we are fine. When we are fine or at ease, we can be said to have our internal world in harmony. This book is meant to provide a method to consciously and concretely pursue this place of harmony. Should we lose our balance in Life, this book will present ways to monitor where we are so that we can address any internal disharmony and then return to our original organization, in which we are always at ease. These methods can help to move our energies to the appropriate systems so that everything is functioning peacefully.< Less

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